The Complete Buying Guide for Buying Citroen Body Parts

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The Complete Buying Guide for Buying Citroen Body Parts

The French company, Citroen, has produced cars for many decades and is actually notable for being the first major automobile manufacturer located outside the USA. Throughout the years, Citroen cars have been significant because of all the innovations they have incorporated. The company is always trying to come up with something new and surprising. The Citroen product range includes superminis, city cars, executive saloons, light commercial vehicles, and hatchbacks. Citroen models are mainly renowned for their style, practicality, build quality, multiple standard features, and versatile optional extras.

As with all cars, the parts may need to be replaced every once in awhile because, over time, they wear out or break. Replacement Citroen body parts can be purchased from garages and car repair shops or ordered conveniently through online auction sites, such as eBay. When buying Citroen body parts, it is important to know what kind of parts can be replaced and what their main features are. With this information, it is easy to find good, durable parts. By and large, Citroen body parts can be divided into body components, doors, and windows, and these in turn have smaller parts.

Citroen Body Panels

Citroen body panels have several tasks to fulfill. They are bulky and made of steel, and are therefore quite strong and durable. Besides protecting the driver and passengers in collisions, they also offer shelter from all weather conditions. Moreover, other car parts, such as the dashboard and the engine, are also attached to the body. The exact shape of the car's body influences its aerodynamics as well, and thus determines how fast the car can go. The visible body components that make up the bulk of the car's body are the doors, bonnet, bumpers, wings, and car grilles found on all Citroen models.


The doors on Citroen cars may need replacing if the car is damaged in a crash or some other accident. However, sometimes dents and other kinds of damage also occur, as when the door is scratched because someone else has opened his or her car door too wide. The car doors include both the front and rear doors, if the car has any, as well as the boot door, which is also known as the bootlid. Citroen doors, like all other car doors, come equipped with glass windows and technical features, such as speakers, door locks, and window sliders, depending on the exact Citroen model. Thus, they not only protect the passengers and the driver, but also fulfill other tasks that are vital for operating the vehicle.


The bonnet of any car is the large metal cover over the engine. The bonnet should always be in working order, so as to protect the engine and its parts both from thieves and from weather conditions. Typically, bonnets contain two panels. The inner panel is for protection and strength, while the outer panel has a decorative purpose and is in line with the design and colour of the rest of the vehicle. The bonnet is often opened from the driver's side, inside the car, in order to prevent any thefts of engine parts. When the bonnet is up, it can be fixed with a hinged strut that keeps it up and allows one to examine the engine.


The bumper is a horizontal panel to the rear or front of the Citroen. Its main goal is to reduce damage in case of a collision. During a crash, the bumper absorbs some of the impact of the crash, and as a result, the vehicle receives less damage. The rear bumper also protects the tail lights, which may otherwise be smashed if one accidentally backs into a telephone post. More advanced front bumpers come equipped with chambers filled with hydraulic fluid and crumple zones that provide even better crash damage protection. Changing an old Citroen bumper for such a bumper might be a good idea. Over time, bumpers can become covered with scratches and dents, and they may also rust. Bumpers need to replaced when they are too worn, so that they can do their job. Moreover, a new bumper can help to achieve a certain style, as bumpers are also used for design purposes.


The wings on the car body refer to the side of the car. They are located behind the rear doors and in front of the front doors. When a collision occurs, these parts are often damaged. As these parts of the car are not easy to repair, replacement body parts are often required instead.


The roof covers the vehicle at the top. It can be made of either soft or hard material. If the roof is soft, then the car is a convertible, and the roof can be removed if desired. Another option is to place a roof rail on top to store additional items, such as luggage or bikes. Placing the items onto the roof allows one to save space inside the vehicle.


The car grille is made of metal wires or bars, and it is placed in front of the car, providing both protection and ventilation for the engine. The grille also prevents debris from getting into the radiator. When it comes to cars, the grille is also a design element that helps to determine the car's style. Mesh grilles are typically used on cars for which a grille was not originally meant to be part of the car's design. Overlay grilles can be placed on top of factory grilles, and they come with intricate designs and are used for styling purposes. For instance, they may come as flames or skulls.

Other Citroen Body Parts

Some body parts are not immediately visible, but they still have important tasks to perform. For instance, some Citroen body parts are located under the car. They mainly serve as supportive parts that actually hold the car together. Some of these parts are the centre pillar, the anti-roll bar, and the cross member.

Centre Pillar

The centre pillar is a vertical pillar that supports the door, roof, and window areas of the car. The shape and size of the car model determines how many centre pillar are included in its build. The pillar is pivotal and conforms to the shape of the frame. Generally, it is made of the same material as the frame and thus it easily blends in and goes unnoticed. In case of a collision, the centre pillar protects the people inside the car.

Anti-Roll Bar

The anti-roll bar on a car is fitted in its suspension. Its main task is to increase the vehicle's stability, especially when going round a bend in the road. This device helps the driver to maintain good control over the car. The anti-roll bar regulates the stiffness of the axles between the tyres of the car. For safety reasons, it is important to have an anti-roll bar that functions properly.

Cross Member

The cross member supports the transmission or the engine of the car. It is bolted to the sub-frame of the vehicle. Made of heavy sheet metal, the cross member is durable and aids suspension. This part needs to be strong, as it holds many other components in place and supports their weight. Because of the importance of this task, the cross member needs to be in working order at all times.

Buying Citroen Body Parts on eBay

Start searching for Citroen body parts on eBay by typing the relevant keywords into the search box that you can find at the top of any eBay page. For best results, you may use the name of the body part with "Citroen" in order to ensure that you get relevant results. You may also try adding the Citroen model name and year into the keywords for even more specific results. Once you receive the initial results, you can further narrow them down by setting the item condition either to new or used, and by sorting the list by auction time or price.

Some Citroen body parts, for instance, the bonnet, can be rather hefty, and it is therefore either extremely expensive or altogether impossible to send them by post. Therefore, you should look for local sellers when you are searching for the necessary product. If both parties agree, you can then arrange a local pick-up. When browsing through the items, feel free to contact the seller and ask whether a pick-up is possible.


The French car manufacturer Citroen has been making cars for many decades. Citroen cars are mainly known for being innovative. They are also practical, stylish, and come equipped with high build quality, as well as offering many optional extras and multiple standard features. However, all cars are subject to wear, and may also be involved in accidents. Therefore, body parts need to be replaced and renewed occasionally.

Citroen body panels are the outer parts of the car that cover it. They serve to protect the passengers and the drivers from weather conditions as well as crash damage. The body panels hold the car together and contribute to its aerodynamics. The doors are not only for granting access into the vehicle, but generally feature speakers and door locks, thus being vital for operating the car properly. The bonnet covers the engine in the front and is equipped with a lock mechanism to prevent theft. The bumpers at the front and rear reduce damage in case of collisions and are also important design features, as are grilles, which are located in the front and protect the radiator from debris. The roof and wings are also important body panels.

Besides the visible Citroen parts, there are also other essential components, which are mainly situated under the car. These include, but are not limited to, the anti-roll bar, the centre pillar, and the cross member.

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