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Hi, I read my first Tess Gerritsen book in July 2006 (Life Support) and was instantly in love with Ms Gerritsen's style of writing and the whole medical, crime, detective, thriller genre. My guide intends to give you a brief insight into each book. Hope you enjoy and most of all I hope it is helpful. Thanks, Sarah.

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Harvest - Dr Di Matteo, a second year resident at Boston Bayside, makes a decision that will change her life forever when she ensures an organ donation goes to a dying young boy rather than the wife of one of the richest guys around. Amazingly a new heart is found, which will replace the one given to the boy, but something doesn't appear right to Dr Di matteo and she starts to investigate. Meanwhile, in Russia, some young orphan boys are getting rounded up for the trip of their lifetime... First book i read by Ms Gerritsen and I loved it.

The Sinner - When Detective Rizzoli and Dr Maura Isles are called in to the aftermath of a brutal slaughter of a couple of nuns at their monestry there are many questions wiating to be answered. All does not add up and the hunt for the answers that will lead to the killer is on.

Vanish - Maura Isles gets the fright of her life when a corpse in the morgue suddenly awakes. The pregnant homicide detective, Jane Rizzoli, finds herself on the wrong side of a hostage situation. Who is this mysterious hostage taker holding her? Finding her identitiy is a step Rizzoli needs to take to unravel the mystery of what the woman wants and why she seems so desperate. One of my favourite books from this author.

Body Double - Jane Rizzoli see's the corpse...Dr Maura Isles is dead...or is she? Rizzoli and Isles must untwist the mystery of the corpse together and solve the muder, could it be linked to the slaughter of others by a serial killer? Rizzoli/Isles series.

Call After Midnight - They'd said her husband was dead in a hotel fire in Berlin...so why was she sure he was still alive? Sarah criscrosses Europe on a desperate search for the truth and every step gets her caught up further in a web of international espionage risking evertyhing for answers that may prove fatal.

The Surgeon - A killer is on the loose and Rizzoli is investigating. Corpses are found with surgical cuts in them and parts missing...what sort of person would do this? Rizzoli's gonna find out. Possibly the most famous Gerritsen book?

The Apprentice - The sequel from The Surgeon. Rizzoli investigates a copycat killer of the surgeon...surely there can't be someone else like Warren Hoyt? The surgeon escapes and it looks like he's murderind again but now he has a partner. Sequel to The surgeon and its another great read. Bit scary though!

Whistleblower - Cathy Weaver meets a paranoid Victor Holland and wonders if he is telling the truth about his strange circumstances. If hes telling the truth the world is in danger, if he's lying she is in danger...either way she's going for the ride of her life running from killers with each hour they seem to be getting closer.

Never Say Die - A woman goes to Vietnam to uncover the truth about her fathers death's when he was serving as an American pilot in the war. She must be getting close to something people have tried to keep quiet as her and her new found male friend get follwed and attempts to take theie lives are made. Is her fathet truly dead she wonders. 

Life Support - At an exclusive retirement village for the rich people start to die. Their deaths are strangely similar but someone is trying to cover them up and is willing to kill to do so. Someone must uncover the truth...

Thief of Hearts - A gentleman thief and a cat burgular meet in the most awkward of places... they are robbing the same house. But one wants to know the others secret and why people are following her and trying to kill her. The truth is unbelievable and she can't trust anyone...can she?

Keeper of the Bride - If her fiancee hadn't got cold feet the bomb would of killed them and most their wedding guests too. Surely it was a mistake, who would want to kill her... she must find who and why before its too late.

In Their Footsteps - Their parents were murdered in Paris over 20 years ago. A party and a few drunken guests reveal that there was more to what meets the eye. Beryl and Jordan need to find the truth, and they may find clues to the killer. They are being followed and know they're in danger but how far will they go to reveal the truth behind their parents deaths.

Under The Knife - Its a routine operation but something goes wrong. She lost her job and has nothing to do but clear her name of this negligence they've pinned on her. She investigates and finds out that someone set her up and to clear her name she must know who and why.

Presumed Guilty - A love affair gone wrong as the woman is presumed guilty...an anonymous person pays the large bail to set her free. Is it to protect her or to get to her....Thought it was slow starting but really got into it and was constantly trying to work out who the bad guys were.

Peggy Sue Got Murdered - Junkies on the streets dying, corpses turning up at the ME's office with evidence taht a new drugs on the street. Where's it come from and why is someone trying to stop the truth being exposed. Don't like the title but pleasantly surprised by this book.  

The Mephisto Club - After brutal satanic like sacrifices occurr its down to cop Jane Rizzoli and Dr Maura Isles to catch the person behind them, where do the so called Meophisto Club fit in and why do they know so much about evil and the information surrounding the crimes. Really enjoyed this book as its something that bit different to Tess Gerritsen's others in the Rizzoli/Isles series.

Gravity - Astronaughts onboard a spacestation are getting sick with a mystery illness. Is this a new bug from space or was it abord when they left Earth? Why aren't they allowed back onto Earth? Can Jack get an answer or cure in time to save his stranded wife sarah who's onboard? Different angle to Ms Gerritsen's other books but really enjoyed this. Different, but in a very good way!

Last updated 270607. Will be adding these soon...  Bloodstream.

Rare books from Tess Gerritsen to look out for: Presumed Guilty, Thief of Hearts, Whistleblower and the Keeper of the Bride, Peggy Sue got Murdered.

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