The Complete Guide to Buying a Used Horse Trailer

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Used Horse Trailer

When it comes to buying a horse trailer,, it is quite costly. Purchasing a used horse trailer which is in good condition is a good option for horse riders who are on a budget. Selecting a horse trailer can be frustrating because there are so many kinds; it is similar to choosing a car due to the various features and styles of horse trailers that are available. The number one priority when purchasing a horse trailer is the safety and welfare of the horse or horses, so that should be the biggest factor when buyers are looking for the perfect used horse trailer.

One way that horse trailers are categorised is by the way they are pulled. There are two types of pulls: bumper pulls and gooseneck pulls. A bumper pull trailer attaches behind a vehicle and fits to a hitch. A gooseneck pull actually attaches to the vehicle pulling it, becoming part of the vehicle. They are more costly than bumper pull trailers. It is good for long trips, though, since it provides more room. This is only one factor to consider when purchasing a horse trailer, among many, including budget, number of horses being transported, and type of loading ramp desired.

Types of Horse Trailers

Horse trailers are categorised many different ways, but a simple way to break it down is by the ramp styles. Most equestrians have a preference when it comes to unloading and loading the horse, and where the ramp is can be a big determining factor when purchasing a used horse trailer..

Back Ramp Horse Trailers

The back ramp horse trailer is largely the most common type of horse trailer. A back ramp trailer generally house two average-sized horses, and the trailer may offer a partition which divides the horses from each other. A slant loading trailer may offer more comfort for small horses than a standard forward facing horse trailer,, and the slant load design may make travelling easier and more comfortable on horses in general. However, steer clear of putting large horses in a slant load trailer because the length simply cannot accommodate them. Horses are more comfortable in forward facing trailers.

Most horse trailers which have back ramps are enclosed to protect horses from the elements, but there are some cheaper horse trailers that are called stock trailers, which have no protection and no partitions. They are also called box stall trailers, and are not recommended for travelling long distances.

Side Ramp Horse Trailers

On a side ramp horse trailer,, the horses are loaded and unloaded on the side of the trailer instead of the rear. This type of trailer sometimes offers an arrangement where the horses ride facing each other. A side ramp trailer usually accommodates anywhere from two to six horses comfortably, depending on the size of the trailer. Side ramp is a personal preference; some jockeys enjoy a side ramp and some do not.

Another option that is oftentimes more costly is a horse trailer with two ramps. This kind has a ramp that is in the rear or side and one that is near the front, so the horses do not have to exit the trailer backwards. This type of trailers is a good option for more than two horses.

Features to Look for When Buying a Horse Trailer

Buying a horse trailer can be confusing. However, there are a few ways to break down the process and figure out exactly what type of features and additions that users are looking for in order to purchase the best type of horse trailer for their money.

Pull Type

When purchasing a used horse trailer, there are some options to consider. One of the most important is the type of hitch, whether it is bumper pull or gooseneck pull. Something to consider when choosing a hitch style is that it takes more power to move a gooseneck trailer, so for consumers who do not have a large truck, a bumper pull is going to work better. Check the pull capacity of the vehicle that the trailer is to be attached to in order to make sure it can carry the weight of the trailer safely.

Check the car or truck's user manual for this information, and add in the weight of the horses, too, to make sure the weight of the trailer works for the vehicle being attached to it and does not exceed the overall weight limit.

Number of Horses

For buyers who only have one or two horses, a traditional, rear load horse trailer is the best option for the money. Some brands that make well-known rear load horse trailers are Ifor Williams and Rice.. Some riders may think they need more room to make horses comfortable, but this is not true. A trailer should be the exact size needed for the number of horses being transported, and not any larger. This is for safety purposes of the horses.

For an easy way to figure out how big the trailer should be, consider the size of the largest horse that is to be transported and accommodate that horse, but do not allow for more horses at a time that the trailer is going to be used for; this may end up injuring the horses by putting them in a trailer which is too large.


Some horse trailers, such as stock trailers, provide a lot of ventilation, but not much protection. Get the best of both worlds with a trailer which provides windows to ventilate the horse in warm weather and enough protection to keep the horse warm when it is cold, by protecting it from inclement weather. A trailer with adjustable ventilation is a plus and is convenient. The horse enjoys sunshine and light too, so some windows are also a good idea.

Storage Space

For equestrians who travel a lot with a horse for shows and competitions, they may want to look into buying a trailer that has additional storage space on board for equipment and other items. Some deluxe horse trailers even have changing rooms on board for the jockeys. For jockeys who travel overnight with horses, extra room is a must for camping or storage of supplies which are needed on long journeys.

How to Buy a Used Horse Trailer on eBay

When you are buying a used horse trailer on eBay,, there are a lot of things to think about. First and foremost, the condition of the trailer is quite important. Check horse trailers and select the used option to see what trailers are available. If you like fixing up trailers, then a trailer that needs a bit of work may be a fun project for you. But if you need a working trailer now, make sure the trailer is in good condition and ask to see a lot of images. Ask the seller detailed questions about the trailer by using the "Ask a Question&" button, and find out if the trailer has good tyres, no rotting wood components, a good axle and suspension, a solid floor which has no holes or rust, and a ramp in great shape without any broken hinges or parts.

Check to see what kind of hitch the trailer has and what materials it is made out of, such as aluminium. Consider the partitions and how many horses can ride comfortably in the trailer, and whether the seller is offering any other useful items such as a horse trailer cover, ropes, rubber mats, or other horse equipment. Inquire about the brakes, lights, and paint job as well. Ensure you are getting a great deal on a quality used horse trailer by making a purchase from a merchant who is a Top-rated seller on eBay, and meet the seller in person to pick up your trailer and discuss specifics.


Travelling with horses can be sheer joy if they are being transported in the proper trailer. Take your horses to shows and contests easily without spending a lot of money on a brand new horse trailer that retails for a high cost. Instead, purchase a gently used horse trailer which has been taken care of and is in great condition on eBay. There are many great brands and types of horse trailers to choose from, as well as all the other equipment needed for enjoyable horse riding and travelling with horses.

The right horse trailer should accommodate horses comfortably, make sure they are transported safely, have the room they need to move around a bit, get some sunshine and a bit of air, and allow them to be loaded and unloaded easily and conveniently. Buying a horse trailer is a big decision, because it is a large piece of equipment which jockeys use over and over. Considering the options, weighing the factors involved, selecting the right features, and communicating with sellers ensures that buyers receive the horse trailer that is perfect for their horses and their individual needs, as well as the trailer that is right for the buyers' budget. Check eBay for all of the equestrian equipment needed to make horse riding even more enjoyable than it already is.

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