The Complete Guide to Buying Healthy Dog Treats

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The Complete Guide to Buying Healthy Dog Treats

Caring and responsible dog owners quite rightly adore giving the odd tasty treat from eBay to their pets as much as the dogs love getting them. This is a great way of bonding and it brings the two that much closer together.

It is, however, important that dogs are not simply tossed anything they happen to fancy and then left to get on with consuming it. It is necessary to have a fairly intimate knowledge with a dog's eating habits so that it can be given snacks and treats from eBay that are appropriate for its health, size and chewing habits.

Moreover, random snacks from the table such as bacon and cheese, as well as an endless stream of things such as pig ears and other leftovers from the butcher can have a very serious long-term effect on any dog.

Healthy dog treats and dog snacks are always the better option, and eBay has a great variety of them on offer at very competitive prices.

Dangers of Obesity

Dogs love to crunch their food up and even things like baby carrots will be gobbled with gusto if offered instead of fattening cheesy chews from the table.

The problem of overweight, unhealthy dogs has been recognised for over a decade now, and vets point out this leads not only to a shortened lifespan but often to substantial present pain and a lowering of overall quality of life in the animal.

Overweight dogs face the prospect of various types of cancer and a heightened risk of heart disease as well. Just as in humans, obesity-related disorders are expensive to deal with, chronic, usually incurable but preventable in the first place unless there are underlying health issues causing them.

Breathing difficulties

Excess fat restricts proper functioning of the lungs.

Heat intolerance

Excess fat impedes the dog's heat regulation system.

Poor liver function

The liver stores a dog's excess fat and this can lead to hepatic lipidosis.

Reproductive problems

Overweight dogs have difficulty giving birth and usually need veterinary help.

Lowered immune function

Less resistance to bacterial and viral infections.

Skin and hair problems

The skin starts to fold and collect various oils, which leads to skin infections.

Importance of Healthy Treats

Treats from eBay have a definite and important place in the diet of any dog, according to the experts. Not only do they spice up an adult dog's day but in the case of growing puppies a tasty piece of salmon flake or liver treat from eBay can be effectively used for motivating and rewarding the dog in activities like house-training.

The problem is that the market today is saturated with dog treats that are not healthy at all, containing far too much sugar and saturated fats. This of course makes the treats practically irresistible, just as children are drawn towards all the worst stuff in a food shop. Just to get its jaws around such an immediately satisfying but terribly unhealthy titbit the dog will pull out its whole repertoire of endearing tricks.

Different breeds of dog have differing calorific needs, but regardless of the type an unhealthy series of snacks that have been selected for their taste rather than their health value can account for anything up to a quarter of the animal's calorific requirements. Dog owners often get into the bad habit of giving their pet several treats at the same time, only making matters worth. Treats from eBay really have to be factored in to the overall calorie intake of the dog rather than literally thrown in as random extras because the dog likes munching them.

The recommendation when it comes to dog snacks and dog treats from eBay and elsewhere is that they should not make up any more than 20 per cent of the dog's total diet. The same, in fact, is also true of human treats such as crisps and chocolates.

The main thing is to avoid too much fat content. A generic product such as dried chicken strips from eBay, for example, is a much healthier option than high-fat treats which will also have been heavily processed. If what you see in a store looks remarkably like the dog equivalent of junk food, then the chances are that junk food is exactly what it is and it should be avoided in favour of more healthy and just as cost-effective options.

The Best is Always Natural

Whole natural foods such as crunchy vegetable treats are greatly favoured by many dog owners concerned about the health of their pets. Snacks such as celery, green beans and yams are also very popular with health-conscious dog owners shopping around on eBay. In the end, it often comes down to watching the dog's behaviour and experimenting with a range of different healthy food snacks and treats.

The following should, however, be avoided:

  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Raisins
  • Grapes

These may be fine as snacks for humans, and even ultra-healthy, but in dogs they have a toxic effect.

Dogs can act rather like children and consistently refuse eating their healthy options such as vegetables. This is understandable as they were obviously designed to eat meat.

Although a dog will not exactly thrive on an all-vegetable diet it can survive on one, and using vegetables as treats will be a good supplement to its main diet. So as with children, if the owner keeps placing the healthy option in front of the dog it will sooner or later be eaten and a taste even developed for it.

Bones and Scraps

It is always tempting to throw scraps to a dog from the dinner table, but as well as being potentially unhealthy this can have behavioural repercussions such as turning the dog into what amounts to a mealtime beggar.

On the other hand, as a part of the family it's not realistic to expect the dog to be completely excluded at mealtimes. However, the choice of scraps is often an unhealthy one, like greasy chicken wings. It is far better to have a feworganic dog snacks or natural dog treats from eBay on hand to toss the dog instead.

Contrary to popular belief about giving the dog a bone, chewing on bones is not a good idea for dogs, whether bought in a store or as butcher's leftovers, because they can be the cause of many canine problems. Apart from fracturing a molar, a dog may swallow a few bone splinters and suffer from a range of gastrointestinal problems as a result.

Compressed products such as pig ears, horse hooves and rawhide strips can also irritate and block the intestinal tract. On eBay there are many healthier dog snack options such as liver and chicken chews to opt for instead.

How to Buy Healthy Dog Treats on eBay

The easiest way to buy healthy dog treats on eBay is to explore the section for pets and see what is on offer there. Go to the eBay site and click on the categories drop-down menu, selectingPet Supplies and then clicking onDogs. By then clicking Food/Treats on the menu down the left side of the page you will be presented with all the products available.

There are also secondary search terms displayed which are useful for narrowing the search down, and in fact if you know what product you are looking for you can simply type this into the main search box and avoid working through the menus and sub-menus at all. Go to the Search Tips page to find more information on how to search for items on eBay.


Dogs love their treats, which help reinforce desirable behaviour during bonding but also make the dog's day that much more cheerful. The problem is that many of the treats that a dog loves will not be the healthiest option for it, causing instant gratification but leading to potentially serious health problems.

The healthy dog snacks and healthy dog treats on eBay are designed to supplement the dog's normal diet and serve an excellent role if used sparingly and appropriately.

Avoid throwing the dog indiscriminate table scraps and just make sure you have a selection of healthy eBay dog treat options close to hand instead.

The health problems faced by overweight dogs whose owners, often with the very best of intentions, simply can't resist indulging their pet with all manner of unhealthy snacks, is truly shocking. Dogs cannot make intelligent decisions about what they should or should not be eating. They eat what they are naturally attracted to, and if their owners present them with delicious, engineered titbits they will of course consume them without worrying about long term implications.

It is ultimately down to the dog owner to take responsibility for the sorts of snacks their dog consumes. And with such a large selection of natural, organic snacks and treats for dogs available at the click of a mouse on the eBay site there is no excuse for not going for the healthy option.

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