The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Portable Mini Speakers

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The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Portable Mini Speakers

It is all too easy to make a mistake when purchasing of a set of portable mini speakers. There are several distinct speaker designs, each offering a variety of different features. Therefore, buying an incompatible, or unsuitable, device is quite possible even after careful research. However, a little awareness of the most common potential pitfalls, together with a small amount of product knowledge, is usually all that is required to ensure the purchase of a suitable speaker system.

Do Carefully Research the Mini Speaker Purchase

A well-researched mini speaker purchase can usually be relied on to meet expectations. However, when relying on reviews to decide between products, remember to be wary of any conclusions that appear to be purely subjective. Also, always check the publication date the review. The pace of technological change can affect the relevance of criticism that is even a couple of years old. When working through product reviews, it is a good idea to keep, and update, a prioritised list of the most promising devices.

Don't Miss Out on the Best Mini Speaker Features

When considering the purchase of any piece of technology, it is essential to become familiar with all the various features offered for a given price point. The enjoyment of a newly purchased item is easily spoiled if a far superior device is discovered after starting to use the device. Be sure to research the full range of items offered by the various manufacturers. Pay particular attention to upcoming models, as these will often offer desirable features that are not currently available. It can sometimes be useful to create a prioritised feature wish list, which can then be used to guide the purchase.

Do Shop Around for the Best Deal

There are usually plenty of bargains to be had in the portable speaker market, so cost conscious buyers should be able to find a good deal whichever product is chosen. Look out for vendors offering additional inducements, such as free accessories or postage. Those seeking a portable speaker system for the lowest possible cost may want to consider the purchase of a used device. However, their portable nature means that some scuffs and scratches are to be expected when buying such an item second hand.

Don't Buy the Wrong Size of Mini Speaker System

The whole idea of a mini speaker system is to provide extra amplification to a portable device. If the chosen device is only slightly more powerful than the equipment it is intended to amplify, there will be little incentive to transport it about. Conversely a bulky docking station that is too awkward to carry around may also end up spending its days confined to a single location. If the intended portable speaker purchase will never actually leave the building, the money might be better spent on a small mains powered speaker system. When considering the portability of different speaker systems, consider their shape, weight, and number of components, as well as their overall dimensions.

Do Set a Realistic Budget

Everyone likes a bargain, but with mini speaker systems it rarely pays to buy the cheapest. The sound quality of a set of mid-price portable speakers is usually far superior to those bought at the lowest price point. The budget for the mini speaker purchase should, to some extent, reflect the cost of the device it is intended to amplify. Purchasing a flagship speaker set for a budget phone makes no more sense than fitting a set of cheap speakers to an expensive tablet. If the manufacturer of the portable device offers their own speaker system, use this device as the benchmark for comparison with any alternative equipment.

Don't Overspend on the Mini Speaker Purchase

Several top flight audio equipment manufacturers now offer portable speaker systems. Although their superior performance is not in question, it is worth considering the wisdom of purchasing a highly expensive portable sound system. After all, the number of situations in which a portable speaker system can be used is fairly limited. Also, while in transit, portable speaker systems can be prone to damage. There is not much point in purchasing a mini speaker system which is then deemed too valuable to risk taking it elsewhere.

Do Have Realistic Expectations of Sound Quality

A small set of portable mini speakers is never going to offer the same kind of sound quality as a dedicated hi-fi system. However, they can provide a useful upgrade to the tiny speakers found on most portable devices. Even the most powerful mini speaker systems can only achieve a relatively modest volume, due to their small size. There are various mini speaker designs which attempt to address the problem of poor bass response, but unfortunately all do so with limited success.

Therefore, to avoid being disappointed by the mini speaker purchase, it is important to be realistic about the sound quality, volume and bass response that can be expected from such a device. A mini speaker system should be seen as nothing more than an upgrade to the internal audio of a portable device.

Don't Buy an Incompatible Speaker System

Where the portable mini speakers are intended to amplify only one device, it is essential that the two pieces of equipment are fully compatible. It is important to check the connectivity sections of both devices spec sheets to ensure they will be able to communicate effectively. This is just as important for devices which are intended to communicate wirelessly. It may be necessary to contact either the vendor or the speaker manufacturers to obtain a definitive answer to the question of compatibility. However, this is still a lot easier than having to return a useless device.

Do Aim For Mini Speaker Systems with Low Running Costs

The smallest portable mini speakers run on watch batteries. These cannot be recharged, but their small size makes it easy enough to carry several spares. However, the cost of running a small speaker system powered in this way is far greater than that of a larger one powered by rechargeable batteries. Several portable speaker systems also offer internal charging circuits and external charging devices. This means that they can be used every day for a few pence of mains electricity. Also, although watch batteries can be recycled, they are not nearly as environmentally friendly as a rechargeable power source.

Don't Buy Ugly Mini Speakers

In the highly competitive mini speaker market, several manufacturers have gone out of their way to produce more visually appealing designs. Portable speakers are available in funky shapes and fun colours, so there really is no excuse for buying a drab looking speaker system. Rechargeable Bluetooth models also do away with the need to run unsightly cables between the two audio devices. Therefore, when looking for a portable mini speaker system it is worth aiming to purchase the most stylish system possible that includes all the required functionality.

Finding Portable Mini Speakers on eBay

Every possible make and model of mini speaker can be found in eBay. Browsing and searching for the required device should be quick and easy. To search for a particular portable speaker system, enter a few details about the device into the search bar at the head of every eBay page. To browse all the mini speaker products on offer, open the All Categories menu and select Sound & Vision. From here, click on iPod & MP3 Player Accessories followed by Audio Docks & Mini Speakers. Combining the options on the left can help to zero in on the most suitable products. For example, these can be used to instantly highlight all the Logic3 portable speakers suitable for an iPod Nano .


The key to a successful mini speaker purchase is careful research. Properly investigating the various speaker designs, and the features they have to offer, should ensure that the most suitable device is chosen. Being realistic about the budget is important. Spending too much can be just as undesirable as spending too little. It is also important to have a clear idea of the different levels of portability, running costs and performance offered by the largest and the smallest speaker systems. If the device is to meet expectations, it is important to be realistic about the volume and sound quality a mini speaker system can offer. However, with a little care, it should be possible to get a great eBay deal on an attractive and compatible set of portable mini speakers.

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