The 'Damaged Item' Scam - Item Withdrawn After Winning

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I have had this twice now recently, where I have won an item, and I suspect that the seller has been disappointed with the price achieved.

It starts with an apologetic message from the seller, saying that the item has been broken, either just before or just after the auction finished.

Whilst this may well be the case, I have tried unsucccessfully to negotiate with the seller, who on both occasions flatly refused to send the item.

The story suddenly gets more & more far-fetched, as per my 2 examples below:

1. Bought a DVD / video converter. I received a message from the seller just after the auction finished saying that a child had broken the front flap off the machine, so it was now damaged. When I asked for a photo of the damage, the seller said he didn't have a camera, and in any case, he wouldn't ship it to me because of the damage. Obvious scam.

2. Bought a lamp. I received a message from the seller after I had paid for the item, stating thre item had been dropped, and some of the bulbs had smashed. I wrote back asking the seller to just send the remaining bulbs, as that was all I wanted. The seller then claimed that the lamp had been dropped from a great height, and his partner had already taken the item to the tip. Obvious scam.

I would suggest that if this does happen to you, leave feedback as appropriate, otherwise they will do it to others.

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