The Complete History of the Skoda

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The Complete History of the Skoda

Skoda is a Czech automobile maker that is now a component of Volkswagen. Skoda is one of the oldest car production companies, and it has been creating modes of transportation since the 1890s, when the first Skoda models were actually not cars, but bicycles. The company that had humble beginnings has become extremely successful throughout the years, and now produces record amounts of vehicles. Along with Volkswagen, the partnership has put Skoda in an enviable position of perhaps becoming the largest automaker in the world, which is the goal of the company.

Skoda cars are also used in racing, and in 2011, a Skoda car was raced and awarded the distinction of being the fastest car in the world. Some popular Skoda models include the Citigo, Fabia, Rapid, and a family car called the Roomster. Skoda cars are high-quality automobiles that are affordable, but come with many features that Skoda fans love. The company may have started small, but Skoda has gone global, and intends to sell more cars than ever in the millennium. When considering buying a Skoda, buyers should learn about the history of the company, which may help them decide on what to buy.

Early Days

Two friends named Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement started Skoda. The men combined their talents, as Laurin was a mechanic and Klement was a book vendor, and they began designing bicycles. Once they became comfortable with that endeavour, they started producing motorcycles and they were quite successful with the launch of these cycles. These motorcycles took over racing circuits and captured some wins on the track, launching a good name for the burgeoning company, then called Laurin & Klement.

Once 1905 rolled around, the men started producing automobiles. In 1925, the company ceased to be called Laurin & Klement and was known as Skoda, due to the merger with the Pilsen Skoda Company. It was creating trucks under the name Skoda Works. This company was a giant in Czechoslovakia, and helped the car company become a success, which was necessary in order to widen the company's reach and produce more automobiles. The first automobile produced by Skoda, the Voiturette A, was such a hit that it was seen as the model for the classic Czech car.

Other Vehicles and Wartime

With the success of the Skoda automobile, the company was also producing other types of vehicles such as trucks, buses, machinery for agricultural purposes, and different types of passenger cars. During World War II, the production of vehicles by Skoda halted, and the company began working for the efforts of the war, producing arms. Once the war was over, regular production was back in full swing, and cars were being created which became very popular models, such as the passenger cars that Skoda was becoming known for.

Economic Climate of Czechoslovakia

Things were going quite well for Skoda, and then times began to change in the 1940s with the economy becoming what was called a 'Planned Economy'. This meant that production of vehicles was all but halted as the company was pulled into the German Empire. Politics were making things a bit different for the car manufacturer, but Skoda was still creating vehicles until times became a bit dicey in the 1960s, with newer and more advanced technology being created in the West. Skoda was not much of a formidable competitor for these vehicles, at least not yet.

This created a downturn for many Czech companies, including Skoda. The economy was unfavourable, and things all but stopped for automobile producers such as Skoda. Once the situation returned to normal in the late 1980s, Skoda was back on top of its game, producing popular cars and gaining a foothold in the production of the passenger vehicle. The company was also turning its attention to receiving acclaim at the races.

Skoda at the Races

Skoda started showing up at the races in 1999, and took prizes when drivers raced the Octavia and Fabia models. The fastest model of Skoda car is the Superb model, which can reach speeds of up to 250 km per hour. Skoda still remains a popular model of racecar and is seen in many races, such as the World Rally Championship and the Intercontinental Rally Championship races.

Acquisition by Volkswagen

One of the most important events in the Skoda timeline is the company's acquisition by automobile conglomerate Volkswagen. In 1990, Skoda joined forces with the successful car company in order to become a successful name worldwide, and to keep Skoda relevant to foreign buyers as well as local ones. This decision was also brought on by the privatisation of many car companies and other industries, which was happening with many Czech companies due to the political fallout of the Velvet Revolution.

Volkswagen already owned three other well-known automobile brands, including Audi, VW, and Seat. Now, Volkswagen owns over 10 car brands including Bentley, Porsche, and Lamborghini. It maintains the biggest market share in Europe for motor vehicle production.

Success from the Volkswagen Acquisition

Being taken in by Volkswagen helped Skoda become even more successful, and improved the quality of the vehicles themselves. The designs of the cars were changed and tweaked, and models were improved. Advertising dollars were used to promote the new and improved Skoda, which led to even more success for the vehicle brand. The merger with Volkswagen not only improved the structure of the automobiles, but it revamped the Skoda brand with a new logo, better image, and improved critical reviews of the Skoda in surveys like the J.D. Power customer surveys. The company is now one of the largest in the world.

Awards and Accolades

It may be hard to believe that Skoda ever suffered when the economy was bad, because the popular car manufacturer has since experienced a huge boom in the vehicle industry, securing awards for Car of the Year in 2010, Best Sedan of the Year, and Best Price and Performance, among many other honours.

The cars are known for being reliable and sophisticated, but affordable enough for the average consumer to purchase. Skoda was the first car brand that actually had a waiting list in the United Kingdom for buyers who were eager to get their hands on their own Skoda model.

Skoda Growth

Skoda now has factories worldwide, including facilities in China, Prague, India, Australia, and Russia. The projected growth of the company states that the car company that started out so small will double its sales by the year 2018, and become the largest international automobile maker in the world.

The company is already breaking records with its car sales. Things are only getting better for the Czech car company that is now producing sleeker, more stylish, and more luxurious automobiles with a bit of western influence.

Buying a Skoda Car on eBay

If you are looking for a great deal on a reliable, affordable Skoda automobile or parts for your existing Skoda, check eBay to see what is available. Navigate to cars and select Skoda to see all of the cars in that particular brand. You will be able to shop by the model year of the car, the name of the model, such as Fabia or Superb, or you can shop by price if you are shopping for a car on a budget. Buying a vehicle is a big investment and a large purchase, so you need to do some research before you commit to this type of purchase. Ask to see many pictures of the car, or see if you can visit the car in person to take a look. Find out the mileage, which should be fairly low if possible, and if there is any damage to the vehicle. And perhaps even ask why the seller is getting rid of the car.

Buying from Reputable Sellers on eBay

Make sure you are buying a Skoda car from a reputable seller, so check to see if he or she has the Top-rated seller badge next to his or her name. Also see how many successful transactions the seller has completed on eBay, and read the feedback comments from other happy buyers.


Some sellers are selling vehicles in person, so you may need to contact them directly to set up a time to pay for the car and check it out one on one. This may ease your mind, as shopping for a car online sight unseen can be a bit stressful. Once you find the car you are the most interested in, arrange for a meeting with the seller to learn more.

Find out about all the features that the car offers and what type of transmission it has. Many sellers let you pay cash in person for the vehicle, which can alleviate hassle when it comes to online payment for such a large amount of money. Make sure and ask any questions you have about the car before you buy it, so you know exactly what you will be getting. You can find a great deal on a Skoda as well as Skoda parts to fix up your Skoda when you are shopping on eBay, however, you may want to do some research on the vehicle and find out what the value is, and if it is comparable to what sellers are asking for on eBay.

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