The Advantage and Versatility of mineral makeup

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One of the advantages of this mineral makeup is that you are only putting 100% Natural minerals on your skin and no added nasties. Most people after useing mineral makeup for a few weeks notice that their skin does look healthier, Especially if they have oily skin, mineral makeup helps to get rid of the nasties in our skin. The first thing l would suggest before useing mineral makeup is to exfoliate well as the atmosphere we live in today does tend to dry our skin,  Sheer-jeanius mineral makeup  is fantastic if you have a late night or can't be bothered to take your makeup off  it is so gentle it won't harm your skin if you do sleep in it. These minerals are 100% Natural the only Ingredients in this makeup are, Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, Iron oxide, and  Mica, none of these minerals are harmful to the skin our minerals don't have Talc, Fillers, Waxes, Chemicals or Bismuth Oxychloride this can cause the skin to itch and turn red.

Its fantastic if you suffer with skin eruptions oily skin acne or rosacea it helps mop up all the excess oil and doesn't clogg pores. (Rejuvenating night time Green tea mineral powder ) apply this before bed and it works on helping to dry the excess oil  while you are in dreamland. If you prefer a thicker coverage of foundation you can acheive this by applying several coats of minerals, you can also apply it wet, for this l prefer to use a cosmetic sponge

, Wet the sponge and squeeze out excess water dab  into mineral foundation then useing gentle circular movements apply to the skin as quickly as possible as this dries within seconds  then with a kabuki brush gently buff the skin to to get a natural peachy looking skin,

 CREAMS/LOTIONS, You can also add it to your favourite moisturizer if you like a cream foundation, I use a spare lid off an empty  moisturizer jar put a small amount of cream in the lid sprinkle foundation onto cream mix thoroughly and apply to your skin, mix your body/sun lotion the same way add a touch of sparkle for evening with sheer-jeanius mystic lights, If you buy a foundation that is to pale just add a darker colour such as brown and you have made yourself a bronzer add sparkle or a sheen and you'v got  body dust, or add deep pinks or reds and you have a blush you never need to waste mineral cosmetics.

EYE SHADOW. mineral shadows blend beautifully and you can have loads of colours,  if you put a small amount of dark green in a zip bag add a small amount of white you have got pale green if you do the same with blue and red you get purple add white and you have mauve so with the  basic colours you can make endless shades, You can use these shadows as liners as well use a damp brush dip the tip of the brush into the minerals and brush across the eyelid and you have a liner, The metalic shadows look fantastic if used wet these give a foiled look over the eye they are great for clubbing or if you want a different look all minerals can be used wet.

 NAIL POLISH If you have a polish  you don't like you can add mineral powder to the polish and change the colour to one you like , I buy a clear gloss polish and use a  fine brush a kiddies paint brush will do dip brush into gloss until it forms a ball on end of brush then dip into powder see it dissolve on the brush and then polish nails continue until all nails are painted clean brush with nail polish remover ready for the next colour,

 LIP GLOSS,You can also have your own shades of lip gloss, use clear gloss on lips load lip brush with mineral colour of your choice and brush onto the lips and watch the colour dissolve like magic on your lip                                                                                                                        If you prefer their's mineral lip gloss already in a tube with applicator ready to apply to your lips this come's in 10 fantastic colours.

 The beauty of useing mineral makeup is you can buy a bronzer and use it for lips, nails,eyes, use in creams & lotions, The minerals with a sparkle can be used in all of those mentioned above as well as hair, bath gel, and and clear mascara and know it will look fantastic.

I hope you have enjoyed reading  my guide and its given you some ideas what you can do with the mineral colours you don't like, and some tips what you can do with your favourite colours, This mineral makeup is so versatile the colours and uses are endless let your imagination run away with you.


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