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Hailing from Bolton, Lancashire, Cosatto is a company consisting of mums and dads who are committed to making the lives of other mums and dads easier, and to making babies and young children happy and comfortable.

Fashionable Baby Products

Cosatto make fashionable baby products for fashionable young families, but their prices mean you won’t do too much damage to your bank account by choosing their products over any other manufacturers’. Their products fall into what industry commentators regard as the ‘low to medium price point’; that’s essentially a way of saying that Cosatto offer great value for money. Don’t be tempted to think that Cosatto have been remiss with the quality though. The build quality of Cosatto’s products is always excellent; offering a high level of functionality alongside gorgeous design and integral stylishness. It’s also worth pointing out that, although many of Cosatto’s products are priced low relative to their competitors, they also produce many high-end baby products - cots and beds in particular.

Genre-Defying Baby Products

Cosatto spans the many branches of the baby-products industry, offering everything from toilet seats to nursing pillows and from high chairs to dressing tables, all of which have been designed and created by parents who’ve recognised where current products on the market are lacking functionality, and where they can be improved. Cosatto successfully manage to be a Jack of all trades, master of each. Cosatto are a company with a conscience, sponsoring small charities and fund-raising events so that as many people as possible can benefit their experience and success. For example, Cosatto recently sponsored one of its employees, Lisa Joyce, to cycle from John O’Groats to Lands End on a tandem. Cosatto also offered an extra fifty pence for every photo taken of her and her cycling partner, Robert Dutfield, along their trip, and a further 25% of the total money raised on top of that. That’s pretty generous.

Contemporary Style

Fashion is often in the eye of the beholder, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who dislikes the styling of their cots, pushchairs and highchairs. They somehow manage to retain a sense of tradition as they tear down the auspices of conventionality, becoming simultaneously ultra-modern and singularly traditional at once. This sense of fashion and style permeates every aspect of Cosatto’s design and marketing. For instance, Cosatto conduct polls to discover who the public consider fashionable parents. In 2007, the poll was one by Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. (For the sake of interest, in second place were Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, third were Victoria and David Beckham, fourth were Madonna and Guy Ritchie, and in fifth were Kate Moss and Jefferson Hack). Lisa Joyce, the same Lisa who cycled the length of the island for charity, commented that she was unsurprised that all the nominees in the top five were in their thirties, because that’s when parents tend to find their style; that’s when they begin to get into their stride.
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