The Complete Guide to Buying Wedgwood Platters on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying Wedgwood Platters on eBay

Wedgwood platters are popular collector's items. They can have a functional use for special occasions or be used as decoration in a home. Buyers can shop for a wide selection of Wedgwood platters on eBay. These items are sold by both private and commercial sellers and can be bought in a range of conditions. There are several things to bear in mind when looking for the best Wedgwood platters available. Begin by learning about the three popular styles produced by the brand, including jasperware, Queen's Ware, and black basalt. Of the three, jasperware is the type most commonly used for platters, and is also the most recognisable as Wedgwood china.

Buyers should consider the age of a platter, as it determines the design styles and the price of the item. Due to the popularity of Wedgwood china, not all items on the market being sold at full price are authentic. For this reason, buyers should also be able to identify real Wedgwood. It is not unusual for items to have some amount of wear or damage, so inspect them before buying to choose ones in the best condition. Buyers can find detailed information on eBay about both the product and its seller. Take the time to review all of the available information before committing to a purchase to ensure a positive transaction. With a bit of patience and careful shopping, it is possible to acquire attractive Wedgwood platters from any era.

A Brief History of Wedgwood

Wedgwood is a type of china developed by Josiah Wedgwood in the eighteenth century. Although he created several styles, jasperware is the most famous. It is noted for its distinctive colour, which is often called "Wedgwood Blue". Wedgwood drew inspiration for his jasperware directly from the Portland vase, which he studied and copied many times. After the death of Wedgwood, his heirs continued to produce china. Josiah Wedgwood and Sons, commonly called Wedgwood, continues to make new items for sale.

The high number of Wedgwood platters available makes it easy to find items that match the buyer's interests. Consider the style of the platter, as well as its age, condition, and authenticity.

Style of Wedgwood Platters

There are three popular types of Wedgwood china available: jasperware, Queen's Ware, and black basalt. Each of these has a distinctive style and is used to create different types of objects. Learn more about each one to begin collecting the most attractive type of Wedgwood china.


Jasperware is the most common type of Wedgwood china available; it is the type most people think of when they imagine a Wedgwood platter. It is a decorative style, typically made with a light blue base with white designs, although the colours can be reversed. This style has a matte finish with a smooth texture.

Queen's Ware

Queen's Ware is designed to look like porcelain. It has a light colour and is normally decorated with an ivy leaf border or a similar motif. Numerous types of Queen's Ware have been developed. They may feature prominent or minimalist designs, and vary in the colours used for the motifs.

Black Basalt

Black basalt, or basaltware, is another of Wedgwood's trademark styles. It is made from a reddish-brown clay that is black after firing. Although not used for platters to the same extent as jasperware and Queen's Ware, the black basalt style remains iconic of the company.

Authenticity of Wedgwood Platters

Due to the desirability of authentic Wedgwood china, there are many products on the market that claim to be the real thing, but are not authentic. Identifying real Wedgwood platters is important, as authenticity can affect the price of the item greatly. The easiest way to identify an authentic platter is to look for the Wedgwood stamp on the back. All items made by the company have this, although it is important to bear in mind that there have been many different Wedgwood stamps used over time. It is also important to make sure that the name is spelled correctly: "Wedgwood" and not "Wedgewood". Items with the additional "e" are not authentic pieces.

Date of Wedgwood Platters

Wedgwood china has been produced across a span of many years; from the eighteenth century into the twenty-first. Determining the date of Wedgwood platters can often be done by examining the stamp on the back. The earliest china can be identified by unevenness in the letters of the stamp. This is due to the fact that each piece was handmade. Pieces with uneven letters are usually a product of the period between 1759 and 1769. Another indicator of early Wedgwood china is a number that was used to indicate the catalogue the platter was listed in. These pieces can be dated to before 1780. Some pieces of Wedgwood china have the company's name marked in all upper case letters followed by a full stop. Others have all lower case letters. These platters were produced between 1790 and 1795.

Authenticity Markings

After the death of Josiah Wedgwood, the markings for china continued to change. The following table lists the common markings from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Authenticity Marking

Year First Used

Three-letter code

Name of potter who made it


"Wedgwood England"




Sans serif font


Machine printed


Although it is usually possible to identify the period in which a platter was made, it is much more difficult to determine the specific year. For example, the period that used the three-letter code featured multiple series and repeated the same numbers. In these cases, an expert may be required to identify the specific year a piece was made. Sellers on eBay sometimes offer their best guess of the date a platter was created.

Condition of Wedgwood Platters

The condition of Wedgwood platters can affect their appearance and value greatly. Items on eBay have descriptions provided by the seller and many sellers also offer multiple photos of platters. These can include details of any chips, scrapes, or other damage that may be present. In addition to noticeable damage, it is important to check for information and images about any repair work. Due to their age, many Wedgwood platters have been broken or chipped over time, and some have been glued back together. This reduces the value of the platter significantly and should be reflected in the item's price.

How to Search for Wedgwood Platters on eBay

It is easy to search for Wedgwood platters on the eBay website. Buyers may enter keywords into the search field and then click on available category links to refine the search. This can produce the most specific results. Search terms are the easiest way to begin shopping on eBay, especially for buyers who are unfamiliar with the range of items available. Simply type words related to the product into the search field on the home page. For example, enter " Wedgwood platter " to see all items tagged with those keywords. The list of search results can be refined by introducing new terms.

Review Item Listings and Seller Profiles on eBay

Take the time to review item listings thoroughly before committing to a purchase. Look for a description provided by the seller and available photographs while taking note of any damage or signs of wear. Check the price of the item and the cost of delivery. You may also wish to determine the delivery methods used by the seller. It is important to note the payment methods accepted by the seller to ensure a fast and positive transaction.

Once you have found desirable items, click on the names of sellers to see information about their eBay history. The feedback rating indicates the percentage of buyers within the past 12 months who had a positive buying experience with the seller, while the number of completed transactions can be used to judge the seller's level of experience. Look for comments from previous buyers for details about quality of communication and the accuracy of item descriptions. Leave feedback about your own transaction once you have received your order. This informs the eBay marketplace and helps the seller to improve.


Wedgwood platters are distinctive and appealing pieces of china that can be used for dining or decoration. The most well known style is jasperware, which features a light blue and white palette with a matte finish. A wide selection of Wedgwood platters can be purchased from the sellers on eBay. To find these items, buyers can initiate a search using keywords.

The date of production of Wedgwood china can be determined by checking the stamp at the back of the item. Stamps have changed over time, and certain styles can be linked to particular periods in the china's production history. It is also important for buyers to be able to identify authentic pieces. Check the stamp and ensure that the Wedgwood name is spelt correctly. Platters with "Wedgewood" are not authentic pieces. Determine the condition of the item by reading the seller's description and examining the available photos.

The long history of Wedgwood platters has created a wide selection of products to choose from, and sellers on eBay are an excellent source of pieces from all eras. Take the time to research individual listings and sellers to ensure a positive transaction.

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