The Chloe Paddington Handbag part 2

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The Chloe handbag weighs in at a hefty three pounds! The lock alone is half a pound if you weigh yours and it is lighter it's a fake. If it is Pink again it is a fake Chloe don't sell pink bags.

Most importantly if you have been caught with a fake bag don't just cry over your lost money, do something about it! If you have the sellers adress report them to the authorities, selling counterfeit goods is illegal! Contact ebay & paypal, make them listen, leave bad feedback for the seller & warn others to beware!! Report any listings that you know to be fake & have them taken down.1)the padlock should have a strip of leather the same colour as the bag with Chloe embossed on it
2)the key for the lock should have Chloe on it
3)the C shaped buckles (they don’t fully meet) should have Chloe embossed on them-look on the top as well as the bottom- it will be on one side only
4)there should be 2 pockets on the outside of the bag
5)there is a mobile/cell phone pouch on the inside of the bag
6)there is another pocket on the inside with a zip
NB: there is NO serial number in the pockets(I checked the bag in the store 5 times-and then got my boyfriend to look just to make sure)
7)there are little feet on the end of the bag

Get to know your bags, find out the colours that the bag is produced in & do not be fooled by bags in colours that were never made!! Pink would be lovely in the Chloe Paddington but sorry Chloe have yet to make a pink paddington or a yellow, lime green or purple! Look closely at the photographs that the honest sellers show, visit your nearest designer stockist if possible & become familiar with the bags then you can learn to spot a fake all by yourself.

Don't be fooled by advertisements for fake bags that say "receipt included". Receipts can now be bought on the internet, bogus sellers have emailed me offering me receipts for $5 for any bag, any boutique in the world!! They presume everyone is as dishonest as they are!!!

Sometimes photographs of authentic bags are used to sell fakes so please always buy from a recognised seller with 100% positive feedback & read the comments carefully.  understand that not everyone can afford to buy the real thing but please understand that you will not buy a designer bag for much less than the retail price. If it sounds too good to be true it is!!!! I mean seriously does anyone think that a seller will pay  £750 - £1500 for a bag then go on ebay to sell for £100 or even £400? This does not make any kind of sense! So the main thing is do not be fooled by cheap prices you cannot get a real bag for less than retail unless the bag has been used, even then it will rarely sell so cheap, particularly if it is rare! Use your common sense please when buying the Chloe bag and remember this bag is really hard to come by and the waiting list is 2 years for ONE so why is the e bay seller selling so cheap. If this all sounds to good to be true then remember the reason it is FAKE.

Sometimes photographs of authentic bags are used to sell fakes so please always buy from a recognised seller with 100% positive feedback & read the comments carefully. Always pay though paypal and if deamed a fake you can get a full refund back.

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