The Complete Guide to Buying Hi-Fi Floor Standing Speakers

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The Complete Guide to Buying Hi-Fi Floor Standing Speakers

Hi-fi floor standing speakers are purchased in many different places. Buyers usually find good quality hi-fi floor standing speakers at local department stores and electronics shops. Of course shoppers can also purchase hi-fi floor standing speakers online at electronics, stereo, and outlet websites, and eBay has a large selection of both new and gently used hi-fi floor standing speakers to fit every budget, style, and stereo system.

Floor standing speakers reproduce a very wide range of different frequencies, including very deep base. Because of this, they are usually much more efficient than other styles of speakers and give much better performance. Hi-fi floor standing speakers usually cost more than most other speaker styles, and they are the largest. Because of their size, they are usually used in larger rooms or incorporated as part of a home theatre system.

When purchasing hi-fi floor standing speakers, there are a lot of facts to consider. Not only do buyers have to consider the size of the speakers and the size and type of room which they are planned for, but the budget, and what they plan on using the speakers for are also important.

Speaker Use

Hi-fi speakers add depth and richness to any sound. They can be hooked up to a stereo to improve the quality of music, or they can be hooked up to a home theatre system to improve the sound of music, movies, and television. When hooking hi-fi floor standing speakers up to a home theatre system or a television, a receiver also has to be hooked up to process the sound and send it to the speakers.

Room Size

Hi-fi floor standing speakers vary in size but are usually quite large. Because of this, room size has to be taken into consideration. If the room is small, then a smaller set of floor standing speakers are perfect, or a set of bookshelf speakers may be a better choice. If the speakers are going into a larger room, floor standing speakers are a great option, as they usually cover a much wider range of frequencies and give a much more spacious sound. However, potential buyers should remember that speakers which are too large for a room may overwhelm the space if they do not have the room to function correctly. That is why room size, and choosing the right size speakers is very important.

Speaker Budget

If hi-fi floor standing speakers are being purchased as an addition to a home theatre system already in place or as a replacement to an older set of speakers, then it is best to spend as much as can be afforded. This is because higher end speakers usually provide much better sound quality.

If the purchase is in addition to other home theatre components, it is advisable to spend about half of the total budget on the hi-fi floor standing speakers, then spend the rest of the budget on the other stereo components. This is due to the fact that the speakers play a large role in the quality of the sound which the home theatre system produces. The speakers often sound differently when they are put together with other types, models, and brands of stereo equipment. Speakers also usually last a lot longer than other home theatre components, making the purchase of hi-fi floor standing speakers much more of a long-term investment.

What to Look for in Hi-Fi Floor Standing Speakers

There are many different factors which should be taken into consideration when purchasing hi-fi floor standing speakers. Two of the most important factors are speaker construction and specifications.

Hi-Fi Floor Standing Speaker Construction

Speaker construction is very important. The various materials have a different sound and every hi-fi floor standing speaker sounds slightly different to different people. When looking at speaker construction, individuals should choose speakers which have solid cabinetry and a good internal bracing system. An ideal way to test for this is to knock on the outside of the speakers; good speakers sound like a brick when knocked on and do not have a hollow sound. Hollow sounding speakers oftentimes add a lot of unnecessary noise to the sound of the speakers.

Hi-Fi Floor Standing Speaker Specifications

Speaker specifications usually give consumers a good idea about how well the speakers perform, and one specification that is very important is the frequency range. The average human hears sounds within a 20-20,000 Hz frequency range. Most frequencies below this are felt rather than heard, and frequencies above it usually add more progression to the music. Good, quality hi-fi floor standing speakers are able to handle most, if not all of the sounds within this frequency range.

Other Factors to Consider

Depending on the stereo or home theatre setup, it may be necessary to add a subwoofer. Hi-fi floor standing speakers are usually good at reproducing mid and upper level bass, but if deeper bass is required, a subwoofer may be necessary. Of course, floor standing speakers with built-in subwoofers are also a fantastic option and provide the deep bass sound without taking up extra floorspace.


The type of cables which come with the speakers or are purchased separately are also something which should be taken into consideration. Inexpensive cables degrade the signal, and the longer the cable is, the worse the signal is. This sometimes causes the sound to degrade and lose a lot of detail.


The type of flooring which is in the room with the stereo or home theatre system plays a big part in how the speakers sound. Speakers placed on an uneven floor and and which are allowed to wobble often introduce vibrations into the sound, and of course, the speakers could fall over and become damaged. If the floor is carpeted, it is suggested to purchase floor standing speakers, or speaker stands which are equipped with carpet spikes; this helps increase the stability of the speakers. For tile, vinyl, hardwood, or stone flooring, buyers should purchase speakers or speaker stands with padded feet to protect both the flooring and the speakers.

Room Acoustics

Everything in the room has an effect on how the speakers sound; because of this, a set of speakers that sound fantastic in one room may not sound as nice in another room. Factors like windows, doors, furniture, flooring, and walls influence how the speakers sound. Installing curtains over the windows or laying a rug down on a bare floor helps to increase the quality of sound. Also, there are sound dampening materials available which can be placed on both walls and ceilings to help improve the sound.

Speaker Placement

Most people tend to place hi-fi floor standing speakers against a wall in the corners of the room. However, this is not always the optimal place. While placing speakers against a wall may improve the bass a bit, this can make the mid-range tones sound muddy. If possible, users should pull the speakers away from the wall by at least 30 centimetres to get a better range of sound. Also, they should avoid placing chairs or a couch against a back wall, because the back wall can reflect the sound back into the ears. If possible the couch or chairs should be moved away from the wall by placing cushions or a thick wall hanging behind them.

Both speakers should always be the same distance from the chair or couch. A general rule is to form an equilateral triangle out of the listening position (couch or chairs) and both speakers.

Buying Hi-Fi Floor Standing Speakers on eBay

eBay has a large selection of both new and gently used hi-fi floor standing speakers. To begin your search, start on the eBay homepage. From there, you can use the search bar and type in "floor standing speakers". If you are looking for a particular brand or style of speakers, you can narrow down your search by typing some specific keywords into the search bar. For example, if you know that you want to purchase a set of speakers made by Mission, you can simply type in "Mission floor standing speakers". From any search results, you can refine your search even further by using the menu to pick a category such as configuration, audio inputs, condition, connectivity, buying format, and location.

When you find a set of hi-fi floor standing speakers which you like, make sure that you read the product description and information thoroughly to ensure that the speakers have everything you are looking for. If you cannot find the information you need, contact the seller directly by finding the "Ask a question" link on the product page.


Hi-fi floor standing speakers are a great addition to almost any room. Because of their size and style, they are more like pieces of furniture than bookshelf or wall hanging speakers, and they usually offer a much better quality sound. Additionally, they often last longer than many stereo systems and home theatre components. But, there is a lot more which needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing hi-fi floor standing speakers. Not only do you have to decide on the make, model, and style of speakers you plan to purchase, but you also have to consider speaker size, room size, speaker construction, the type of flooring in the room, as well as the furniture in the room. When shopping for hi-fi floor standing speakers, take your time and consider all of your options carefully. A good quality pair of hi-fi floor standing speakers lasts for many years, and therefore should be considered an investment.

When shopping for hi-fi floor standing speakers on eBay, you are able to compare many different styles, brands, and models side by side, making it much easier for you to decide which floor standing speakers are best suited for your specific needs.

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