The Classic Double Cuff Shirt Buying Guide

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The Classic Double Cuff Shirt Buying Guide

A double cuff shirt, also known as a French cuff, has long been used by both men and women for formal occasions. Ladies can wear the double cuff shirt for big meetings, formal dinners and banquets, and formal company gatherings. The double cuff shirt can be paired with classic jewellery, worn underneath a tailored blazer, and add a clean look to formal trousers or a skirt.

To achieve the sophisticated, elegant look, ladies need to have a double cuff shirt that fits them well. One might need to purchase a wide array of double cuff shirts for various events that she might need to attend. A consumer may also need to know the different ways of wearing a double cuff shirt, as well as how to pair them with various accessories. When shopping for a classic double cuff shirt, a wide array of double cuff shirts are available online at eBay. Prior to purchase, one needs to take note of factors such as size and colour when selecting a double cuff shirt.

What Are Double Cuff Shirts

A typical double cuff shirt has a collar, is buttoned down the front, and has longer, elongated, but square-ended sleeves with button holes. These sleeves can be folded back in different ways, using cufflinks, silk knots, or by simply folding the sleeves up. Double cuff shirts are a must at formal occasions, such as a gala, banquet, or black-tie dinner. They can also be used at the office for formal business occasions.

Where Double Cuff Shirts Were First Worn

It should come as no surprise that the French were the first to wear and popularise their eponymous cuff shirts. Legends point to one Count of Monte Cristo who caused a fashion revolution with his new cuffs around two centuries ago. While double cuff shirts are traditionally worn by men, they are growing increasingly popular among women. Moreover, tradition dictates that double cuff shirts should be worn with metal cufflinks. Today, however, novelty cufflinks are widely used; and double cuff shirts are sometimes worn undone.

How Double Cuff Sleeves Should Be Folded

The standard method of folding double cuff sleeves involves folding the cuffs down, joining two inside ends together, and then linking all four buttonholes together using a cuff link or silk knot. A variation involves changing where the silk knots are slipped through, creating a more alternative look.

Some double cuff shirts have a button on the inside that can act as a fastener, and that can facilitate folding the sleeves without the need for cufflinks or silk knots. Double cuff sleeves can also be kept undone by simply folding them and leaving the buttonholes free.

What Cufflinks or Silk Knots to Pair With a Double Cuff Shirt

While the undone look might seem easier, formal events demand a formal, tailored look as well. A good pair of cufflinks or silk knots can accentuate a tailored, well-chosen double cuff shirt.

Double-sided cufflinks are a popular choice. They are also easier to use, and can be attached even before the double cuff shirt is worn. Colour coordination is advisable between cufflinks and shirt, or cuff link and accessories. A monochromatic look among the three elements, however, should be avoided.

Silk knots are an inexpensive way to link holes in double cuff shirts. They are available in major department stores, as well as online. Again, silk knot colours should be coordinated with the elements of the wardrobe, but a monochromatic look is not advised. Metallic or metal-plated cufflinks and silk knots can be coordinated with gold or silver accessories, or a belt buckle.

Is There a Difference Between American and British Double Cuff Shirts?

British double cuff shirts are usually tailored to fit double-sided cufflinks, while American double cuff shirts are usually made for toggle cufflinks. The size systems will also be different. The choice of cufflinks or silk knots can play a large role in determining which double cuff shirt should be purchased.

What Features Make a Double Cuff Shirt Stylish

Double cuff shirts already add an element of style to any wardrobe. However, to fit and suit a body, they must be bought in the right size, tailoring, and make. Fabric is also a major consideration, as not all skin types or weather are suitable for various shirt fabrics.


A typical double cuff shirt bought off the rack will be tagged on the collar with pair of numbers. The first number will refer to the neck size, while the second number will reflect the length of the sleeves. The neck size is measured around the part of the neck where the top button of the shirt is closed, but while placing an index finger between the neck and the measuring tape. In some cases, a neck measurement will fall between two sizes. The larger size should apply.

The sleeve length is measured from the back of the neck, along the shoulder, down through the outside of the upper and lower arms, and finally to the first knuckle of the thumb. This measurement is taken while keeping the arm straight out. Again, the sleeve measurement can sometimes fall between two sizes; and again, the larger size should apply.

