The 5 cheapest places 2 buy Items to sell on eBay 2007

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This information will help you find places to buy cheap items in shops and sell it on ebay at a profit. Everyone want to sell items but they sometimes don't know where to look for items. There are probably loads of places you can look but here are my top 5 places in the U.K 


 1, eBay it self  ~ there are millions of people that buy and sell on eBay every day you could buy a say a dvd for the lowest price of 99p because there are no bids and sell it at a different time of the day because the people who wanted to buy the item were at work. when you list the dvd at the right time e.g 7pm instead of between 12am and 5am you will get more bids because more people are off work or there not in bed. this could work with any item on ebay if you buy it fro 9p and its worth at least £4 buy it and you'll be in instant profit.

  2. A Pound shop ~ e.g PoundLand items for £1. if poundland item are only £1 and you see items with bids on the same item for £4 you could make £3 profit off every item you sell.

  3. Boots ~ yes Boots they sell things cheap, they have special offers and you can buy aftershave e.g joop, burberry london, lacoste pink and so on cheap. In Nov 2006 they had a sale for joop half price, if you sell the product say five pound over the price you bought it for people are still going to buy the item because there still saving around £10 on the item.

 4. Closing Down Sales ~ you can save a fortune on things in closing down sales. Just the other day birthdays the card shop was closing down to change location and they were selling £5.99 teddy bears for ony 50p i know "that is cheap". So if you sold them for £1 or more you would double your money easily or even triple your money.

 5. A Charity Shop e.g Red Cross ~ you can buy things cheap there and make money buy selling them back on ebay e.g collectable plates are sold there for around £2 or £3 and the shop owner doesn't know how much its really worth so you could buy it for say £3 and its worth £25 on ebay because there are more buyers and collectors that make more bids and that increases your Profit. in a charity shop you dont get more collectors bidding on it.

Thanks for looking!

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