The Essential Motorbike Buying Guide

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When purchasing a motorbike there are a number of important things to remember. We have put together the essential checklist of things to consider when buying a new or used bike!

When buying from eBay:
  • Always check the sellers feedback
  • Always check the sellers refund policy before paying a deposit, you might want it back if the bike is a nail.
  • Ask the questions you want before bidding.
  • If the pic is poor or you just want to see a bit more ask for more snaps before bidding, if they haven’t got any, forget it.
  • Just because the seller may be a ‘Power Seller’ isn’t a get out of jail free card and doesn’t mean you won’t have any trouble.
  • Remember you’re the buyer and the seller is trying to sell the bike to you. If they don’t reply to your questions or just don’t make you feel loved then walk away. There’s plenty more bikes on the internet!
Generic buying guide:
  • If you can afford it it’s always worth having the bike checked out by a specialist, it could save you £’s if it stops you buying a shed.
  • Always check the proof of ownership and documentation – if it looks dodgy or they can’t supply it, walk away.
  • Spend time looking at the bike, don’t be rushed into making a decision
  • Don’t be shy HAGGLE for the best deal
  • If possible try to view the bike during the day so you can easily spot any dents or scratches
  • If purchasing from a dealer carefully read the Terms and Conditions in the warranty agreement and don’t be shy to quiz them on it.
  • If buying the bike privately pay buy bankers draft it’s easier and safer than using cash and always get a receipt.
  • It’s always a good idea to meet at the seller’s house, don’t meet at the local petrol station.
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