The 2W solar panels sold on Ebay by 'solardistributor'

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The 2W solar panels currently sold on Ebay by Chinese Trader ‘solardistributor’ ( are not 2W as claimed. The maximum power I managed to measure from these in bright winter sunshine was just 170 mW, that is less than 1/10 of the 2W claimed.

This means that these panels are good only for trickle charging small (AA) batteries unless many are connected in parallel in order to increase the surface area significantly. The panels are supplied with no data and no proof of their claim. I also offered this data to them and they were not interested.

This is a con. There are far better deals on EBAY currently.

Please see below for measurements taken by myself recently on two of these panels that I bought from ‘solardistributor’:

Measured in bright winter sun conditions on 27/01/2012 at 2pm

S/C current =166mA

Voltage into 15 Ω = 1.6V

Voltage into 64 Ω = 2V

Max power into load = 170 mW at 1.65 V DC

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