The Complete Guide to Buying Motorbike Exhausts on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying Motorbike Exhausts on eBay

Motorbike exhausts are one of the most popular aftermarket improvements, and there are plenty of reasons riders want to customise this piece. A new exhaust can increase the sound of the bike, alerting surrounding drivers of the biker's presence. Others choose to purchase an exhaust because it matches the bike. Regardless of the motivation of changing the exhausts, shoppers should know if they want to buy a full system or only the end can and know the type of engine the bike has.

Whether buyers want enhanced performance or quality or change the sound or look, there are a slew of options to choose from. The exhaust must be compatible with the bike and the purchaser's budget. Recognising the differences among the various materials helps riders select an exhaust that fits their needs. Shoppers should apply what they know about all the options before when choosing a motorbike exhaust on eBay.

Benefits for Upgrading Motorbike Exhausts

Many motorbike owners choose to improve the factory exhaust system with an aftermarket one, and having a reason in mind helps them pick one that meets their demand. Standard exhausts are replaced for performance enhancement; the right exhaust can reduce fumes and more engine power. When compared to aftermarket options, less expensive bikes are often made from inferior quality parts; therefore, some riders prefer installing a more durable aftermarket exhaust. Others just want to change the sound of the bike, and some want an exhaust that matches the look. The sections below outline the four main reasons to upgrade a motorbike exhaust.


A piece as small as an exhaust can dramatically change the overall performance of the motorbike. Although buyers can choose between the end can, also called the silencer, the full system should be changed to maximise the effect. An end can only upgrade should result in a 5 per cent performance enhancement, while a full system installation produces a 10 per cent increase. Changing out the full exhaust system can increase engine power; additionally, many aftermarket exhausts are lighter than the factory one, reducing the overall weight of the bike. If the motorbike is used for racing, less weight and more power is an effective combination.


Some less expensive motorbike options are built with cheap parts, the exhaust being one of them. A crash may have caused the damage, or after prolonged use an inexpensive exhaust system can even rot. Either way, some riders need to replace a stock exhaust. Owners who find themselves needing a new or better quality exhaust should consider purchasing a performance enhancing model since the price is comparable to non-performance options.


Since a motorbike without a silencer is extremely loud, all road-legal bikes are required to have an end can included in the exhaust system. Although there are standards and regulations that govern the decibel level of exhausts, owners can purchase full systems and silencers that alter the pitch and loudness of the motorbike. When choosing a sound-altering exhaust, buyers must consider if the bike is street-legal or for racing.


Exhausts are often clunky pieces of equipment that take away from the rest of the bike's sleek aesthetics. One way to alleviate the ugly exhaust is to replace it with a better looking one. It is important to know the difference among the most popular materials, which are listed below. Moreover, riders should have an idea of general shape the exhaust should be. eBay shoppers must confirm the exhaust can fit on the bike before buying.

Choosing a Motorbike Exhaust

Once customers have an idea of what they want out of their new exhaust and whether they want a full system or end can, there are more factors to consider when buying a motorbike exhaust on eBay. First and foremost, the exhaust must be compatible with the bike's make and model. Most exhausts are made from one of four common materials, each have their own set of advantages. The style of riding also influences the type of exhaust. Whether it is road-legal or races, there are varying requirements and preferences for motorbike exhaust systems. All shoppers should set a budget before buying to avoid overspending.


The most important factor to consider is if the exhaust is compatible with the bike. If buying a full system, shoppers have a better chance of buying an exhaust that fits. Those who are only looking for an end can must verify if it can fit on both the body of the bike and the rest of the pre-existing exhaust system. Two stroke and four stroke engines have entirely different systems; therefore, it is paramount for bike owners to know which engine they have before looking on eBay.

In addition to compatibility with the bike model, buyer's must also make sure they are buying road or race legal exhausts. The exhaust should meet local noise and emission levels. Failure to do so could result in an expensive fine.


The most visible part of the exhaust system is the pipe, which is why bike owners may want to replace a clunky stock piece with a better looking one. There are four common materials manufacturers use in exhaust pipe construction. Like many quality items, there is a correlation with high price and premium materials. The chart below lists each type and its features.




Corrosion resistant, and sufficient strength-to-weight ratio; inexpensive; can achieve shiny look for aesthetic conscious owners

Carbon Fibre

Non-metal, reinforced polymer material; incredible strength-to-weight ratio; expensive, premier option for racers


Two types: mild and stainless; mild steel is inexpensive but heavy; stainless steel has shiny look but poor ability to displace heat


Strong as steel but almost half the weight; heavier than aluminium but twice as strong

Carbon fibre may be the premier material for racing bikes. Many road bikes owners are not concerned with reducing weight. Moreover, metals often match bikes better than the carbon fibre option. Aluminium and titanium are also much lighter than steel exhausts, and aluminium is much cheaper than carbon fibre.

Road Use or Racing

There are two sets of criteria for road legal and race only motorbike exhausts. Therefore, when looking for exhausts on eBay, owners must know where they plan to use it. Racing bikes tend to allow for louder exhaust systems; however, U.K. racing circuits do have decibel level limits for race. Not all races abide by these regulations, but it is better to err on the side of caution. Motorbikers with racing exhausts are not supposed to be on the streets, so riders should be aware that it is possible to be fined for breaking noise ordinances.


With the variety of materials and reasons for upgrading a motorbike exhaust, the price of a new system or silencer spans a wide margin. Inexpensive replacements can be relatively cheap, and the top of the line exhausts may run into the thousands. Most bike owners have an idea of how much they want to spend before they search on eBay. The type of material directly plays into the cost of the exhaust; in general, a comparable titanium exhaust is more expensive. Riders who want quality at a fraction of the price should consider buying a used exhaust. It is important for eBay shoppers to verify the condition of the exhaust prior to buying.

Buying Motorbike Exhausts on eBay

Selecting the right motorbike exhaust, whether full system or end can, on eBay requires some preliminary research. After becoming familiar with industry standards and available options, buyers can apply what they have learned in their search. Including keywords of preferred materials or special features helps eBay deliver optimised results.

Finding New or Used Exhausts

In addition to convenience, one great advantage of shopping on eBay as opposed to local retailers is the large selection of used exhaust systems. Used exhausts can be purchased for a fraction of the price and still be in excellent working condition. eBay has several options for sorting through new and used exhausts. The first way is to perform an initial search for a "used motorbike exhaust". Another way is to select the condition after receiving "motorbike exhaust" search results. The third method for shopping by condition is to custom sort results by new or used condition first.


Motorbike exhausts can refer to a full system or just then end can, and buyers must know which option they want to purchase before heading online to eBay. Although end cans are less expensive, a full system upgrade can significantly increase the performance of the motorbike. Even if aesthetics trumps performance when searching for an exhaust, then owners should always confirm the exhaust is compatible with the bike. The price of the exhaust should also fall within the buyers budget, and if a new model is out of price range, then shoppers should consider buying a used one in working condition.

There is no one perfect exhaust; instead, it is up to individual preference. The exhaust pipe is made from either a metal or carbon fibre, and each option has its own set of features. Carbon fibre may be the lightest material on the market and favoured by racing enthusiasts, but titanium is a top tier choice for road bikes. Regardless of what buyers need, eBay has a comprehensive inventory of motorbike exhausts to satisfy their needs and budget.

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