The Enthusiast's Guide to Buying Gaming Merchandise Posters

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The Enthusiast's Guide to Buying Gaming Merchandise Posters on eBay

Gaming posters are some of the most affordable and easily displayed pieces of merchandise available, which makes them popular amongst collectors. There are posters for nearly every major game release on the market. Some feature images of the game's logo and title, while others are original works of art featuring in-game characters and settings. Many posters are sold as stand-alone items, although some are packaged as bonus content along with games and consoles.

Gaming merchandise posters can be purchased from the marketplace eBay. Sellers post listings for both new and used items, some of which can be vintage. Browse the full selection of products available to find posters related to favourite games and characters. Consider factors such as the size and age of the posters before deciding which ones to buy. Look for full-sized wall posters, door posters, and inserts. Numerous other poster sizes are available, many of which do not use any standard dimensions. When shopping on eBay, check for the exact size of the poster to understand where it can be displayed.

Factors to Consider When Buying Gaming Merchandise Posters

There are several factors to consider while shopping for gaming merchandise posters. Begin by considering the sale format and size of the item. Buyers can also shop for rare vintage posters or those sold in foreign markets. Once the desired poster has been found, inspect its condition to ensure a good quality item.

Sale Format of Gaming Merchandise Posters

Gaming posters are sold in several different ways. Most items are created for individual sale, although some are packaged with games or consoles. In many cases, a poster packaged with a game is part of a special edition. These may be available for pre-order only, making them highly collectable. Posters sold separately are normally rolled to avoid creases, while items sold with games are folded to fit into the packaging. Items available on eBay may include all of the original items or just the poster.

Size of Gaming Merchandise Posters

The size of gaming posters can vary significantly from one product to another. It is worth checking the details regarding the size of the item, which should be available in the eBay item listing. If not, then contact the seller using the "Ask a question" feature to ask for the dimensions. This ensures that it can be displayed properly.

Full-Sized Gaming Merchandise Posters

Full-sized posters are roughly 61 x 91.5 centimetres. Most of them are sold separately from games and consoles. They are rolled to avoid creases.

Door Gaming Merchandise Posters

Door posters are narrower and much longer than full-sized items. They measure approximately 53 x 158 centimetres, and are designed to cover a standard door. Choose these items to decorate the entrance to a bedroom or gaming room.

Insert Gaming Merchandise Posters

Inserts are smaller than full-sized and door posters. They measure roughly 36 x 91 centimetres, making them ideal for smaller wall surfaces. These posters are often sold with games and are folded up inside the case.

International Gaming Merchandise Posters

Buying internationally can be an excellent way to obtain rare and desirable gaming merchandise posters. For example, games and their associated posters are commonly released with different artwork in Japan, the UK, and the US. The inclusion of Japanese text over these images can make the posters a distinctive addition to a collection, and some buyers feel that the original artwork for Japanese games is a better reflection of the products. Sometimes international posters can be purchased from collectors within the UK on eBay.

Vintage Gaming Merchandise Posters

The buying process can sometimes be complicated by the use of the term "vintage", as it is used to refer to several different types of posters. A vintage item may be authentic, a reproduction, or an original poster designed in the style of older versions. Buyers should consider the differences between these three types of vintage products to understand the fair market price for the item on eBay.

Authentic Vintage Gaming Merchandise Posters

Authentic vintage posters have been printed in a previous decade; they are not reproduced using a reference or copy. Sometimes these items sell at high prices, and are sought after by collectors.

Reproduction Vintage Gaming Merchandise Posters

Due to the popularity and potential value of gaming posters, it is not unusual to find items that are reproductions of originals. These products may be made for many reasons. In some cases, the seller has printed a copy of a valuable poster with the intention of selling it at a high price. In other cases, a reproduction may be marked clearly and sold inexpensively. Although there is rarely any reason to pay more than a few pounds for a reproduction poster, it is not uncommon for buyers to collect well made reproductions. Ultimately, it is up to the buyer to decide how important authenticity is to their collection.

Vintage Style Gaming Merchandise Posters

Some posters are designed in a style influenced by posters from the past. They commonly feature characters from classic games. These are sold at the same price as other new items.

Condition of Gaming Merchandise Posters

Gaming merchandise posters are sold in a wide variety of conditions, ranging from factory new items to those that have significant wear. The condition of a poster can affect its visual appeal and value greatly, so it is important to inspect an item before committing to a purchase. Sellers often use a set of standard terms to describe the products that they sell, including new, like new, very good, good, and acceptable. Learn more about each of these conditions to find items with the best balance of appeal and affordability.

Condition of Gaming Merchandise Poster



In excellent condition

Looks like it has just left the printer

Still in the original packaging, such as shrink wrap, where applicable

Like new

No signs of visible wear or damage

Nearly indistinguishable from a new item

Has never been displayed

May have been removed from its original packaging

Very good

Light signs of damage that do not detract from the overall visual appeal

May have been unrolled, unfolded, or displayed


Noticeable wear or damage

Has been removed from its original packaging

May have been displayed by a previous owner


Significant wear or damage

May have tears or creases on the corners, waffling, or faded colours

Sold inexpensively

Sellers sometimes describe their items using different terms, such as those used for other collectable items, like coins, comics, and trading cards. For example, a poster may listed in "near mint" condition. Inspect an item in person or read the description from the eBay seller and look at available photos to determine the appearance of the poster.

How to Search for Gaming Merchandise Posters on eBay

A wide selection of gaming merchandise posters can be purchased on eBay. These items are sold by both commercial and private sellers and may be in any condition. To search for these items, enter keywords into the open field on the home page. For example, enter " assassin ' s creed poster" to see listings for all posters tagged with those terms. Additional keywords can be added in search results pages to refine listings further or buyers can use the category links.

Review Item Listings on eBay

Take the time to inspect individual listings once you have found desirable posters. Note the price of the item and remember to add any related delivery charges. It is also important to understand the payment methods accepted by the seller to ensure a smooth transaction. Read the description of the item to determine if it is an original or reproduction. Sellers often provide details about any damage to a poster. Compare descriptions with available photographs to determine the item's condition.


Posters are some of the most affordable and attractive pieces of gaming merchandise on the market. They are designed in a wide range of sizes, and feature art and graphics from games released across a number of decades. Buyers can shop for posters on eBay based on a single game franchise or character, or they can select items with the most visual appeal. Posters are most commonly sold as stand-alone items, although some may be found on eBay that are included as bonus items in the packaging for games and consoles.

Some posters are labelled as "vintage". It is important to understand the different ways that this term can be used to avoid overpaying for an item. Authentic vintage posters are many years old and were created as part of an original print run. These items can become very valuable. Reproductions are modern items copied from an original poster. Although some of these may mislead buyers, who may believe that they are getting a rare, genuine, and expensive item, others are listed as reproductions and are sold for low prices. It is important to consider the condition of a poster, as it affects the visual appeal and value of the item.

Marketplaces like eBay have a high number of listings for new and used posters. Compare the available products to find the best posters for a gaming merchandise collection.

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