However, some double cuff shirts are categorised using letter designations such as small (or S), medium (or M), or several sizes of large (or L, as well as XL, XXL and so on). There is no standard sizing system for letter designations, and these will vary among manufacturers.

Size Comparisons Across UK, US, Continental, and Japan Systems

The following is a table comparing women’s clothing sizes, along with measurements, across four systems. The systems do not take into account plus sizes and petite sizes, both of which should also be considered when searching for double cuff shirts.

Bust (cm)

Waist (cm)

Hip (cm)








6 or 8
































In general, sizing for women’s clothing can apply to dress shirts. What is most important, however, is that the fit is comfortable: the hands do not catch or chafe on the ends of the sleeves, the arms are free to move around without straining the fabric, the shoulders do not feel constrained, and the collar does not choke.


A majority of double cuff shirts are manufactured from cotton. Some will be made of linen, which is softer and breathable. Silk is also common, although it is reserved for formal occasions. Polyester shirts are an inexpensive alternative, but can be too warm for tropical climates or hotter weather.

Poplin fabrics also lend a smooth, gentle appearance to double cuff shirts. They are lighter, and usually do not have patterns. Such shirts are easier to pair with accessories. A heavier version, twill, will have diagonal stripes.

The surface of Oxford fabrics, on the other hand, will have an elevated texture. Like twill, Oxford fabrics are heavier, but they are stronger. The lighter weave, pinpoint, will have similar texture but will be smoother and lighter. The choice of fabric will depend on the climate in which the double cuff shirt will be worn. It will also depend on the choice of colour, as some fabric textures and types will appear more stylish depending on the colour against which they are set.


The choice of colour of double cuff shirt will depend entirely on the woman wearing it. Colour consideration will depend on various factors, such as the woman’s skin tone; the accessories that she plans to wear with the double cuff shirt; the shoes that she has available; and even the events at which that the double cuff shirt will be used.

For instance, heavier women might choose single colour double cuff shirts, while slender women might choose patterned double cuff shirts. A formal event calls for earth colours, while a less formal one might allow for alternative patterns or colours of a double cuff shirt.

How To Buy a Double Cuff Shirt on eBay

Double cuff shirts on eBay can also be shipped directly to you, saving you time and money especially if you live far away from a commercial area. Some sellers might also live near you, and you can pick up the shirt. This can be advantageous: you can try the shirt first, and return it immediately if it does not suit you. Some double cuff shirts, moreover, can be bought in bundles with cufflinks or silk knots. Such bundles already pair the shirt with an appropriately-coloured link, saving you time and money as well.

There are a few tips to consider when buying a double cuff shirt on eBay. Always read the details, especially on fabric and sizing Also, have your measurements handy. You might need to retake your measurements every few weeks or months, as your weight could fluctuate. Always examine bundles closely, and look at the quality of the links or knots being sold with the shirt. It is a good idea to have fabric swatches ready to compare against the fabric advertised online. Do not be afraid to ask sellers questions, especially when it comes to size. Colours will be different across monitors and cameras, so be careful about setting your heart on a specific colour. Depending on the availability of double cuff shirts, you might find even more refinements, including the shirt pattern, material, and even the location of the double cuff shirt.


A good women’s double cuff shirt should fit comfortably and feel comfortable on the woman wearing it. It can be worn in different ways, depending on the event; and the sleeves can be held by either links or knots, or they can remain undone. These various style options have made the double cuff shirt a must for any woman’s wardrobe. Care should be taken when buying a double cuff shirt: size, colour, and fabric are the main considerations. Sizes can vary across manufacturers depending on their country or region, so women should know their measurements before making a purchase, especially online. Colours can also appear different online, depending on manufacturers’ cameras as well as on customers’ monitors.

Moreover, because fabrics used for double cuff shirts will be different, care should likewise be taken in selecting fabrics when purchasing a double cuff shirt online. Because there is no immediate opportunity to fit the shirt, customers should have fabric swatches ready to gauge if the fabric is to their liking. The eBay marketplace is diverse, and can be a good place to shop when seeking to save money and time. With knowledge of styles, appropriate colors, patterns, and fabrics, you can have a double cuff shirt that will truly add an element of style to your wardrobe. This guide can help you feel confident about purchasing the right double cuff shirt to fit your needs and budget.

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