The Complete Guide to Buying Home Cinema Accessories on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying Home Cinema Accessories on eBay

A home cinema system can provide an entirely new experience to watching television and movies on a big screen whilst in the comfort of one's own home. When set up correctly, a home cinema system can enormously enhance the audio quality of a television system and provide surround sound similar to that experienced in a movie theatre. There are several different types of setup, and the systems can either be purchased as a complete set or constructed from individual components.

Choosing Home Cinema Accessories on eBay

Depending on the type of system purchased, the accessories needed may vary. Some systems come packaged as a whole, meaning that less additional accessories need be purchased. Others may require cables or further speaker units to achieve their full potential.

Surround Sound

One of the benefits of having a home cinema system is the possibility of having surround sound through an appropriate setup of speakers. This involves positioning speaker units throughout the room being fitted, which results in sound being broadcast from different directions. This technology is used in widescreen cinemas and can bring a similar audio experience to the home. As will be further described below, this setup requires several speakers and cannot be achieved to full effect with just a 2.1 or 3.1 setup.

What Type of System to Purchase

There are several different types of home cinema system available, being either an all in one package, standalone components or soundbar units.

All in one

The easiest way to purchase and set up a home cinema system is to purchase an all in one system. These generally include the amplifier, the speakers, and all required cables and instructions to achieve a full setup. Sometimes these packages include a DVD player as part of the initial setup.

Separate units

The above components, including amplifiers,, speakers and external media players, can be purchased separately, which is good for those looking to mix and match different brands or units for customisation. This also makes it easier to upgrade single components without changing the whole system in the future. This method, however, is more expensive.


Soundbars are long boxes containing numerous speakers which can be mounted in close proximity to a television, such as below or alongside the unit. Their shape makes it easy to place them in a wide variety of locations on cabinets and wall-mounted units.

The Number of Speakers to Use

Home cinema systems are available as 2.1, 3. 1, 5.1 and 7.1 systems. The numbers refer directly to the number of speakers that are featured in each setup. Of course, the higher the number, the higher the costs.

2.1 and 3.1

The most basic of setups is a 2.1 system. This particular arrangement features two speakers, one on either side of the television, and a subwoofer located in another area of the room in question. When moving onto 3.1, a further speaker is added to the front of the setup. This setup is not capable of providing a full surround sound experience.


5.1 systems provide a full surround sound experience. Three of the speakers are located in front of the television, with two further speakers being positioned at the rear of the room and a subwoofer included.


7.1 setups are similar to 5.1 with the addition of two further speakers at the rear of the room. However, not all DVD and Blu-ray media utilises this number of speakers, and the space required for such an installation is quite large, reserving such setups for larger residences.

Further Considerations

Aside from the speakers and other components necessary for sound production and amplification, there are other accessories necessary to complete a full installation. Consideration must be given as to where the television and other speaker units will be placed. This may require a unit large enough to house multiple speakers or wall brackets to mount the system above the ground if desired. Care should also be given in purchasing a sufficient number of cables to connect the whole system together.

Choosing an eBay Seller

Home cinema systems are relatively expensive items to purchase, so it is important to have confidence in a seller before buying an item. On eBay, it is quite easy to identify the most trustworthy and reliable sellers before committing to a purchase due to a number of useful marketplace features.

Feedback Ratings

A seller feedback rating is represented as a number that is displayed alongside all eBay member usernames. This can range anywhere from 1 into the thousands, as each further point represents a completed sale. When each party involved in a transaction is satisfied that the sale is complete, they may leave a positive, neutral or negative feedback mark alongside an additional comment, though sellers may only leave positive or neutral. By clicking onto this figure, it is possible to view the historical feedback for each seller and view the number of times that they have been left positive or negative feedback, by time period. This feature is one of the best safety features on eBay for spotting long-term, reliable sellers and avoiding unscrupulous individuals with a bad track record for selling, though the latter type of user is few and far between.

Questions about a Listing

The more information that is provided on an item listing, generally the happier a potential buyer feels that the item is legitimate, in good condition, and represented by a reliable seller. This may be through the use of good descriptions and listing formatting or the inclusion of detailed and numerous pictures. However, in the event that a listing does not depict a great deal of information about a product, it is possible to enquire further by posing a question about the product. The seller can then answer this question and opt to post the whole correspondence to the item listing for future members to view should they have the same query.

Seller eBay Shops

One of the advantages of shopping on a specialist product retailer's website or in a brand name retail store is that they generally specialise in one particular area, which makes it easy to locate and compare many similar items. Fortunately, eBay offers such an opportunity alongside all of the marketplace website's other benefits. Seller eBay shops are virtual spaces in which a bulk seller can list his or her items in one place, for easy browsing by other members. This setup makes it much easier for potential buyers to view similar products all in one place and by a trusted seller.

Delivery Costs

Postage and packaging is determined by sellers at point of creating a listing, though costs for delivery of home cinema components will generally be higher than other items due to their size and weight. It is a good idea to try and purchase components from one particular seller where possible to increase the possibility of packaging multiple items into one load.

Finding Home Cinema Accessories on eBay

Home cinema accessories can be found on the eBay marketplace by looking in the correct section; all products are conveniently categorised to make locating specific items easy and efficient. All of these categories and their subsequent subcategories can be located from the eBay homepage by a menu listed down the left side of the website. To find these accessories specifically, one should navigate into the Sound & Vision category, which can be found under the Electronics section of the website. From here, there is a wide range of options to choose from based upon preferences such as those listed earlier in this article. For whole setups, look for Home Cinema Systems in the DVD, Blu-ray & Home Cinema subcategory. Conversely, those looking to create their own setup should browse the Home Audio & HiFi Separates subcategory. Finally, the TV & Home Audio Accessories subcategory provides additional speakers, cables, and wall mounts and television units.


A good home cinema system can enhance the enjoyment of watching television programmes or movies in the home, with a multi-speaker setup providing surround sound such as that experienced in cinemas. These setups can be achieved by either purchasing a full system or by creating one from individual components. For a simple and inexpensive enhanced audio experience, a 2.1 or 3.1 setup will suffice; however, to experience surround sound, 5.1 or higher is necessary. These setups can all be achieved using systems or components purchased on the eBay marketplace. The website is easy to navigate, and all products are conveniently categorised to make browsing quick and easy. Home cinema accessories are located in various subcategories, all located under the central Sound & Vision category of the website.

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