The Dos and Donts of Buying Motorhome Awnings

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The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Motorhome Awnings

Motorhome awnings can provide shelter for its inhabitants from the outside environment, while still allowing people to enjoy the outdoors. Some awnings work to inhibit the elements from affecting windows and pop-out sections of the motorhome, while other awnings work to extend the living space of the motorhome. Awnings are great for shielding people from rain, sun, and snow, but they do have their limitations. Motorhome awnings are often susceptible to damage by improper use and harsh weather. They can be purchased at specialty stores and online retailers, like eBay.

By understanding not only the types of motorhome awnings but also the do's and don'ts of buying motorhome awnings, shoppers can get the most out of their shopping awning shopping experience. Taking note of cleaning, proper set-up, holes, and accessories, as well as remembering not to open the door when an awning is not raised, and leaving an awning unattended can provide owners with a fruitful experience.

Do Know the Types of Motorhome Awnings

Awnings can be found in many different spots on a motorhome. They shield the vehicle from environmental damage, so they are helpful over windows and slide out sections of the recreational vehicle or RV. They also amplify the living area of the motorhome by extending from the entrance to create a porch of sorts. This type of awning is the most commonly used and oftentimes the most altered.

Moreover, awnings are often customizable with many accessories to aid people in personalisation. Awnings can be found in many sizes and colours to fit the style and tastes of the owners. A lot of owners take advantage of this in order to showcase their interests and preferences with their awnings. Favourite colours, sports team logos, and patterns can all be showcased on awnings.

Do Clean the Awning Properly

Awnings are almost always made from either acrylic or vinyl. While both have their benefits, each can be compromised by the environment. Acrylic fabrics allow air to pass through or breathe, while vinyl fabrics are more solid. In addition, both fabrics are water repellent and easy to clean.

Proper care must be taken to ensure that mould and mildew do not accumulate on the awning. The awning should be cleaned regularly, dried, and properly stored. There are many awning cleaning solutions that can be purchased at specialty stores, department stores, and online retailers, like eBay. Cleaning an awning once every month at least, and as needed, extends the lifetime of the awning, and saves enthusiasts money, Not only that, but it keeps the awning looking sharp.

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Do Correctly Set Up the Awning

Take the steps to ensure that the awning is properly set up. There are a lot of small adjustments that must be made to be sure an awning is securely positioned. Bars must be fully extended, and security clasps should be tightened. Many awnings have security ties extending from the end of the awning to be rooted in the ground. Since awnings are external accessories, all measures should be taken to make sure they are secure. Awnings must be locked in place. Every customer should consult their manual when setting up an awning for the first time.

Don't Open the Motorhome Door Before Raising the Awning

This may seem like a simple tip, but it is a huge problem in the world of awnings. To allow for easier set-up, awnings are first extended then meant to be raised so that the motorhome door does not puncture the awning when it is opened. The most common cause of awning damage is from doors opening into an lowered or low awning as many motorhome doors have sharp edges. Fixing a tear caused by a door is easy and inexpensive with awning tape but is best avoided to maintain the integrity of the awning.

Do Fix Any Holes in an Awning

A small puncture wound or tear can easily turn into a large splice that can require a costly replacement. Therefore, preventative measures should be taken to ensure that any imperfections are addressed immediately. Awning tape is not expensive and simple to adhere to awning fabric. It is often clear and not easily detectable by onlookers. Remember, preventative measures, including cleaning awnings regularly and raising them a distance away from an opening door, should be taken to defend against damage.

Don't Leave an Awning Unattended

Leaving an awning unattended can be a recipe for disaster. Awnings should not be kept up during severe storms and winds. Awnings are not magical, and they can be damaged by these unrelenting conditions. Absent owners are not able to gauge weather conditions, so it is best to fold awnings back into their secure packed position before leaving. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Since the main point of awnings is to provide additional shelter for people, leaving an awning up and unattended is rather pointless. A destroyed awning can be costly, and it is an unnecessary expense when just a little bit of forethought can prevent any kind of harm. Buyers should make it a habit to always roll their awnings into a secured position.

Do Consider Increasing Comfort

Some people find the standard awning to be lacking, which does not mean that an enjoyable experience cannot be had with a few minor adjustments. Many accessories are available to help transform an awning space into a comfortable environment. Perhaps, bugs and wilderness creatures are disturbing the camp area. In a case such as this, installing a wall that extends from the awning to the ground is a great idea. An accessory like this can be a great way to expand the living space of the motorhome while shielding people from environmental factors.

Mats can even be purchased for the space below the motorhome awning to make for a more comfortable environment. With the popularity of motorhomes increasing, there are many accessories to choose from. Finding the right accessories to meet the needs of enthusiasts is very easy with a little amount of research and consideration.

Do Research Before Purchasing

Knowing the type, size, and style of awning before purchasing greatly shortens the shopping chapter of buying a motorhome awning. It saves time, energy, and money. For customers not sure of their needs, they should review feedback from other consumers, as well as consult sellers and professionals. However, shoppers should not feel pressured to purchase the item just because they asked about it. They should compare prices and weigh the benefits of awnings that match their criteria.

How to Buy Motorhome Awnings on eBay

One of the many benefits to shopping on eBay is that you can get a wide variety of competitive prices from various retailers from the comfort of your own home. You are just clicks away from finding the awning of your dreams with eBay.

When you are interested in finding a motorhome awning on eBay, simply type this keyword into the search bar, and you are able to view numerous results that meet that search criteria. Exploring eBay's various categories is another great way to browse. Remember, using synonyms to generate different or more results can be especially helpful.

Also, take into consideration seller feedback and reviews. Oftentimes, buying from a seller with a reputation for accurate merchandise, good communication, and fast delivery time can be beneficial. Moreover, do not forget to consider shipping costs when deciding on your budget. Shipping times may vary from seller to seller. Address any questions about products before purchasing them.


Motorhome awnings are incredibly helpful in shielding people and the motorhome itself from nature's tantrums. However, there are a few points to remember. Being careful to put the awning in its packed position during severe storms and winds is essential to ensure the integrity of the awning. Any tears or holes should be addressed immediately, as they could become a bigger problem later on. Awning tape is cheap and very easy to use, so enthusiasts should be sure to keep some on hand.

Moreover, awnings can be susceptible to wear, so cleaning your motorhome awnings helps fight this aging process and allows for the motorhome to stay looking nice. Also, refer to set-up manuals for instructions as to how to set up motorhome awnings. Often, awnings are first extended and secured, then raised. An unsecured, or unlocked, awning can quickly become a broken awning. Likewise, an awning that is not raised can be punctured by an opening door.

Having an awning set up without people to enjoy its benefits is pointless and could be potentially dangerous to the awning. If a bad storm hits and an awning is extended with no one to tuck it away in the meantime, it can easily be ruined. Making the motorhome awning your own with accessories can be a fun and rewarding part of owning a motorhome, so take advantage of that. Motorhome awnings are incredibly beneficial for their owners and can be enjoyed for years.

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