Tesco codes & holidays!!!!

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Tesco codes & holidays


Hi there and let me tell you how to get free holidays and days out without any catches!!!

I started shopping online with Tescos August last year on the advice of a friend.  Everytime I do a grocery, wine or gift shop I enter clubcard points details to gain extra points. 

Remember Tesco clubcard points are worth 4 times their value if transfered into airmiles!!!

I aim to get between £30 - £60 in points each time I shop to make it worth my while.  Upto date I have £500 in points & by the end of the year hope to have at least £1000 which I will use to pay outright for a holiday to Disneyland Paris. 

The beauty of this points system is that these are not money off vouchers and can be used to pay for full or part of your holiday or days out etc.

Always remember there is the occasional code that doesnt work as sometimes the wrong validity date is given though we all make mistakes sometimes.  Dont panic though if your code isnt accepted you can always try another before completing your transaction.

Also if your points dont show online dont worry as these are often added quarterly and the way to tell if your code has been accepted is look on your reciept it will show as coupon -0.01p.


Money off vouchers ie:  £15 off a £75 shop, the money wont come off your shopping online, it will be taken off when your shopping arrives at the door & the discount will be shown on your reciept - the same applies to BOGOFS.

If you require unlimited regularly updated links to Tescos vouchers & codes please contact me as I occassionally put these on a buy it now for £1.50 if requested.



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