The Complete Guide to Buying Boat Accessories on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying Boat Accessories on eBay

Due in part to the complexity of boats, there are many different types of accessories one may buy for his or her boat, including accessories for decoration, maintenance, or personal comfort. These accessories are optional and enhance the appearance of the boat and the comfort of the boat owner; however, there are some accessories and equipment parts, such as safety gear, that are a requirement for boat owners.

While a new boat owner may be tempted to immediately buy all the accessories, all at once, it is a better idea to prioritise, to carefully look through all the options in order to determine which are the more important pieces to buy. For example, if one wants a boat primarily as a place to hold parties, then electronic equipment for television and movies organisation accessories for holding food and drink are of high priority. For quick and easy shopping, the user should look at eBay, which has millions of products that fall into many different types of categories. With some knowledge regarding the different kinds of accessories for boats and how to find them on eBay, the shopper is ready to outfit a boat that exactly fits his or her needs and personality.

Required Boating Equipment

Regardless of the kind of boat one owns, there are some required pieces that must be on the boat. Therefore, before buying fun, optional boat accessories, one should first be sure to acquire these products. First and foremost amongst required equipment is the personal floatation device, or PFD. There must be one wearable PFD per person on board at all times, with 'wearable' defined as a PFD that wraps around one's body, rather than a PFD that is thrown out to a drowning person.

Also required on board is a bell and a whistle. These sound-producing devices must be audible from one nautical mile away, in case the people on the boat need to alert for help. Additional required emergency signals include a visual signal, such as a flare, that is visible day and night. Fire extinguishers are also required on boats that are more than 7.92 metres (26 feet); additionally, there must be back-fire flame arrestors on board, on every carburettor of every gasoline engine installed. Finally, it is required that there be at least two ventilation ducts that efficiently ventilate every closed compartment with a gasoline engine or tank.

Boat Maintenance Parts

There are several aspects of accessories for boat maintenance one should consider, the first of which is supplies for the cleaning and care of the boat. One should make sure to have a supply of wax and anti-fouling paint in order to keep the boat looking fresh and clean. One should also take care to properly maintain the boat's battery, if it has one. The same care is necessary for the boat's motor: one should flush the engine after every outing and check the other vital parts of the engine, from the fuel tanks to the clamps, for rust, damage, corrosion, and so on. To keep electrical fittings from failing, the consumer should purchase inhibitors that help protect electrical components from water damage or corrosion.

Organisation Equipment

The most simple, and perhaps most essential, piece of organisation equipment the user can have on a boat is a case, box, or bag. Though these three have slight differences from one another, they all perform the same function: to keep gear in a safe, out-of-the-way place that one can easily access when necessary. While the differences between the organisation containers are minor, one still should be aware of what makes each one unique and which is best suited for one's needs.

Cases are available in hard or soft plastic models. They also can be waterproof, making cases the ideal choice for storing electronic equipment, which must be protected from water. The sizes for cases range from extra-large with foam padding to small ones roughly the size of a cell phone.

Next are storage boxes. Suitable for less costly items, they are watertight but not waterproof. There are many portable models of storage boxes available, which can be made of plastic, polypropylene, or other see-through materials. The user may wish to have a storage box permanently installed in his or her boat; for anglers, there is a hatch liner designed to hold tackle trays or boxes.

For an organisation accessory designed specifically for boat use, the consumer should consider the boat bag. Reminiscent of a duffle bag with its removable shoulder straps, side-carrying straps, and side and mesh pockets, some models even have roller wheels. They are often made of waterproof, PVC-coated material with a heavy-duty reinforced bottom so the user can place the bag on the floor of a wet boat without worrying about water damage to the items inside.


The GPS is a nearly-ubiquitous piece of electronic equipment for an owner of any vehicle, including boats. Those who do not own a GPS may wish to consider this useful accessory for their boat. GPS can be particularly helpful for fishers, as some models include fishfinders that provide clear images of fish, structures, and water-bottom detail for easy, quick fishing. Some GPS models come with chartplotters, which aid in charting waters, making maps, and designing routes. One can look into the average prices of specific brands and models of GPS units.

For those who plan to hold parties on their boats and require a good sound system for their music, marine stereos are available, as well as other accessories such as marine antennas, weatherproof covers, marine speaker wires, speakers, receivers, radios, and more. Finally, although almost an essential item rather than an accessory, a radio provides one with a backup or additional handheld or fixed-mount radios. There are also radio accessories such as antenna mounts, radio antennas, a VHF/AM/FM broadcast band splitter, and more.


Relative Price

Furuno Navnet


Garmin Rino GPS




Garmin Oregon Handheld GPS


Garmin Nuvi


Garmin eTrex Handheld GPS


Raymarine E-Series


These GPS models are some of the most popular and widely-used marine GPS units on the market. As is seen in the chart, the average price ranges from around 125 pounds to well over a thousand. The boat owner only needs to spend as much as she or he wants to, bearing in mind that the higher the price, the more features the GPS is likely to have. For example, the least expensive GPS may have a black-and-white and function only as a GPS and fishfinder, while the GPS at the top of the price range may have a bevy of additional features, such as chartplotting, a touchscreen, and Internet access.


Because boaters, especially anglers, often spend many hours sitting on a seat while out on the water, it is important to have a comfortable seat so that fishing and boating is an enjoyable, rather than painful, experience. The vital aspects of a comfortable seat are heavy foam padding that provides full support and UV- and mildew-resistant vinyl covering, which protects the seat from sun and water damage. Some seats can be folded down and snapped into place when not in use, while others have swivel mounts for easy moving. Some fishing fans may opt for a pro seat, which lets one lean back when fishing and is slightly smaller so as not to take up as much space on deck. One can even buy seats in different patterns, such as camouflage, or small accessory holders for the side of the seat to hold beverages and other frequently used items.

How to Buy on eBay

Trying to search for a variety of brands of accessories can be an exhausting process, even when one is looking at websites and not physically going out to the shops. To compare many different brands all on one website without going over budget, look at eBay. eBay is an invaluable site with an easy-to-use interface that provides shoppers a simple way to search and compare numerous items. When you are ready to purchase, there is PayPal, which allows for instant, secure payment without the need to share account and personal information with the seller. eBay also has a 'Top-Rated Seller' system that alerts shoppers to sellers who are trustworthy and are sure to deliver products on time, and in the condition in which they were described. To be a Top-Rated Seller, the seller is required to have consistently positive ratings from previous buyers and to sell a certain amount of merchandise in a given amount of time. One can easily see the 'Top-Rated Seller' badge on the seller’s page, as well as on the pages of the merchandise that the seller is putting up for sale.

To begin shopping on eBay, go to the eBay home page. Next, type in keywords that relate to what you want to buy, such as 'marine fishfinder GPS'. From there, you can narrow down the results on the page by choosing to search by brand, price, condition, and more and, in so doing, find the ideal accessories for your boat.


Since boats are fairly expensive 'toys' for users to have, it is unsurprising that accessories are expensive too. To save money while still purchasing the products one wants, one can turn to eBay to find the exact products desired often while saving money, and without even leaving the home. With electronics getting fancier and more complex all the time, and sometimes more expensive, eBay is an increasingly relevant and useful resource for those who want to enjoy their hobbies, like boating, without becoming bankrupt by them. Accessories such as organisation pieces and electronics improve and enhance one's boat, making it a safer, more enjoyable vessel by maximising space, protecting the items the shopper already owns, and enabling one to chart one's own course Boat accessories can also make the boat much more comfortable for the owner, so he or she can happily spend hours out fishing, holding a party, or just enjoying the water.

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