The Complete Guide to Buying Body Parts for a Kia Car

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The Complete Guide to Buying Body Parts for a Kia Car

Kia Motors is a company that has a fairly long and extensive history at providing excellent vehicle performance. Beginning in 1944 as a manufacturer of bicycle parts, Kia expanded to become a major automaker as well. Since they are headquartered in South Korea, they obviously have a large presence in Asia, they have expanded to North America and Europe as well. Kias are known to be affordable, fairly reliable cars. However, Kias, like all cars that fit within that range, need occasional replacement parts. There are many kinds of car parts available, such as those for the engine, or those for the interior.

One area in which there are a number of different options is in part for the car body. For Kia vehicles, there are a number of options for body parts. Some of these parts are officially authorised parts made by the Kia corporation; others are made by third party manufacturers but are perfectly sound. In some cases, body parts are used as replacements for parts that are damaged, but in other instances, they are used to modify or customise the car. Understanding what makes one kind of body parts different from another can make it easier and cheaper to buy the right parts, whether it be from an autoparts store or online via websites like eBay.

Kia Body Types

Before buying parts for a Kia vehicle, it is helpful to know what kind of Kia body parts are available. In order to have a good sense of what to look for, it is a good idea to know how an individual car is classified. For the most part, there are specific types of car bodies, and Kias tend to fit into these categories fairly easily.

Body Type

Kia Example

5-door hatchback

Kia Picanto


Kia Rio

Small Family Car

Kia Soul

Mini MPV (Multi-purpose vehicle)

Kia Venga

Large Family Car

Kia Optima, Kia cee'd, Kia cee'd Sporty Wagon, Kia Pro cee'd

Large MPV

Kia Carens

Large 4x4

Kia Sportage, Kia Sorento

It should be noted that the above body types are those used in the United Kingdom. Other countries have their own designations. It is also important to note that there have been other Kia models sold in the UK that are no longer made. They may still be purchased, however, as used cars.

Body Part Materials

Many people are not aware that there are other options in terms of the materials that car body parts may be made from. For the most part, car bodies are made from steel. Steel is strong, durable, and used in nearly every car made today. Steel is not only used in the car's frame, but also in the doors, bonnet, and other areas as well.

However, when it comes to custom parts, there are other options. One of the most popular option is fibreglass, which is relatively inexpensive. However, fibreglass can be difficult to work with and is easily damaged. Two other options are carbon fibre and polyurethane. For the most part, however, carbon fibre is fairly expensive, and even risky to use if not done so properly. Polyurethane is fairly durable and works well with many customised cars.

Alternative Materials

Alternative materials are popular in bonnets and as spoilers. This is because they can offer a lighter weight, which makes the car faster and more manoeuvrable. In many cases, these parts are also designed to make the car more aerodynamic.


Kia Motors sells replacement parts for all of their cars in an array of methods. These parts are identical to those used when the cars are built. For the most part, however, these parts can be somewhat expensive and difficult to acquire through unofficial channels. It should be noted that body parts should be installed by a professional. Even parts that are made by Kia cannot usually be installed without specialised tools, equipment, and some kind of experience. Generally body parts are purchased as a way of saving money. Mechanics often charge more when they are required to find replacement or custom parts.

3rd Party Body Parts

For pretty much all Kia models, body parts are available from 3rd party companies. For the most part, these parts are entirely compatible with a Kia vehicle. They are also typically less expensive, which means that customising or replacing parts is easier for those that are on a budget. It should be noted that some body parts may not be exact fits for a specific car. In such cases, it may be necessary to remove other parts in order to get custom parts to fit. If this is going to cause the car to function improperly or compromises the safety of the car, these parts should not be used.

Salvage Parts

In some cases, Kias that have been in an accident may have labelled the vehicle as undriveable. In some cases, however, this means that there are parts of the car's body that can be salvaged. These salvaged parts are usually in good condition, and are perfectly compatible with a Kia of the same model and year. This is quite often a less expensive option for those who are in need of one specific part as a replacement for their Kia. When buying salvage parts, it is important to learn about where the part comes from. If the part has been exposed to the elements, especially in a coastal area, it can be compromised by rust. Even a tiny spot of surface rust can speak to larger problems within the part.

Body Part Kits

Those who elect to customise their Kia often purchase body part kits. These kits contain parts that are frequently not a part of the original car. For example, a typical kit includes a new bumper, a spoiler, and side skirts. In some cases, there is a larger kit that includes additional items. With body part kits, it is important to be aware of what type of impact the parts might have on the car. In some cases, they may adversely affect a car's speed and general aerodynamics.

Effects of Body Modification

Since body part kits are generally meant to drastically alter the appearance of a car, there are some effects that should be considered. Customising a car can make it a perfect fit for an individual, and can even be used to show a lot of personality. This can backfire, however, when the time comes to sell the car. If the appearance is not appealing to a large number of people, it can take a very long time to find a buyer, and the price may not be all that the seller is looking for. More significant, however, is the fact that drastic body modifications can void a car's warranty and can cause insurance rates to rise significantly.

Buying Kia Body Parts on eBay

There are a number of different parts available for Kia vehicles on eBay. Sellers in many different locations sell parts for all makes and models of cars, including Kias. Before searching for parts, it is important to be aware of exactly which part or parts are needed. Then, it is helpful to make use of the search bar that is found on every eBay web page. This search bar can be used with many different kinds of search terms. An example of a basic search term would be, 'Kia body parts', while a more complex search would be, 'carbon fibre Kia Sorento hood'. Not all searches may turn up results, but it is important to note that new items are listed on eBay every day, so frequent visits can make it possible to find even rare Kia parts.

Be Thorough

It is important to be extremely thorough when buying car parts on eBay. This means making certain that a specific part is going to work with a specific car. It is important to note that cars change slightly each year and that a part that may be compatible with a car made in a certain year, may not work with a car made only one year later. The best way to learn the important details about a car part is to read the product description, or to ask questions of the seller. Either method can produce information about the history of a specific part and possibly even uncover potential problems.


Kias are popular cars that are gaining a large fan base around the world. Kias are largely inexpensive, which means that they are popular with those who want a customised street car. It also makes Kias fairly easy to repair if there is body damage. For both tasks, it is necessary to purchase new body parts. Buying new body parts can be tricky. The reason for this is that these parts can be made by a number of different manufacturers and from many different materials.

It is equally as important to know what is needed before making a purchase. For example an individual may need a replacement bonnet due to storm damage, and find themselves paying extravagantly for a carbon fibre bonnet that is meant for custom street racers. This is while a reasonably priced salvage bonnet is waiting somewhere else. For customers, it is important to determine what effect new body parts might have in terms of legality and insurance costs. Keeping all of these factors in mind can make buying new parts much easier especially when using helpful websites like eBay.

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