The Best Accessories for DVD Players

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The Best Accessories for DVD Players

People who own DVD players often end up looking for accessories to go with their DVD players, and the choices on offer vary in accordance to the products for which one is looking. Irrespective of whether one is looking for DVD player accessories for home or for travel, the choices are many, and these include universal remote controls, lens cleaners, disc repair systems, external batteries, car kits, carry cases, A/V cables, and headphones.

When looking at buying any of these DVD player accessories, one has different avenues of which to turn. Consumers can go to a brick and mortar shop thats deal in home entertainment solutions and electronics, but one also has the option to turn online to websites, like eBay. What one needs to establish at the onset of the search are the accessories being sought after given the plethora of options, and the additional factors that need one’s attention include aspects like quality and price.

Universal Remote Controls

Universal remote controls are sought by an increasing number of DVD player owners, and definitely fall under the category of best accessories for DVD players. While they function quite like normal remote controls, what sets them apart is the fact that they can be programmed to control multiple devices, which include televisions, home theatres, as well as DVD players. The simple reason that they are sought is that they help reduce clutter, wherein a user needs just one remote to control multiple devices.

One has various options when it comes to looking for a universal remote control that can be programmed to control one’s DVD player and other devices. Basic models offer basic functionality, like controlling power, volume, play and stop features, and are not capable of handling more than three to five devices. On the other hand, high-end models are capable of controlling up to 20 devices, and can mimic just about any command of the unit’s original remote. High-end universal remotes may also offer macros’ support, and users can programme commands as per their own liking. For example, using a high-end universal remote gives users the ability to switch the television and DVD player through a single click.

User-Friendly or Not

What one should look for when buying a universal remote is simplicity and ease of use as opposed to making things even more complicated than before. One should take into account that these remote controls generally come with more buttons than a standard DVD player remote control, and this does not necessarily have to be intimidating. Taking into account just how many devices need to be controlled using the new remote control should help narrow down alternatives. Remotes which are capable of handling more devices normally come with more buttons.

Added Features

New versions of universal remote controls come with LCD displays, and these give users more flexibility in terms of how they wish to customise their remotes. Some newer models come with touch screens as opposed to buttons, and some others come with backlit or glow-in-the-dark keys.

Lens Cleaners

DVD players end up building deposits of dust and dirt over time, and when it accumulates on the DVD player’s lens, it can result in DVDs skipping or not playing as they should. As a result, cleaning the lens of a DVD player from time to time is suggested, which makes lens cleaners important DVD player accessories. Most DVD player lens cleaners resemble standard CDs, only they come with a number of tiny brushes on their surface. All that is required of such lens cleaners is that they be inserted into a DVD player and played, and then they do what they do best, that is, clean the DVD player’s lens. What should be taken into account, however, is that not all such alternatives are as effective, and some are definitely better than others.

A good DVD lens cleaner not only helps remove dust and oxide residues from the lens; it can also help reduce read-write errors considerably. What it can also do in the process is help elongate the life of the DVD player lens, and consequently, of the DVD player as well.

Disc Repair Solutions

Scratched DVDs are not uncommon, and the good thing is that one can do something about repairing them by using a disc repair system. These devices do not have an effect on the data that the DVD stores, and they help renew the DVD’s protective layer by spray-spinning, shining, cleaning, buffing, and smoothing scratched surfaces. One can come by affordable disc repair systems that are capable of repairing up to 25 DVDs, and there are also high-end alternatives that can clean up to 250 DVDs per hour. While some of these units are battery-powered, some others can be plugged directly into a power source.

Accessories for Portable DVD Players

Portable DVD players allow people to watch films on the go. Portable DVD players come with their own share of accessories, and these include external batteries, car kits, A/V cables, and cases.

External Batteries

When it comes to portable DVD players,, most standard models offer two to three hours of battery backup, and when these DVD players are used whilst travelling, looking for an external battery that offers longer backup makes sense. What should be kept in mind, though, is that different brands and models run on batteries with different specifications, and the compatibility factor should be addressed at the very onset. Li-ion batteries are commonly used as external DVD player batteries; most of them are fairly lightweight and can offer as much as 14 hours of playing time depending on the DVD player in question. When it comes to charging these batteries, they normally come with their own AC chargers.

Car Kits

Car kits for DVD players offer a combination of different accessories, and these commonly include 12V power cables that can help the DVD player draw power through the car’s cigarette lighter socket, mounting cases, and headphones.


Cases are made especially for portable DVD players, which help to keep the players protected. Some cases come with enough room to carry DVDs, cables, chargers, and headphones. What one should look for when choosing a case is a durable exterior, well-padded inners, and comfortable shoulder straps and handles. These cases come in different sizes, so finding one in accordance to a given DVD player size should not be a problem.

A/V Cables

Portable DVD players can be connected to televisions, which is done through the use of suitable A/V cables. These cables are generally colour coded, so connecting them is quite simple; all one needs to do is match the corresponding cable colours with the input point colours of the television.


A number of portable DVD player users invest in headphones, which can be very useful, especially while travelling. Headphones come in various forms, and as a result, familiarising oneself with what is on offer is helpful. For example, if one is looking for headphones to use during long flights, noise-cancelling headphones are a good choice. The common alternatives on offer when it comes to different kinds of headphones one can use with a portable DVD player, include: earbuds,, ear-pads,, and full-sized headphones. Earbuds are lightweight and compact, and offer moderate sound quality. Ear-pad headphones tend to offer better sound quality, but are not as good when it comes to noise cancellation. Full-sized alternatives are those that offer the best sound quality and maximum noise cancellation.

Buying Accessories for DVD Players on eBay

One can expect to find all types of DVD player accessories through eBay,, which includes remote controls,, lens cleaners, and disc repair solutions, as well as accessories for portable DVD players, like external batteries, car kits, carry cases, A/V cables, and headphones. Since there are multiple sellers selling similar products through eBay, conducting thorough searches is recommended because of the price discrepancies on offer. Some sellers are known to offer discounts, which is something that buyers should look at as well.

Looking for DVD player accessories on eBay is simple; all you need to do is use the search box that is present on each page and enter what is required. For instance, when looking for carry cases, entering “carry cases for DVD players” into the search box and clicking enter gives the user a score of options from which to choose. The other option is going through the various categories and closing in on what is required.


Just like buying a DVD player calls for some research, the same holds true when it comes to buying accessories for DVD players as well. What makes for the best accessories for DVD players essentially depends on the products for which one is looking. While someone may feel that external batteries are the best accessories, someone else may feel the same way about universal remote controls. After all, while some people stick to using their DVD players at home, some others favour using their portable DVD players on the go.

Researching what is on offer is never out of place, as this gives consumers a good idea of just what is available in the market, and it also helps establish how much one may have to spend. Whether one is looking for DVD player cases, A/V cables, lens cleaners, DVD repair machines, or any other kind of DVD accessory, the choices are plentiful, and an extensive search is bound to throw up some great results.

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