The Complete Nissan Buying Guide

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The Complete Nissan Buying Guide

The automobile manufacturer, Nissan, was founded in Japan in 1911 and originally released vehicles under the Datsun brand name. Known for quality and reliability, Nissan began expanding outside of the Japanese market in the 1950s. Since entering the competitive automotive global market, Nissan has risen to top 10 rankings in both sales volume and value indicators. Modern automobile buyers can take advantage of Nissan's response to consumer demands and choose from a variety of auto types when shopping for a Nissan.

Nissan vehicles can be sourced locally through car dealerships and private sellers. For buyers who prefer a wide selection of Nissan models, online websites like eBay can be a great alternative to local options. Which type of Nissan vehicle to choose depends on the preferences, lifestyle, and budget of each individual buyer. Because of this, buyers should understand the differences between Nissan's most popular models and which special features are available before deciding which Nissan-produced vehicle to purchase.

Choosing a Nissan

The automotive marketplace is composed of many buyers who have radically different needs. Some buyers seek a reliable car to drive to and from frequent destinations, while others require their vehicles to carry multiple passengers or heavy loads. Nissan has responded to these consumer demands by diversifying its selection of vehicles to include car, truck, and utility models that can match the various demands of most potential customers. Since purchasing a vehicle is a long-term investment, however, buyers should carefully assess how they plan to use their Nissan vehicles before making a purchase. Although it is often beneficial to have a larger vehicle, full-size cars and trucks often have added expenses, like increased fuel costs, and can be inconvenient to use in certain situations. Because of this, buyers should weigh the value and convenience associated with different types of vehicles versus any additional fuel or maintenance costs before choosing which type of Nissan to buy.

Popular Nissan Models

Once buyers determine which type of vehicle best matches their lifestyles and budgets, they can begin shopping for available Nissan models. Nissan manufactures a variety of cars and trucks which were developed to match the driving preferences of a variety of customers.

Nissan Cars

Manufactured since the early 1980s, the Nissan Micra is a sporty 3- or 5-door compact car that was developed with urban driving in mind. Its efficient handling allows drivers the control needed to manoeuvre through crowded car parks and city streets easily. Although the Micra can handle many everyday tasks, buyers who plan to use their cars for long distance travelling may find its small size a detriment in terms of comfort. The Nissan Almera, on the other hand, is a larger sedan that comes in 2- and 4-door models. With plenty of legroom, the Almera provides buyers with the added interior space of a full-sized sedan without the lower fuel efficiency frequently associated with larger cars. The Almera Tino is a version of the standard Almera that includes the basic floor plan of its predecessor with an extended hatchback for increased loading capabilities.

Nissan Utility Vehicles

Nissan produces a number of utility vehicles that merge the quintessential benefits of cars and trucks into one vehicle. The Nissan Qashqai is a crossover utility vehicle (CUV) that combines the convenience and fuel efficiency of a car with the off-road capacities of a sports utility vehicle (SUV). The Qashqai can hold up to seven people comfortably, so it is a popular choice with buyers who often transport multiple passengers. Available in both petrol and diesel options, the Qashqai's innovative engine design offers strong performance with low CO2 emissions.

The Nissan Note is one of Nissan's mini multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) offerings. More compact than the Qashqai, the Note is offered with a standard 1.2L engine or a supercharged engine that increases power without compromising fuel efficiency. Another mini-crossover offered by Nissan is the Juke, a 5-door hatchback model that combines a sporty appearance with the convenient handling of a mid-sized car.

Nissan Trucks

Nissan trucks are well-regarded globally for their durability and longevity. The Nissan Navara is a high-performance pickup truck that features a standard 4x4 drivetrain and optional extended cab and truck bed options. With a 2.5 dCi engine, the Navara runs exclusively on diesel fuel. Unfortunately for automatic transmission fans, the Navara is released exclusively as a manual transmission vehicle.

Features Available on Nissan Vehicles

When shopping for Nissan models, buyers have the option of choosing vehicles with an array of special features included. Additional features often inflate the price of a vehicle, however, so buyers should evaluate the benefits of certain features before committing to a Nissan purchase. Whether an added feature is valuable depends on the preferences and lifestyles of each individual Nissan buyer.

