The Bestselling Doctor Whos

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Being a Whovian went through an upsurge as a new series of Doctor Who was created in 2005. Currently Matt Smith is the Doctor.

The bestselling Doctor Who books according to are:

10. Evacuation Earth

9. Radio Times Companions Special 

8. The Quotable Doctor Who

7. Doctor Who Classics, Volume 6

6. The Pandorica Opens: Exploring the Worlds of the Eleventh Doctor

5. Doctor Who and Philosophy

4. The Edge of Destruction

3. Relative Dimensions

2. Doctor Who The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly/System Wipe 

1. Doctor Who Heart of Stone/Death Riders

The Bestselling Doctor Who filmed stories, according to are:

10. Pyramid of Mars

9. The Destiny of the Daleks

8. A Christmas Carol

7. Dominators

6. The Mutants

5. Time and the Rani

4. The Creature from the Pit

3. Genesis of the Daleks

2. The Keys of Marinus

1. The Ark

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