The Complete Bloke's Guide to Knickers

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Want to buy some knickers for your partner but don't know your tangas from your hipsters? Read our easy to follow Complete Guide and you'll be a panty pro in no time!

As Joey Tribbiani once said, "Thongs are a feat of engineering; it's amazing what they can do with such little material..."

If you are similarly in awe of the thong but want to check out some different shapes and designs for your partner, our no-nonsense, easy to follow guide will explain each main variation of 'the knicker' so you know exactly what you're looking for when shopping in our lingerie section.

In order to make your life a lot simpler, we've cut down the flouncy world of female underpants to 10 main styles, starting with some ultra-classy French knickers...

French knickers

High-waisted full, floaty panties that sit in the small of the back, skim the hips and buttocks then curve into a thong piece

French Knickers    Suitable for:    Women with fuller bottoms and shapely hips
Wear with:    Empire line dress
Why buy?    To persuade your girl to have a Parisian-themed romp in some posh hotel room
Celeb style:    Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kelly Brook


A minimal coverage panty with wider sides than a G-string (see below), a triangle shaped front panel and a thin 'Y' or 'T' shaped back panel

Thong    Suitable for:    Thongs suit most body shapes, especially slimmer figures, but it takes confidence to wear a thong and be comfortable in it
Wear with:    Pencil skirt
Why buy?    You can ogle your girl's booty bouncing around the bedroom
Celeb style:    Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, Chantelle


Mid-coverage low-rise panties that sit on the hips and cling to the buttocks

Hipsters    Suitable for:    Sleek figures with a flat tummy and toned hips
Wear with:    Hipster jeans
Why buy?    Makes your partner's buttocks look pert and juicy
Celeb style:    Sienna Miller, Jennifer Aniston

Girl Boxers

More high-waisted than hipsters with complete coverage of the buttocks

Girl Boxers    Suitable for:    Any body shape
Wear with:    Tracksuit pants
Why buy?    To make her feel better when slobbing out in your boxers
Celeb style:    Britney Spears, Hilary Swank, Lily Allen

Brazilian Knickers

Very thin, high-leg ruffled panties that sit just above the hips

Brazilian Knickers    Suitable for:    Long-legged beauties with firm thighs and trim bikini lines
Wear with:    Skimming mini dresses
Why buy?    So you can worship your girlfriend's perfect pins
Celeb style:    Gisele Bundchen, Eva Longoria, Mischa Barton

Full Briefs

Maximum coverage panties that aren't as high waisted as 'control' panties but just as wide across the hips and buttocks

Full Briefs from Marks and Spencer    Suitable for:    Full-figured women who prefer maximum coverage and complete support
Wear with:    Anything high-waisted and loose fitting - full briefs equal a huge visible panty line (VPL)!
Why buy?    Er, because you like your partner to wear the same underwear as your mum?
Celeb style:    Bridget Jones, Fern Britten, Lorraine Kelly

Bikini Briefs

In between a thong and a brief, bikinis rest below the navel and a high-cut leg

Suitable for:    Sporty types who need flexibility from their panties
Wear with:    Skinny jeans
Why buy?    They're naughty without being full-on slutty
Celeb style:    Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham, Brittany Murphy

String bikini

A sexy panty with string sides or ribbon ties that offers a wider back panel than a G-string

String Bikini    Suitable for:    Well-toned curvaceous types with firm thighs and flat tummies
Wear with:    One of your old Hooter's T-shirts
Why buy?    Ripping off your girlfriend in the heat of the moment
Celeb style:    Pamela Anderson, Nicole Richie, Billie Piper


Also known as micro-pants and usually made from microfiber, these are the tiniest pants you can buy while still covering your girl's modesty

G-String    Suitable for:    Sexy girls with bags of confidence
Wear with:    Tight, teeny dresses - there's no VPL!
Why buy?    Sending you into meltdown
Celeb style:    Katie Price, Jenna Jameson, Abi Titmuss

High-cut Briefs

Moderate coverage brief that's cut very high on the leg

Suitable for:    Shorter women who need to add length to their legs and support their tummies
Wear with:    Butt-skimming, wide-leg trousers
Perfect for:    Making your partner's small but perfectly formed pins look longer
Celeb style:    Jessica Simpson, Kylie Minogue, Fern Cotton

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