The 5 steps to sell more items on eBay in 2007

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This is a useful 5 step guide on selling more items on ebay instead of the items ending with no bids. Your loosing money every time you relist a item and it doesent sell. If it doesn't sell you have to relist it again and pay the ebay selling fee's again.

 Step 1 ~ Find a item or product that no one or a limited amount of people are selling on eBay e.g low cost products and cheap products and sell them on eBay.

 Step 2 ~ Think about how your going to sell the item Auction style or buy it now what starting price? i sometimes sell things at a starting price of 15p because if you start at 15p you will get more people watching the item and bidding on the item.

 Step 3 ~ How to word your title and description. If you word your title to short it won't appeal to some people because they think you didnt take time to word the item so they think you couldn be bothered to write more in the title about it. I try to make the title big and use all of the characters on the title. Make the description as detailed as possible the item can never be to detailed beacuse people want to know how big the item is, what shape, what colour, is it new or not, do you get a refund for the itme if it doesn't meet the specifications it says on the item description and so on.   

 Step 4 ~ How they can pay for the item. Try to let them pay by cheque, postal order, and paypal, if you haven't got a paypal account sign up for one it's free, people might want the item the next day but they cant have the item the next day if they have to send a cheque or postal order to you and it takes 1 to 3 days to receive the payment, paypal is fast and they pay usually within the same day if you put paypal as a payment method.

 Step 5 ~  Last but not least is postage. Try and post the item they have won off you within the same day or 1 working day because one you get better feedback two they will buy from you again and finally you will gain there trust in the things your selling.

Thanks for looking!

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