The Complete Guide to Buying Floral Supplies

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The Complete Guide to Buying Floral Supplies

Flower arrangements are a great way to enhance the appearance of flowers for use in decorating a home or event. Purchasing flower arrangements can be expensive, so many people try to put the arrangements together themselves. This can be a difficult process, especially for people who do not know where to begin. Once the flowers have been chosen, the amateur floral arranger should ensure that she has all of the supplies necessary to put together the floral arrangement. Shoppers should explore the various types of arrangements and find the floral supplies required to assemble and finish off the arrangements they have chosen to assemble. The floral supplies needed for a basket arrangement differ from those required to make a corsage. Just as the supplies required for fresh flowers differ from those supplies needed for silk flowers. No matter what kind of arrangement a person wishes to make, she can find all types of floral supplies on eBay.

Supplies Needed for Flower Arrangements

Making a floral arrangement requires more than just placing flowers in a vase or other container. Arranging flowers involves choosing flowers that complement each other, then placing them in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. Specialised supplies are required to hold the flowers in place. Additionally, crafters must invest in containers and accessories that enhance the appearance of floral arrangements. Most supplies are readily available in craft supplies shops.

Floral Foam

Floral foam is perhaps the most important material needed for making floral arrangements. The foam is cut with a serrated knife from a large block to a smaller size that fits the bottom of the container containing the flowers. There are two main types of foam: desert foam and water-holding foam. Amateur floral arrangers need to carefully decide which type of foam works best as each type of floral foam has distinct characteristics.

Desert Foam

Desert foam is also known as plastic foam. This foam just needs to be cut and it is ready to use. Because it is not used with water, it is not a good choice for live flower arrangements. Instead, this type of foam works best with silk flowers. This dry foam lasts for quite a long time, and depending on the amount of wear and tear it sustains from one flower arrangement, it may be used again to make another flower arrangement.

Water-Holding Foam

Water-holding foam is also known as Oasis foam. This type of foam must be soaked in water prior to use. This process can take quite some time, so it is important to do this well in advance. The foam has to soak up the water on its own, and cannot be forcibly submerged. Doing so may damage the foam and prevent it from absorbing the necessary water. Once the process is complete, a standard brick of water-holding foam can hold up to 2 litres of water. When the stems are placed in the foam, the flowers receive continuous hydration from the block of foam.

Waterproof Tape

Waterproof tape is needed to hold the water-holding foam in place. Floral foam does not sink to the bottom of a container on its own. This is because there are small air pockets in the foam. These air pockets cause the foam float slightly above the bottom of the container. The waterproof tape secures the foam to the bottom of the container to prevent the arrangement from moving or floating out of the container. Waterproof tape designed for floral foam can adhere to glass, ceramic, plastic, wood, and several other materials.

Floral Stem Tape

Floral stem tape is a specialised type of tape that does not stick to a person's fingers. Instead, the tape adheres to itself and can be stretched tightly around the stems of both dry and fresh flowers. The tape holds the stems in place, and is commonly used for making corsages, boutonnieres, and other small floral arrangements made to be worn.

Pan Melt Glue Pots

For making permanent silk flower arrangements, a strong adhesive is necessary. Pan melt glue pots work best for this. The small glue pots come in the form of small pellets that melt under a low heat. The glue is then placed on the lower stems of the silk flowers so that they can adhere to their bases. A hot glue gun can also be used, but the adhesive is not as strong.


One way that flowers are arranged is in a basket. Basket arrangements are especially nice for spring flowers or establishing a country theme in a room. The colours of the baskets can coordinate with the colours of the flowers, or a neutral colour can be chosen so that the flowers are the centre of attention. Because a basket cannot be filled with water, plastic sheeting needs to be placed on the bottom of the basket to allow for water-holding foam to be placed inside.


Vases are glass or plastic containers that hold flowers and can be filled with water. Vases come in all shapes and sizes depending on the type and amount of flowers used in the arrangement. Floral foam is not needed for a vase because the flowers can be cut to the appropriate size before being placed in the vase. The mouth of the vase typically holds the flowers in place.


Ribbon is an extremely versatile craft supply, and it also has a place in arranging flowers. Ribbon can be used to tie flowers together to make a simple bouquet or it can be used to accent a vase, basket, or other container. When making a corsage or a boutonniere, ribbon can be tied into bows to add a touch of decoration to the floral arrangement.


Cellophane is an inexpensive way to arrange a floral bouquet. These large sheets of plastic are wrapped around the flowers to hold them together. The plastic comes in all colours and in many different designs to match any occasion or theme. A ribbon can be tied around the cellophane to hold the entire bouquet together. However, the cellophane is not a permanent container for the flowers. The recipient of the flowers may need to place them in a vase with water in order to preserve the flowers for longer than a couple of days.

Supplies Needed to Care for Cut Flowers

Silk flowers are easy to care for since they do not need water to survive. They may need to be dusted or washed to maintain a nice appearance, but the care required is minimal. Fresh cut flowers require more maintenance. The flowers have a limited lifespan, and without the proper care, they may only last a day or two before wilting. For this reason, cut flowers in arrangements need to be fed and watered so that they can survive for a week or longer.

Flower Food

In addition to water, fresh cut flowers need flower food. This provides the nutrients necessary for the flowers to keep their petals looking colourful and lively. When making a flower arrangement, crafters should add commercial flower food to the water in the vase or the water absorbed by the water-holding foam. This flower food can be found in a craft shop or from a nursery or florist. Adding a pinch of sugar and a drop of chlorine bleach to the water in place of commercial flower food also works.

Sharp Knife or Scissors

Before placing the flowers in the arrangement, it is necessary to trim the stems and leaves. When placing the flowers in a vase, it is necessary to trim away any leaves sitting underwater. The stems should be cut to the appropriate lengths, as well. When trimming the leaves and the stems, it is important that a clean cut is made. Using a serrated blade or tearing the leaves damages the stems of the flowers. A clean and sharp pair of scissors or a knife should be used instead.

How to Buy Floral Supplies on eBay

Floral supplies as well as any other crafting supplies you may need are readily available on eBay. Rather than browsing the limited selection of floral supplies available in the shops in your area, browse the huge selection of supplies available from all over the UK. No matter what kind of arrangement you wish to make or what theme you wish to depict in that arrangement, you can find everything that you need on eBay. Additionally, the prices are usually much lower than what you can find in retail outlets. The key to finding the best products and the best deals on floral supplies is knowing how to navigate the site and use all of its search features.

Searching for Floral Supplies

Begin your search for floral supplies on eBay by performing a basic keyword search. This is done by entering keywords to match the type of supplies you are looking for into the search bar. Be specific with your search rather than simply searching for 'floral supplies'. A search that is too broad returns too many results to sort through. Instead, search for each item individually. After the initial search is performed, you can narrow down the listings by specifying other options, such as pattern, colour, size, or price. From there, begin reading item descriptions, viewing pictures, and comparing prices to find the supplies that best suit your needs.


Floral arrangements are commonly purchased from a flower shop. Because the arrangements can take a long time to put together, the prices are much higher than the flowers themselves. With the right supplies, people can make their own flower arrangements to go along with just about any occasion. With the right designs, decorations, and embellishments, flowers can enhance the decor in a room or the decorations at an event. When shopping for floral supplies, it is important for the shopper to find the supplies that work best for the type of arrangement she plans to put together. Fresh and silk flowers require different supplies just as large arrangements do in comparison to a small bouquet or corsage. Making floral arrangements instead of buying them can save people a considerable amount of money. No matter the budget a shopper is working with or what occasion she needs an arrangement for, a variety of floral supplies can be found on eBay.

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