The Complete Guide to Buying Dog Shoes

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The Complete Guide to Buying Dog Shoes

Buying shoes for dogs might seem strange to some and purely a fashion statement to others, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are practical reasons for dogs to wear shoes as well as fashionable ones and buying dog shoes doesn’t necessarily have to be a fashion statement.

Dog shoes can be used to protect against the elements, provide support for dogs that require it and there are other reasons too. There is a range of different types of dog shoes on the market and buying online will give consumers an extensive amount of items to choose from. There are items designed for comfort, style and fashion and whatever the dog’s actual need is, buyers will be able to find an item that suits.

Buying dog shoes on eBay is one way of ensuring the widest possible range is accessible and the amount of different items available will generally be much more extensive than any pet shop, as a range of different pet accessories retailers can list their items there.

Why do Dogs Need Shoes?

The majority of dogs have no need for shoes, aside from looking great and this is because dog’s paws are designed to be resistant to scratches or punctures. Only properly made dog shoes should be used as incorrectly or badly made products can actually damage dog’s feet. There are four main reasons dog shoes may be needed as listed below:

  • Working Dogs – dogs that work in dangerous environments may need their feet protecting especially if these environments include dangerous or hazardous debris such as broken glass, which could puncture the paw’s pads.
  • Dogs that are trained to participate in extreme sporting events may need to keep their feet protected throughout the event.
  • Dogs with spinal injuries – dogs which have suffered injuries that cause them to drag their fit may benefit from fitted shoes to ensure their paws do not rub against the street surfaces and become damaged.
  • Dogs living or working in areas affected by extreme changes in temperatures including thick snow or hot pavements may need to wear shoes to ensure their paws are kept safe.

These are just some of the main reasons a dog may need footwear and below is a closer look at the range of footwear on the market.

Different Types of Dog Shoes

The best dog shoes are designed to allow the paws to work unhindered as without shoes the paw pads are designed to absorb the impact of the ground and also handle a range of different terrain. Practical shoes for dogs should serve a protective purpose, rather than an aesthetic one.

Orthopaedic footwear for dogs that have injuries affected their feet is usually made from strong nylon so the dog cannot chew through them. They’re designed to be hardwearing, waterproof and flexible with some padding to provide comfort.

Further shoes have been developed which are no more than reinforced sock-type protection to ensure feet are kept generally warm and dry but still able to function properly.

Dogs living in extreme weather conditions can be provided with purpose-designed snow boots that keep the whole paw covered and protected from the freezing climate.

There is a range of for show and fashion shoes available too, which can be bought for fun to accessorise a dog’s outfit or to match the owner. These shoes are usually soft and non-intrusive so shouldn’t damage the dog’s feet in any way.

How to Measure a Dog’s Feet

There is a specific process for getting the right measurement of dog’s feet and below is a step by step breakdown of what needed to be done.




Place some drawing paper on the floor on a hard surface for the dog to stand on.


Encourage the dog to step onto the paper. Treats can be used if necessary and initially just the front paws need to be on the paper.


Hold the right paw in one hand so all the dog’s weight is bearing down on the left paw – this makes the toes spread and gives an accurate measurement of the paw.


Draw a clear mark at either side of the widest part of the paw. Draw a further  clear mark at the top and the bottom of the paw.


Encourage the dog to step backwards away from the paper.


Use a ruler to measure the space between the two marks both length and width-ways.


Repeat the process for the dog’s right paw


Encourage the dog to walk onto the paper again but now the hind legs do need to be on the drawing surface.


Repeat the above actions for both back paws to get a clear measurement for all four.


Now all four measurements are known dog shoes can be purchased which are guaranteed to be a great fit.

The right measurements are integral to ensure the dog shoes are going to fit and not cause the dog any pain. Shoes that don’t fit will not be effective and will do more harm than good. Dogs also need to be trained to accept their footwear and the best way to do this is to introduce it as early as possible into their lives. This is of course difficult for dogs who are wearing shoes for medical purposes, but once they get used to them they’ll usually accept them with no trouble.

Budget-Friendly Dog Shoes

Dog shoes for fashionable purposes can be found at cost-effective prices easily but when they’re needed for protective and support purposes buyers should be prepared to part with a decent amount of cash. It is an investment in the dog’s health so therefore shouldn’t be considered too much of an outlay.

Even protective shoes can be found with innovative designs and patterns and dog owners who use eBay to find their purchases are more likely to find a pair which is a little more original than those stocked in most pet shops.

On eBay buyers can also follow auction listings where products may go for extremely cost-effective prices simply because they are not being watched by many other members. The more time spent looking is likely to result in a bigger chance of a budget-friendly buy.

Prices across eBay are competitive due to the number of different sellers marketing their products through the site and this means buyers with different sizes of budget are likely to be able to find a product which suits their needs.


Dog shoes may seem like little more than a fashion accessory but the truth is there are many practical purposes for buying them and there is a demand for these products. The demand means they can easily be found on eBay and there’s a range to choose from too.

Dog shoes are a protective item of clothing that many animals need to keep their paws in the best condition so they can work or simply enjoy their environment in extreme climates. They can be found at competitive, in-budget prices on eBay and buyers will be assured of finding something to suit their needs.

Locating and buying dog shoes on eBay could not be more straightforward and buyers can guarantee that there is a great range to choose from at a range of competitive and budget-friendly prices.

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