The Correct Way For Buyers To Cancel Bids With Sellers

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Welcome To T.O.D.s-bargins Buyers Guide To Canceling Your Bid On An Unwanted Item..

The first thing you should do before placing a bid on any item listed on eBay is read through it fully, once you have finished you can decide if you would like to place your bid or put the item in your eBay watch box!

If you have decided to place a bid on the item & entered the wrong amount then you can go to the bid cancelation form & cancel your bid under the terms of


This should then be followed by your correct bid, If you do not enter another bid then you will be in breach of eBay bid retraction rules & run the risk of receiving either a warning or being suspended! How will eBay know? Well unfortunatly the responcabilaty of reporting you will be down to the seller.. Some sellers will & some won't & those that don't will run the risk of being suspended themselves!! Why? Because if one of the other bidders decides to report this activaty on the item in question then the seller could be investigated for Shill Bidding (see ebays help page on shill bidding)

So you no longer want the item you placed a bid on! What do you do? Well if you hit the contact seller button & let the seller know 99.9% of us can & will cancel your bid for you, This will not affect your eBay rating nor leave either bidder or seller open for investigation & it is much better than having a non paying bidder.. However be carefull not to be rude during this process as it is not the seller that made the mistake & you could be added to there blocked bidders list.

Hopefully this guide will help those of you who can & will change your mind about bidding keep out of trouble & stay registerd on eBay after all lets face it without bidders eBay would be pointless

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Many Thanks bargin143

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