The Bosch KTS 500

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If your looking at buying a Bosch KTS 500 there are things you should be aware of.

1. Theres general safety and making sure you dont lose your money- check my Bosch KTS 650 guide.

2. From the end of 2006 there will no longer be any updates available for the KTS 500, There will be a final version of the software that will not time out and after that there will be no more upgrades and no more time outs.

3. The KTS 500 never has been able and never will be able to help diagnostic work with CAN Bus systems, the standard is beyond the capabilities of the unit`s software.

4. Dont pay over the odds, I`ve met somebody recently who bought a laptop and KTS 500 card from Ebay Germany, the laptop had a very old version of ESI but the size of the hard drive meant upgrades were impossible. I have also met somebody who paid £1500 for a laptop and KTS 500 card, but the system failed to operate properly, after an estimate of getting it sorted from us it took the total price over the £2000 mark.

5. Think about a Bosch KTS 530 which retails in the UK at £1750.00 granted there is an annual subscription charge to ESI but if your in the diagnostic trade its well worth it in the end.


6. If you just looking for parts for your 500, it may be time to upgrade your machine as i mentioned above soon there will be no more updates avaiable.

If you wish to contact me for advice etc, pls make sure you have your return email accessible

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