The Complete Guide to Buying Touring Caravan Parts

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The Complete Guide to Buying Touring Caravan Parts

A touring caravan allows travellers to enjoy camping holidays in relative luxury. Although the initial outlay may seem fairly high, the money saved in accommodation costs soon makes up for this. Touring caravans can usually be parked in caravan parks for a fraction of the cost of a hotel room. This is especially desirable for those on a budget or for family holidays where a number of rooms would have to be booked. In contrast to a camping holiday, a caravan offers a comfortable bed and the necessary conveniences to turn it into a home away from home. In addition, there is extra storage space available for holiday essentials, making it easier to transport items such as bulky children's toys or sporting equipment.

A touring caravan is intended to be mobile, so having the right towing parts and extensions to overtaking mirrors is crucial. In addition, drivers need rear suspension aids and stabilisers, as well as camping accessories to make each trip a success. Learn which touring caravan parts are available, how to choose the right parts, and what essential parts should be included in every caravan's inventory. Caravan touring parts are available from automotive and caravan dealers, specialist shops, and online, from sites such as eBay.

Towing Essentials for Touring Caravans

There are a number of essential parts required for a touring caravan. These essentials help to maintain the safety of the caravan, its passengers, and other road users. Some older cars may require suspension aids or stabilisers to deal with the additional load of the caravan while towing. This is usually not necessary when using a newer car for towing. It is best to discuss the need and installation of these parts with a qualified mechanic before buying them.

Tow Bars for Touring Caravans

In order to tow a caravan a tow bar and towing accessories must be fitted to the car that can be used to perform this task. It is best to have the tow bar and towing bracket fitted professionally to ensure that they do not come undone at an inopportune moment. These components must be tested once they are installed to ensure that they comply with British Standard AU 114:1979, or the international equivalent standard, ISO 3853:1977. In addition, cars first registered from 1 August 1998 must be fitted with towing brackets that have European standard type approval numbers, which must be marked on the brackets.

Electrical Connection Sockets for Touring Caravans

Electrical connection sockets should be fitted to the side of the tow ball. This allows the driver to plug in the caravan's signal lights. Without this adaptor it is impossible for motorists behind the caravan to see indicators, reverse lights, brake lights, and driving lights.

Extensions to Overtaking Mirrors for Touring Caravans

Extensions to overtaking mirrors are necessary to allow the driver to see past the bulk of the caravan. These can clip onto existing mirrors for easy installation or can be attached to the body of the car for a more permanent solution.

Touring Caravan Parts

While towing parts are essential for getting the caravan on the move, parts that deal with water and waste, parking and camping, and overall comfort and utility are also important. The table below lists categories of parts with a short list of items to consider for each category. Use this table as a guide to building a shopping list by choosing between must-have and nice-to-have equipment and prioritising the purchase of each item.



Water and waste

Water roller

Water containers

Submersible pump

Drain outlet

Waste pipe

Waste container

Mains water connector

Water filter


Gas bottle


Gas level indicator

Gas hose

Hose fittings and connectors

Doors and windows

Replacement doors and windows

Window and door catches

Locking solutions


Retainer catches

Window fasteners


Leisure battery

Battery charger


Socket connectors

Mains connectors


Jockey wheel

Telescopic jockey wheel

Complete assemblies

Replacement wheels, handles


Levelling blocks


Wheel chocks

Stabiliser feet

Level ramps


Coupling or hitch lock

Wheel clamps

Security system


Double or single

Non slip surface

Metal or plastic


Complete bathroom


Toilet chemicals




Pipes and fittings

Awnings allow drivers to add space to the side of the caravan and increase privacy by shielding the door. The enclosed area can be used as a living space or dining room. Ensure that the correct awning parts and accessories needed to erect the structure are included or add them to the shopping list.

Those who are new to caravanning should consider a test run before leaving for a holiday. Practicing parking, securing, and levelling the caravan makes it easier to complete the necessary tasks at a camp site. In addition, putting up the awning and connecting everything allows the driver to check whether any additional parts or accessories are required while it is still possible to buy them.

How to Choose Touring Caravan Parts

When shopping for touring caravan parts, always have the caravan's details, specifically the make, model, and year of manufacture, on hand. Additionally, the owner's manual contains important information about measurements and accessory details. Use the caravan's details as a guide to finding the right parts. Items such as doors and windows are usually suited only to particular models of caravan and should be replaced on a like for like basis. If a part number is visible on a component that is to be replaced, search for a new part by using this information.

Compatibility of Parts for Touring Caravans

Touring caravan parts and accessories that are intended for use in more than one type or model of caravan should be measured to ensure that they fit. These includes pipe diameters, voltage levels, and any other pertinent information. Doing research about the part ensures that it is suited to drivers' needs and gives them a clear indication of a fair asking price. Remember to factor in the space needed to operate parts and accessories into the measurements. For example, when choosing a cabinet ensure that enough space is available to open the doors.

Used Parts for Touring Caravans

Touring caravan parts are available in a number of conditions, from new to used and not working. Although most drivers may feel that new parts are ideal, buying remanufactured or used parts is an excellent way to save money. Remanufactured parts have been cleaned and repaired and are the functional equivalent of new parts. Used parts may show some cosmetic signs of wear, but are fully functional. When buying used parts, check them carefully for signs of wear in areas where they interact with other parts as this could impair their functioning. Cosmetic wear and tear, slight rust, or corrosion is easy to repair and, in general, does not affect whether the part works.

Buying Touring Caravan Parts on eBay

Buying touring caravan parts on eBay is easy if you know how to search effectively. Type a phrase, for example "caravan towing socket", into the search field, which can be found on every page, to see the items available from eBay sellers. Narrow your selection by choosing the most pertinent characteristics of the items. For more searching options, use the advanced search feature.

If you are buying heavy or bulky parts, look for local sellers who allow collection. If both you and the seller are happy to arrange collection, you can save on postage and packaging costs and not have to wait for the item to be dispatched and delivered.

Evaluating Items and Sellers on eBay

Before committing to buy touring caravan parts on eBay, take a moment to learn about the item and the seller. Click on an individual listing to visit the item listing page.. Here you can find all of the information that you need including the full item description, buying options, the seller's accepted payment methods, postage and packaging costs, and the seller's feedback details. If you have any questions about a listed item, click on the "Ask a question" link to contact the seller. eBay's seller feedback feature allows you to see what other buyers have experienced when buying from a specific seller.


Buying a touring caravan is a great way to save money in the long run. Caravanning is more comfortable than camping, but less expensive than staying in a resort or hotel. Finding the right touring caravan parts is important when preparing for a holiday. The most important parts are those that allow safe and secure towing and driving, such as tow bars, electrical connectors, and mirror extensions. Levelling and securing the caravan at the campsite is essential, as movement may destabilise the caravan and cause it to move or tilt.

Water and waste connections should be installed, and gas or electricity is required for heating water and cooking. Many drivers prefer propane rather than butane gas because propane tends to perform better in both hot and cold weather conditions. The steps chosen to access the caravan should be easy to use, so opt for a lightweight design with a non-slip surface. Choose the right touring caravan parts by searching for products according to the make, model, and year of the caravan. Alternatively, use the information included in the caravan's owner's manual or use the part number. eBay sellers offer a wide selection of touring caravan parts, from essential basics to luxury items.

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