The Advantages of Organic Cotton Bedding

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The Advantages of Organic Cotton Bedding

Organic plants are free of harsh preservatives, and organic materials made from these plants come without harmful chemicals and dyes. While chemicals do need to go into the process of turning the cotton plant into usable material, organic cotton makers use more eco-friendly chemicals. You can learn the advantages of organic cotton bedding as well as why people prefer it to standard bedding.


The Growing Process

In order to be certified organic, manufacturers must take Earth-friendly measures from the start, or in this case from the seed. Cotton grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides that harm the atmosphere, as well as our soil, and eventually our food supply is what gives organic cotton its beginnings. From the very first seed planting, organic cotton bedding looks out for the Earth, which offers everyone piece of mind and a better night's sleep.


The Manufacturing Process

The cotton plant cannot become a cotton sheet and pillowcase on its own. It needs to go through a chemical process before it makes its way into the textile industry. The cotton must go through a complete preparation process that involves weaving, whitening, washing, finishing, and drying before turning it into the favourite quilt you love so much. The chemicals used during this preparation process are certified safe for the environment and do not add a rough feeling like synthetic chemicals do. Some organic chemicals include peroxide rather than bleach to whiten the cotton, non-toxic cornstarch, soda ash in place of formaldehyde, and natural dyes with low metal and sulphur content.


Organic Cotton Bedding and Comfort

The organic chemical process results in soft and silky cotton bedding, as well as plush blankets that offer a better night's sleep than other types of cotton. Organic cotton bedding is also gentler on sensitive skin. Organic cotton can be turned into percale sheets, fleece blankets, and brushed cotton. You may not be able to see the difference between organic and standard cotton bedding with the naked eye, but when you lay down at night, the difference and advantages becomes apparent.


How to Know Your Bedding Is Organic

Certified organic bedding has a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) label on it. In order for bedding to qualify for this label, the manufacturer must grow it organically and process it that way. However, that is not the only thing that goes into creating organic cotton. The company must also adhere to strict, fair labour processes, meaning all workers must have a hygienic work area and make a livable wage. Growing, processing, creating, and buying organic cotton bedding offers advantages to the people who sleep on the bedding, as well as the people who create it.

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