Tevion 7311 car stereo mp3 player sd card

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Tevion is a brand that was sold through Aldi stores. A major problem with the Tevion brand is the use of a manufacturers 16p plug to iso loom which is packed with the unit and should always stay with the unit when it is re-sold. Often the lead is left connected to the cars loom and the stereo is rendered useless as the loom was sold only with the unit or as a spare part from Tevion or their agents facsin8, both of which are now defunct.
If you find yourself inadvertantly in possesion of a Tevion head unit you had better be in the market for a useless ornament as thats all you will be able to do with it. That is, until now!
Through painstaking days of reasearch, I have been able to piece together a pin allocation schematic which I hope will be of use to others.
For anyone else looking for a wiring diagram for the Tevion 7311 car stereo and other tevion models using the no longer available 16p to iso wiring harness.

top row of pins from top left to top right holding the unit the right way up and looking at the rear. pin 1 spare, pin 2 green, pin 3 grey (Gray) pin 4 brown. pin 5 blue. pin 6 spare. pin7 yellow. pin 8 red.

Bottom row of pins from left to right pin 1 spare. pin 2 green/white. pin 3 grey/white. pin 4 brown/white. pin 5 blue/white. pin 6 white. pin 7 orange. pin 8 black.

This configuration works.

Thanks to the original poster (jcboyo) on av forums for helping me to get the first few crucial pins right without blowing up the unit!

You can find the colour code to iso either on the sticker on your unit or on the fascin8 website
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