Transmission Options

The transmission of a vehicle regulates its gears so its engine can adjust the vehicle's speed. Nissan produces three transmission options across its range of vehicle models.

Nissan Transmission Options



Relies on a driver manually adjusting the engine's gears by pressing on the transmission's clutch while simultaneously shifting a gear stick


Adjusts the gears of a vehicle automatically as a driver operates the accelerator and brake pedals of the vehicle


Eliminates the need of a transmission clutch but still depends on drivers adjusting a vehicle's gear stick to switch between gears

Although Nissan produces three types of transmissions, it does not make each type of transmission available for all of its vehicles, utility, and truck models. Because of this, buyers may be limited in their purchasing options if they require a specific type of transmission. Since manual transmissions are standard on many Nissan models, buyers frequently need to pay more to purchase vehicles with automatic or semi-automatic transmissions.

Safety Options

To protect drivers and passengers, Nissan offers a range of safety-related features. Airbags on Nissan models can include driver-side, passenger, and side airbags that help cushion vehicle occupants in the event of a collision. Automatic window and lock controls permit drivers to regulate windows and locks throughout a vehicle, an essential benefit for drivers who travel often with youngsters and pets. Advanced navigation packages keep drivers on the correct route and minimise the likelihood of getting lost in unfamiliar areas.

Security Features

To increase a vehicle's security, Nissan has developed a range of anti-theft systems that some buyers may appreciate. Buyers can choose a factory-installed security system with alarms and remote control options. To prevent a vehicle from being stolen, the company has also developed an optional vehicle immobiliser system that stops an engine from turning on unless the ignition is initialised with a registered key.

Entertainment Options

Most Nissan models come equipped with a standard radio and two pairs of speakers located at the front and back of a vehicle. To increase entertainment options, however, the company also offers optional entertainment features to buyers. Audio systems on Nissan models can be expanded to include up to nine speakers. Auxiliary audio jacks and USB ports can be added to a vehicle's audio panel so buyers can connect handheld music devices. To make managing entertainment controls easier, some Nissan models are outfitted with illuminated steering-wheel mounted audio controls which let drivers make adjustments without taking their hands off of the wheel.

How to Buy Nissans on eBay

To find a wide selection of Nissan models, buyers can visit eBay Motors. Since the vehicle selection on eBay Motors is very extensive, buyers can utilise eBay's convenient search function to locate Nissan models quickly. Typing in selective keywords, like "Nissan Pathfinder", generates a limited list of all of the Nissan Pathfinder models available on eBay Motors. If buyers would like to focus their searches more, they can add additional descriptive keywords to their searches.

Alternatively, buyers can apply eBay's search filters to limit search results based on model year, transmission type, vehicle mileage, or drive side steering column placement. Since buyers are often interested in test driving a vehicle before making a purchase, they can use eBay's item location filter to find Nissan models located within a certain area of their homes. Buyers should carefully read the product details and seller-specific information included within each eBay listing when reviewing potential Nissan purchases. Because purchasing a Nissan is a serious investment, buyers should look for eBay sellers who provide warranties on their vehicles.


Nissan has a global fan base because it has established a reputation for providing value to vehicle buyers. Its diverse offerings of multiple types of well-made vehicles has allowed Nissan to maintain high marks in quality indicators and achieve top 10 global sales rankings. Before purchasing a Nissan, buyers should methodically assess which travel-related capacities they need a vehicle to provide and how much they can budget towards its fuel and maintenance costs. This allows buyers to realistically narrow their purchasing options.

Once buyers know which type of Nissan vehicles can adequately match their driving habits, lifestyles, and budgets, they can visit eBay to find a wide variety of Nissan cars, trucks, and utility vehicles. Nissan has diversified its model offerings by allowing buyers to choose a variety of optional features, so eBay shoppers can find a range of vehicles with different capabilities and price points. When buyers find a potential Nissan purchase, they can use eBay's handy product listings to arrange a test drive and check a seller's quality guarantees.

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