The Benefits of a Laptop Arm

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The Benefits of a Laptop Arm

For buyers that use a laptop computer frequently, a laptop arm can be an invaluable purchase. For consumers that are not familiar with laptop arms, it is simply an arm and a mount that a laptop can sit on; so the consumer does not have to look down to see his or her laptop. The laptop arm can rotate, adjust, and pivot to accommodate the buyer and make looking at the computer monitor very simple. A laptop arm is a good option for a buyer that spends hours looking at his or her laptop, and may complain of back and neck strain that occurs from too much time spent bending over to see a laptop screen properly.

Laptop arms vary in price and which types of laptops they can be purchased for, but they are generally available for all types and sizes of standard laptops. The buyer can even go one step further and purchase a specialised laptop desk, which has the arm built in along with more space for the buyer in a desk format. Laptop arms can be placed on any type of surface including a desk or table. A laptop arm can be a saving grace for a buyer with neck and back issues. Before the buyer purchases a laptop arm, he or she needs to consider what type of laptop the arm is going to hold, so they can determine the correct type and purchase to make.

General Types of Laptop Arms

There are generally two different types of laptop arms; one that is simple and basic, and another that is more elaborate. There are also laptop tables and desks that have the necessary hardware built in to make it easier to view the laptop’s monitor without strain to the shoulders, neck, and back.

Basic Laptop Arms

A basic, simple laptop arm generally consists solely of the arm itself and some additional hardware. These are made for specific computers and brands, so the buyer should check carefully that the arm is compatible with his or her laptop before purchasing. A basic laptop arm just looks like a couple of metal pieces that are attached to the laptop to basically hold it at an upright position. There are not any extras with this type of laptop arm.

The laptop arm may have the capacity to swivel for more adjustable viewing, but once it is mounted, the arm generally is not extendable nor does it have any other special features. This is the most basic and most affordable type of laptop arm. Some simple laptop arms even come with a stand and do not need to be mounted to anything. These laptop stands are neat because they can be used while the buyer sits on the couch in the living room: no desk or table is required. They can also be used with some tablets.

Laptop Arms with Tray

A more elaborate type of laptop arm is the tray laptop arm. The laptop goes into a flat metal tray, which is connected to the arm portion. This is a good option for larger laptops that may weigh more. These types of laptop arms are height adjustable, have swivelling and rotating components, and are very easy to use. It essentially places the laptop on a stand to make surfing the Internet a hands-free and strain-free experience for the buyer.

A laptop arm with a tray is going to be more expensive than a standard laptop arm, but for a buyer that is going to use it frequently, it is a worthwhile investment. The laptop arm can be mounted with the use of a clamp and it can go on a desk, table, or other flat surface quite easily. The tray can be tilted to the buyer’s specifications in order to see the laptop more comfortably.

Laptop Table/Desk

A laptop desk combines the best of both worlds: a laptop arm with a bit of extra space that the buyer can use as a desk, maybe to hold a notebook, papers, pens, or a beverage. The laptop arm is generally the tray style of laptop arm, with a small surface that can be used as a desk. Some of these are portable, and there are even laptop desks that can be purchased on rollers for easy movement from space to space.

Sometimes these are called laptop stands or laptop trays. They all serve the same purpose: to alleviate strain from having to stare at a laptop or crane one’s neck downward for a period of time, resulting in aches and pains.

Benefits of a Laptop Arm

When it comes to a laptop arm, the benefits are worthy of the expense. For buyers that frequently must use a laptop computer for work purposes, it can cause a lot of undue strain on the body, and a laptop arm can alleviate some of that physical strain quite easily and make the whole experience more enjoyable and less painful.

Avoiding Muscle Strain

When a consumer is looking at a laptop computer, generally he or she is facing downward. This creates a lot of tension and pain in the neck and back. Using a laptop arm makes it easy for the consumer to place the laptop computer at eye level, so all of that strain is avoided. Instead of looking down to see the laptop, the laptop arm creates an experience similar to using a desktop computer where the consumer can simply look straight ahead to use the computer. This alleviates neck, shoulder, and back strains, aches, and pains.


The laptop arm makes working more convenient. A buyer may be juggling paperwork, a cup of coffee, a notebook, files, and a laptop computer. Keeping the consumer’s hands free makes work and even personal laptop use a lot more convenient and enjoyable. The buyer does not have to keep a hold of the laptop to ensure it does not fall out of his or her lap, or worry that it might fall off a desk and get broken. The laptop arm keeps the laptop secure, and the buyer’s arms are free to do whatever he or she needs to do while work is being done.

Easy to Use

The laptop arm is easy to use. Some buyers may be intimidated by having to install a laptop arm, but it is really not as difficult as some might think. Most laptop arms use a clamp, which is easy to screw onto any flat surface. Some use brackets, but most laptop arms do not involve a lot of time or a lot of tools, and can be easily installed within minutes.


Laptop arms are mobile. Buyers do not have to permanently install them anywhere, and they are easy to remove from their perches, in case a buyer wants to travel with the laptop arm, take it to the office, or move it into a different room of the house. Laptop arms, and desks, are quite mobile and portable which makes them even more convenient to use. Some of them are more lightweight than others, which the buyer may want to take into account while shopping if mobility is an important consideration.

Comparing Laptop Arm Types

When it comes to laptop arms, there are a few different types to choose from, depending on what the buyer desires and what the budget is.

         Basic Laptop Arm

     Laptop Arm With Tray

              Laptop Desk


More features

More spacious

Easy to use

More adjustable

Not as portable




The buyer should select the laptop arm or desk that is be the most beneficial for their individual needs. Some laptop arms are more elaborate than others. A laptop arm should be as portable, adjustable, and lightweight as the buyer needs.

How to Buy a Laptop Arm on eBay

When you’re buying a laptop arm on eBay,, there are many choices. The keyword search laptop arm brings up a wide selection of options, but if you are sure of which style laptop arm you would like best, search for that one specifically to bring more relevant results, such as laptop tray or laptop stand.. There are many different kinds of laptop arms that may be rolling, portable, or include a desk for a more spacious setup for a laptop computer. Using a laptop arm has many benefits, and protecting your back and neck is the most important one. For that reason alone, a laptop arm is a worthwhile purchase and great investment for someone that uses a laptop quite often for work.

When you are looking for the perfect laptop arm, purchase one from a merchant that is a Top-Rated Seller on eBay, and has great feedback from other consumers. Ask questions and communicate with the buyer if you would like to know more, such as whether or not the laptop arm comes with the necessary brackets and screws needed to install it, or if those need to be purchased separately. If the seller is local to your area, see if you can stop by and take a look at the laptop arm in person. This creates a unique and fun personalised shopping experience, as well as the chance to alleviate shipping costs.

For laptop users that are tired of the neck aches and backaches that seem to go hand in hand with using a laptop computer daily, a laptop arm is the perfect solution to the problem. Laptop arms can be expensive based on what the buyer’s needs or wants are, but they are a worthwhile cost when it comes to alleviating back and neck pain. Laptop arms can go anywhere and be easily installed on any flat surface, and there are even extendable laptop arms that come with their own stands and can be used in any room, making them extremely mobile and easy to use.

Laptop arms can adjust to each different user, with swivels, tilt adjustments, and controls to adjust the height, so if more than one person is using the laptop; it is not a problem to make a few adjustments to accommodate that user.  A laptop arm can turn using a laptop computer from being a painful experience into an enjoyable, hands-free, and pain-free experience whether it is used for work or play purposes.

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