The Advantages of a Gas BBQ

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There is much debate over whether to use a gas or charcoal bbq.

Here are some of the best reasons to use a GAS barbecue!


  • Instant Ignition and only a few seconds to wait before its ready to cook! This way the barbie can be used as a grill when you "just fancy a steak"! No need to spend hours waiting for the charcoal to heat through.

  • Less Smoke

  • Can cook all day long

  • Gas is easier to control - heat and flames

  • Much more convenient

  • Easy Cleaning - No need to spend time cleaning out the barbie, just relax and enjoy! No hot, dirty ashes to clean. Instead, drip trays collect the mess. Turn the heat up for 10 minutes to burn off any juices, and scrape off with a wire brush

  • Gas BBQs are available in various sizes - small ones will fit where a traditional charcoal bbq would not.

  • Gas BBQs are Cost Effective: Charcoal costs more than Gas. One Calor gas cylinder provides enough fuel for up to 8 hours at maximum setting.

  • Gas BBQs are versatile – whether side burners for sauces, or a rotisserie for roasting meats, your gas BBQ can do anything.

  • Wood smoking was previously a point for charcoal BBQs, but smoker boxes make wood smoking as easy for gas as charcoal


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