The Eaglemoss Blackest Night Brightest Day Collection

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This is the Eaglemoss Blackest Day Brightest Night Mini Series. A spinoff of the Dc Super-hero Figurine Collection. These excellent lead figures (& 12 page colour booklets) are available to subscribers of the 16 Part Miniseries part-work released in the UK and  South Africa In January 2011 after 50 years of Green Lantern Corps Tales told through Dc comics. All Figures are Sculpted in lead and hand painted. The listing will be of use both to collectors wishing looking to fill in those missing numbers in their collection
 I am a Marvel/DC Fan First and a business owner I sell UK Marvel/DC items in my eBay store  Online Shopping Addicts Figures are as follows

Issue 1: Black Hand
Issue 2: Atrocitus
Issue 3: Larfleeze
Issue 4: Saint Walker
Issue 5: Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris)
Issue 6: Parallax infested Hal Jordan
Issue 7: Indigo-1
Issue 8: White Lantern Sinestro
Issue 9: Ganthet
Issue 10: Bleez
Issue 11: Deathstorm
Issue 12: Jade
Issue 13: Hawk (Hank Hall)
Issue 14: Dove (Dawn Granger)
Issue 15: Lyssa Drak
Issue 16: Arisia Rrab
Special: Nekron

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