The Ageing Athlete

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Extensive research in the fieldof ageing is strategically and financially important in th majpority of companies who supply sports products, body lotions.... It's a race to find the secret to eternal youth; and a race to get yourdosh. Tnere is no doubt there is greater knowledge now that there was even 10 years ago to understand what happens to the body as we age.

What most of us are aware od is the loss of elasticity in the skin as the skin looses that lovely suppleness it once had, hence wrinkles and lines apper. What happens to us internally is our cells, tissuesx, ligaments and cartilages in the body deteriorate, muscles can loos strength and bone density diminshes, much like the engine of a car, it just wears out eventually, our engine known as the heart weakens as does the amount of energy we sustain.

This means for any sports enthusiast or athlete the body takes longer to mend and repair itself after training. Time and time again, i have heard people use age as an excuse not to exercise, once they hit the 30/40/50 mark they decide they are too old. Although the decline of age is very gradual, they know they can not exercise with thye intensity they once had as the young slender athlete.

I hear you panic in anticipation as you read thisw knowing what is to come, or nod in agreement as you are already in this situation.

This really is no secret for the ageing athlete you justhave to find your new peronsal goals, change the way you train and adpat to changes occurring in your body. Whatever sport you do football, weight training, cycling.

It is equally important when you are young or old to exercise. With stretching, weight training and cardio work you can have a better quality of life as you age as well as live a longer life.

Tale control of your nutrition change what and when you eat. As you age your intestinal tract changes in the it absorbs nutrients, you become more aware that you are suscetible to aches, pains, stiffness and injury. Supplementing your diet to help fight the ageing process is a great way to help you recover quicker and absorb nutrients better.
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