The Bosch BEA 350 Combined Petrol & Diesel Emissions

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BEA 350

The Bosch BEA 350 has been in the market coming on to two years, and i have to say the problems have been minimal with it. It has proven to be a reliable and hassle frr MOT emission tester. It is none PC Based so if you would prefer a PC based unit you will be looking at the BEA850.

It has a internal thermal printer built into the unit, a small but suprisingly visible TFT display, is a smart and compact unit, at least it looks like it is built for the job as opposed to some of the units on the market.

It is available in 3 forms, The Bosch BEA 150- diesel only emission tester, the Bosch BEA 250- petrol only tester and the Bosch BEA 350 which is the combined unit.

If your looking for a dedicated emission tester i can thoroughly recommend the BEA 350 (0 684 105 361).

If however your only looking for a dedicated diesel tester the beauty of the BEA150 (0 684 105 161) is that it easily upgradeable to a combined tester further down the line by ordering the special retrofit kit.

 The equipment is usually in stock, the diesel tester meets the 2001 Diesel Smoke Meter specifications and is fully approved for all A and B class diesel engined vehicles. Also as far as i am aware the Bosch diesel tester is used for conformity testing, basically that means other manufacturers who would like to have their equipment approved have to have their equipment compared to the bosch unit in terms of accuracy and so forth.

We now have over 100 units personally maintained by us in the field, and the feedback remains strong and positive.

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