The Complete Guide to Buying an Electric Cylinder Lawnmower

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The Complete Guide to Buying an Electric Cylinder Lawnmower

There are few people who do not appreciate a finely manicured lawn, even though it is often the neighbour’s greener lawn being admired. It is a mystery how some people are able to achieve such beautiful lawns, while others fail miserably. Certainly sunlight, water, and fertiliser all play a part, but one important component of a beautiful lawn is the right cut. In many cases, a cylinder lawnmower provides a lawn with the best possible manicure.

The following guide explains how and why electric cylinder lawnmowers provide such a great cut. It also discusses the most important features of electric cylinder lawnmowers, and provides information to help readers understand how such mowers work, and how to achieve the beautiful looking lawns they always imagined.

The Inner-Workings of an Electric Cylinder Lawnmower

The following sections explain the inner-workings of an electric cylinder lawnmower. Understanding how these mowers operate will help buyers see the benefits this type of mower affords. The first section provides a table that lists the main parts of an electric cylinder mower and explains what each part does.

Electric Cylinder Lawnmower Parts

The table below describes the roles of the main parts in the operation of an electric cylinder lawnmower.




Spins on horizontals axis; sweeps blades of grass onto the cutting bar for trimming

Cutting Bar

Sharp cutting blade that trims grass the cylinder sweeps against it


Powers the cylinder and causes it to spin


Houses all of the lawnmower’s other parts


Help propel the lawnmower across the lawn


Enables the operator to control the direction of the lawnmower

The table above provides basic descriptions of the roles of the various parts of an electric cylinder lawnmower. It is simply an overview to familiarise readers with how the device works, and to prepare them for later, detailed descriptions of how the cylinder, cutting bar, and motor operate together to cleanly mow grass.

Understanding the Cylinder

The sections below contain descriptions of how the lawnmower’s cylinder works and the advantages of a cylinder-style mower. The cylinder still operates much the same way as it did on the first lawnmower, developed in 1827.

How the Cylinder Works

The cylinder is a series of long, curved blades that twist slightly around a horizontal axis. The number of blades on a cylinder can vary, but consumer-grade electric cylinder lawnmowers rarely have more than 10. Gears turn the blades around the axis, and as they move across a patch of grass, the spinning blades sweep the grass against the sharp cutting bar. The cylinder blades meeting the cutting bar act like scissors, and the two metal parts snip the blades of grass between them. The action is akin to a barber collecting hair in a comb and bringing it toward the scissors for cutting.

Benefits of the Cylinder

The blades of the rotating cylinder working in conjunction with the cutting bar results in cleanly cut grass. Rotary mowers, by contrast, have a long cutting blade that spins on a horizontal plane around a vertical axis, coming straight down onto the blades of grass. This tends to bruise the blades as the blade cuts them, making it more difficult for the grass to grow back. The clean cut that a cylinder yields allows the grass to grow back quickly. These healthy grass blades thicken a lawn, and help prevent weeds from growing. Those who use a cylinder lawnmower can therefore expect a healthier-looking lawn than those who use a mower with rotary blades, all else being equal.

Understanding the Electric Motor

Some cylinder lawnmowers feature an internal combustion engine, while others have an electric one. The sections below discuss how an electric motor works, and the benefits of using electricity as a power source.

How the Motor Works

Electric motors run off of electricity either from the grid or from a battery. The former need to be plugged into an outlet, while the latter can run cordlessly. In both cases, the motor uses a direct current of electricity to power the gears attached to the lawnmower’s cylinder. The gears then rotate the cylinder drive shaft and cause the blades to spin. This sets the cutting process in motion.

Benefits of Electricity

Compared to a combustion engine, an electric engine is more environmentally friendly because it does not emit fumes as it operates. Moreover, there are questions about the long-term sustainability of petrol as a power source, while electricity can come from renewable sources like wind and hydro. Furthermore, electric motors tend to run quietly, and are simpler to start than internal combustion engines,which require a pull crank to start them. Lastly, electric motors require less maintenance than internal combustion engines.

