The Dos and Don'ts of Buying Used TV Cabinets

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The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Used TV Cabinets

A family room is probably one of the most frequently-used areas in a house, which is the reason why most home entertainment devices find their space in this room. TV, being the most essential electronic device in people's daily lives, is also placed in living rooms. TVs are part and parcel of everyday lives and are not meant to be placed on the floor or on a regular table. Moreover, the improvements in technology and premium hardware used within most modern TVs have made the equipment more fragile and vulnerable to accidents. To handle such contingencies or probable situations, a solid and reliable cabinet would come in quite handy.

Having a good cabinet will not only enhance the overall feel of the living room, but will also provide a safe and sturdy platform for resting the television set. With the cost of wooden materials increasing at a fast pace, purchasing a new cabinet might turn out to be a pricey affair. Considering buying refurbished or used cabinets can prove to be an excellent choice, especially if one is on a restricted budget. Though purchasing old TV cabinets might appear to be an easy option, it can turn out to be the most daunting tasks, too. Considering a number of vital things can, in turn, make the buying process simple and a successful one.

About Used TV Cabinets

TV cabinets are enclosed furnishings with an internal storage space which is normally concealed by single or multiple doors and drawers. These cabinets certainly come handy in keeping home entertainment devices safe from the reach of children and other potential dangers. Several manufacturers are coming up with a wide variety of appealing and all the more functional cabinets. Some of the modern options are even IR-friendly and allow users to operate TV and other devices placed behind closed doors. As the name suggests, used TV cabinets are the second hand options available out there. The original owners of the cabinet might have disposed of the unit for some reason or the other, and these used cabinets might find their worth with home entertainment enthusiasts who are on a budget.

Purchasing Used TV Cabinets

Purchasing used TV cabinets is not as easy as it sounds. Various aspects that are an integral part of a new cabinet, like garden-fresh material, manufacturer warranty, and many others, can turn out to be the major points for consideration when buying the used items. Even the most experienced shoppers can face difficulties in finding an ideal used TV unit. At the same time, if one looks into or goes over certain precautions and prerequisites before buying a second hand cabinet, the final product purchased might turn out to be a great deal.


The list of probable must-do aspects consists of the basic things that should be given due consideration when purchasing used cabinets. The material used, design of the frame, dimensions, styles, certain special features, and the overall condition of the cabinet are some of the aspects.


Home furnishings are usually categorised based on their styles and functionalities; TV cabinets go through such categorising, as well. A used cabinet should be preferably bought only if it matches the style or design of a used cabinet with the interiors of the living room or if it is according to one's personal preferences.


Modern cabinets are orderly and modern designs with polished surface and symmetrical shapes. Metal or glass is usually used for accentuating the strong build of the cabinets, along with wood.


This style dates back to the 20th century and is a beautiful mishmash of traditional, casual, and modern styles of furnishings. The curved and galvanised look of this style makes it a perfect blend with all kinds of interiors.


This style highlights or resembles the home furniture-making style that was prevalent during the traditional era. It is often characterised as one of the most elegant styles, having beautiful carvings on superior grade woods like cherry and mahogany.


It is one of the most spick and span styles among all and excludes carvings or other kinds of embellishments. They come with clean lines and light finish and are ideal for blasé environmental conditions.


It is a style that is casual, but advanced. Simple TV cabinets mainly focus on functionality and are an ideal choice for self-effacing rooms.

Choice of Material

TV cabinets are made from a variety of materials, apart from the various kinds of wood. Wood is a strong material, and it holds heavy entertainment units in a safe and secure manner.


Hardwood is one of the highest-quality materials that go into the making of a TV cabinet. It is cut out from the deciduous trunks of hardwood trees and can last for generations thanks to its organic grain and other properties.


Wood veneer is seen as a healthy alternative to hardwood. Cabinets made from veneer generally include strips of wood glued over other robust, yet lighter materials. It helps in saving some money and also looks quite attractive.

Engineered Wood

These are manufactured by binding wood fibres through an adhesive and placing them under controlled heat and pressure. Medium-density fibreboard is an example. It is light, robust, and, most importantly, eco-friendly in nature.

Additional Features

TV cabinets come with a wide range of additional features. Weighing each of these features with respective home entertainment prerequisites would help one make a more sensible choice.

Adjustable Shelves

These shelves can be easily personalised as per one's storage needs. Owners can easily change the height and width of the shelves in order to make room for or accommodate different home entertainment devices.

Drop Down Flaps

Apart from the doors and glasses, drop down flaps also serve as important additions to hide a TV and other devices with the help of the tainted glasses.

Cable Management

With the help of certain openings in the cabinet, the cluttering of cables at one place can be avoided. The high tech set up of the cabinet can appear to be neat and clean, with wires running through proper and hidden wire openings.


There are a few points that require due attention when purchasing used/ refurbished TV cabinets. These cautionary pointers are vital to avoid making a wrong investment.

Purchasing from Unreliable/Unknown Sellers

Used TV cabinets can be found at a good number of places. Apart from reliable dealers selling refurbished cabinets, various owners and non-owners try selling old and also damaged TV cabinets at a much lower price. Due to price constraints, buyers often end up overlooking the actual condition of the cabinets. Therefore, it is wise to purchase TV cabinets from reliable and reputed sellers to get furnishings as good as first hand.

Purchasing Without Inspection

With online shopping becoming the norm, one often ends up purchasing an item without inspecting the cabinets in person. If one prefers shopping from home or over the Internet, it is imperative to do transactions with reliable and reputed online stores. Used TV cabinets might not be in the best of condition. Thus, purchasing them after proper inspection should be top on the things-to-do list.

Oversized Cabinets

Purchasing gigantic TV cabinets just for the sole reason of lower rates would probably not serve one's purpose. Such large cabinets might destroy the overall look of the living room, thereby leaving no space for other furniture. Therefore, it is prudent to measure or assess the free space available in the living room before buying the used cabinet.

Finding Used TV Cabinets on eBay

eBay is an excellent platform to find new as well as old TV cabinets. Buyers can start their search by following the category route. The home page shows various categories of products available on the eBay website. Choosing the Home & Garden category from the main panel will open up a side menu, wherein one can select the Furniture option. The broad category of furniture constitutes extension category of Cabinets & Cupboards. Select the category to land on the pages displaying an array of TV cabinets available with eBay. The further options needed for narrowing down the results to used cabinets is displayed on the left hand side of the page.

On the other hand, the search bar displayed at the top of every eBay page can also be used for finding suitable used TV cabinets. Keying in the appropriate keyword, TV cabinets in this case, will directly open up the collection of home entertainment furnishings available with the online merchant. This option can prove handy for people who do not prefer going down the category lists, or who can't find the desired products through procedural research.


Looking for used TV cabinets online is, undoubtedly, the best option for those on a limited budget. Being one of the most important furnishing items of a living room, the available options should be weighed according to their built style, materials used, extra features, dimensions, and physical condition. Matching the available options with one's personal needs and requirements would be the ideal strategy. One should, therefore, not let money hinder the need to own a TV unit. Used TV cabinets would serve one's purpose and also not lead to post-purchase financial nightmares.

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