The Best Ways to Accessorise a Long Dress

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The Best Ways to Accessorise a Long Dress

Long dresses can be accessorised for both formal and informal occasions, and for day or evening wear. Whether at a sophisticated gathering of business professionals, or having a day out shopping with the girls, accessories can be used to style a long dress. The accessories should complement each other and the dress. Bright colours and bold patterns should be used sparingly, to avoid overwhelming the eye of the observer. Accessories should be used to accentuate a long dress, not overpower it.

This guide discusses a number of accessories for long dresses. It also gives buyers ideas regarding the colour and style of the accessories, and which accessories work best in certain situations. The guide informs buyers about what to avoid, such as lots of patterns used together. Accessories for long dresses can be found at ladies fashion retailers, shoe shops, and accessory shops. For an alternative shopping experience which can be conducted from the comfort of the buyer’s home, they can use eBay, which has a huge range of accessories for long dresses, as well as the dresses themselves, all on one easy to use website.

Ways to Accessorise a Long Dress

A long dress is a common piece of apparel for autumn and winter for many women. When properly accessorised, a long dress can be worn for day or night. Accessories help wearers to achieve their desired look. Wearers can combine different accessories to create a very coordinated, fashionable look; they can go retro, or they can choose to be entirely unique, following their own personal tastes.

Boots and Shoes

A long dress is versatile and can be worn with an array of shoe and boot styles. Mid calf or knee high boots work very well with a long dress. Boots with high heels, platforms, wedges, or those that are flat, such as biker boots, complement long dresses. Any shoe that coordinates with the style of the dress can also be worn with long dresses. This includes high heels, court shoes, or flat shoes. The boots or shoes can be a contrasting colour, or can match a colour within the dress. For casual day wear, the boots or shoes chosen should be comfortable, such as court shoes, flats, or biker boots. For a more dressy look, such as for an evening event, put on a pair of heels, or choose a pair of elegantly embellished boots, with embroidered or glittery detail.

Tights, Stockings, and Pop Socks

A long dress offers more options of what to wear to cover the legs than shorter dresses that leave the wearer with little choice but to wear tights. With a long dress, even pop socks, which are short stockings that reach to just below the knee, can be worn, allowing the feet to sit comfortably in boots or shoes. Many women find these more convenient and comfortable than stockings or tights. Tights are, of course, still a legitimate choice to wear with a long dress, especially for a layer of warmth in the winter when bare legs get chilly. Covering the legs and feet is also sensible at other times of year as boots or shoes worn with no protection can rub against the skin.

Wear a Belt

Wearing a belt is a great way to accessorise a long dress for either day or evening wear. For long dresses that are loose around the waist, a thick, wide belt is the best option because it draws the waist in, creating a curvaceous look. A thick, wide belt also breaks up the monotony of a long, plain dress. A thin, narrow belt should be worn with long dresses that have a cinched waist. This highlights the waistline, and, like a wider belt, helps to create interest for a plain, block colour dress. For casual day wear, either a subtle, muted belt, or a bright, neon one should be used, depending on whether a smart and serious, or a fun and fresh look is desired. For evening wear, a glittery belt can be worn, or one that is highly embellished, to lift the dress.


Jewellery is very expressive, and is a reflection of the personality of the wearer, but it can make or break an outfit. Jewellery can be used to accessorise for both day or night. A few pieces of well chosen jewellery can transform a plain, casual day dress into a stunning evening outfit. A large necklace, consisting of big, bold beads, or a sturdy chain with an attention-grabbing pendant is a good choice for a long, plain dress, either with a very high neck, or a low V-neck. Earrings can also be used to accessorise the dress. Small, delicate studs can be worn for both daywear and evening wear. They are understated and inconspicuous, especially with long hair worn loose. Dangly, bright, or large earrings can be worn for evening wear, with the hair up or back to help to elongate the appearance of the neck.


Handbags are vital for all women, whatever else they are wearing. With a long dress, there are a number of bag choices available, depending on the look and the occasion. For casual day wear or shopping, a large tote works well. For a more sophisticated, evening event, a stylish clutch is a better option. The handbag should bring out a colour in the dress. For example, if the dress has pin stripes or polka dots, the wearer should consider a bag which matches the colour of the stripes or dots on the dress. The bag can also match the colour or style of the footwear. Handbags can be big and brash, or earthy and understated, but the choice should be based on a combination of personal taste, the style of the dress, and the occasion.

Wear a Cardigan

Buyers can wear a cardigan or small jacket appropriate to the season and the occasion. Knitted cardigans which reach the waist work well with long dresses, especially in cooler weather, as a cardigan provides an extra layer of warmth. A cardigan which reaches the waist or just below the hips is also well suited to a long dress, because the length of the cardigan complements the length of the dress, and balances out the top and bottom half of the wearer.

What to Avoid

When accessorising a long dress, there are a number of items and styles which should be avoided to achieve the best look. Ankle boots do not work well with long dresses. The height of an ankle boot can create an odd line because the shaft of the boot sits at the ankle, and the dress could easily get caught in it. Mixing multiple patterns is also to be avoided, as they can clash leaving the whole outfit appearing to be a confusion of shapes and colours. Instead, a patterned dress should have plain accessories, and plain dresses should have patterned accessories or those with contrasting or complementary colours. Wearers should make sure that their accessories match the occasion. Wearing bright, summery accessories to a very formal event may not portray the correct levels of elegance and style.

Buying Accessories for a Long Dress on eBay

Accessories for a long dress can be purchased from fashion retailers. They can also be bought from online stores and auction sites such as eBay. eBay has a wide range of accessories for long dresses. Buyers may search from the eBay homepage, and narrow down the search by choosing the correct category.

When choosing a seller on eBay, buyers should read the description carefully and look closely at the photo for any marks or problems with item. If there is any doubt about the condition of the item, buyers may contact the seller and ask for more information about the accessory.

Buyers should look at the feedback of the seller before purchasing an accessory for a long dress. Feedback is a good way of assessing whether the purchase will go smoothly. Feedback is left for the seller by buyers once a transaction has been completed. Choosing a seller who has positive feedback is a great way of ensuring satisfactory purchase.


Accessorising a long dress is relatively simple, but can create a jumbled mess of fabric and fancy items, if not done properly. When accessorising the long dress, buyers should take into account the occasion for which the dress is to be worn, whether it is formal or casual, and whether day wear or evening wear is required. The accessories should complement the dress as well as each other. A mixture of accessories, which may indeed work very well if worn individually, will not create a harmonised outfit, but something of an eyesore.

This guide presents a number of key accessory types, explains which are well-suited to a long dress, and how each accessory should be worn. It also gives ideas on colour, pattern, and style for each accessory. The guide offers a note of caution for the items and looks that should be avoided when wearing a long dress. Having read the guide, buyers have all the information needed to make a confident eBay purchase, and to create a fabulous look that matches the perfect accessories to a long dress.

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