Electric Cylinder Lawnmower Features

The next sections discuss several features of the cylinder and the motor in an electric cylinder lawnmower. It also provides information to help readers become more familiar with the range of mower options available.

The Cylinder

The key features to pay attention to when buying an electric cylinder lawnmower are the details of the cassette and the cutting bar height.

The Cassette

The cassette houses the cylinder and the axis on which it rotates. Depending on the model, the cylinder can contain a varying number of blades; the more blades the cylinder has, however, the better and closer the cut it can achieve, and the easier the mower can handle long grass. Those trimming grass for a sports field should select a cassette with no fewer than 10 blades. Cassette width is also an important feature. It determines the size of the area the mower can handle efficiently. The wider the cassette, the more ground the mower can cover per pass. On some electric cylinder motors, the cassette can be switched out for others with a wider cassette a greater number of blades.

Cutting Bar Height

Many electric cylinder lawnmowers also allow the cutting bar height to be adjusted. This means users can determine how long or short to cut the grass. The height range varies from model to model, so buyers should be aware of this when considering a model. This is particularly important for those who require more nuanced landscaping.

The Motor

The most important considerations about the motor are the amount of power that it generates and whether it is corded or cordless. Each of these topics is discussed below.


The amount of power an electric motor delivers to the cylinder is measured in watts. The more wattage a motor can produce, the more powerful it is. Cordless mowers can only provide as much power as their batteries supply. Corded motors, on the other hand, use power from the grid and do not have battery-related constraints on the amount of power they can deliver.

Cord Versus Cordless

Corded electric cylinder lawnmowers are limited in their range of use by the length of their cord and the availability of mains power. Cordless electric lawnmowers feature at least one rechargeable battery, which can usually last throughout a single, average mowing job, if it starts with a full charge. Some mowers have additional batteries, which often results in a longer run time and more power going to the cylinder.

Other Features

There are a few other features of electric cylinder lawnmowers. The most important are the grass collection box and the finish.

Grass Box

Many electric cylinder lawnmowers have an attached grass box that collects cut grass clippings as the mower produces them. This enables the owner to easily dispose of the clippings rather than littering them on a freshly manicured lawn. The capacity of grass boxes varies, so it is important to consider the size of the lawn. "


Many electric cylinder lawnmowers also feature a roller that creates a striped finish as the operator makes passes in opposite directions. Many people see the stripes as the mark of a well-tended lawn, and some operators like to get creative with the striped finish.

How to Buy an Electric Cylinder Lawnmower on eBay

Electric cylinder lawnmowers are sold at local and online home improvement and gardening supply shops. They can also be found via classified ads. Perhaps the most convenient way to shop for electric cylinder mowers, however, is to check out the many listings on eBay. eBay offers a broad selection and makes it easy to search the site for one that meets all your needs. To find your electric cylinder lawnmower, go to the eBay home page, type "electric cylinder lawnmower" into the search bar, and click Search. This will return a list of every electric cylinder lawnmower for sale on eBay. You can then choose between new and used mowers, and examine the features of each to see if the mower meets your specifications. You can also filter the results to include sellers within a specified distance from your postcode. This can reduce shipping times and costs.


Few other types of mowers can achieve the kind of clean cut that a cylinder lawnmower can. This cut enables a lawn to grow more healthily, achieving the lushness that many people desire from their lawns. An electric motor delivers power to a cylinder cleanly, enabling operators to mow their lawns with a minimum of noise and without unpleasant fumes. This guide has covered the operating principles and benefits of electric cylinder lawnmowers in detail, and also explained other important features that buyers can find on these mowers. Hopefully, this guide has provided readers enough information to select a mower that meets their needs. There are many places that sell electric cylinder mowers. One of the best places to buy one is on eBay, where shoppers can find mowers with all of the features described in this guide. Whether trimming a patch in an English garden or maintaining a lawn tennis court, buyers should understand, after reading this guide, how to use an electric cylinder lawnmower to get the job done.

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