The EPIC / Warhammer 40K con

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One of the long running EBay scams.  This could apply to many other listing categories as well.

This Guide has been inspired and is by way of an update to a similar one entitled...."THE FORGE WORLD CON"  by EBay Member.... ed7956 . ( Thanks ed7956 you have saved many EBay members from this scam. )

The "Forge world Con" works by the Seller listing a single Epic 40K / Armageddon model ( they usually come in Detachments of Three or more ), in the description they make no mention of which game system it is for. This is not a Fraudulent listing as they do use the correct listing category, but, there is no picture or wording in the description that suggest it is Epic ( 6mm ) scale and would fit in a match box!!

In my opinion the words in the listing are designed to suggest that the model is Warhammer 40K (About £25 for a vehicle ) and not Epic ( about £2 for a vehicle ).. This Scam has now widened to other Epic models so your Space Marine Squad bargain could cause a big disappointment when it arrives !!!!.

I have always have my suspicions roused by EBay Sellers that have "Private" feedback, Even more so if they have Less than 99 % Positive.  There are of course legitimate reasons to have Private feedback, (ie Sale of personal items?) but if a seller is trading in ordinary goods and has  'Private ' feedback you have to ask your self " are they hiding something???" I think a closer look is the safest bet.  

This is my own personal view of course but it has generally proved to be worth following.  Remember to ask questions if you are not 100% sure, and to reiterate ed7956's advice "PLEASE, PLEASE, check every aspect of a sellers page - double check that category, and don't let yourself be the next victim!"

 Buyers or sellers please feel free to contact me about this article or any other aspect of the Warhammer / 40K gaming or models, I have been painting, playing & collecting since the days of Rogue trader so have picked up a few things.

Thanks for reading my Guide  Please feel free to vote for it if you found it any use.

Thanks again for looking.   Mick {fear-of-the-dark}             Link to my stuff

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