The Essentials of Buying the Best KTM for Your Motorbike

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The Essentials of Buying the Best KTM for Your Motorbike

The freedom and pleasure that comes from riding a motorbike has led many individuals to consider purchasing a motorcycle. The mobility, lower initial and operational cost, and fun of motorcycle riding makes it an attractive option for many consumers. One of the brands that has made a name for itself in recent decades is the KTM brand of motorbikes. Originally dirt bike specialists, KTM has transitioned into road bikes and other motorbike styles and now provides those in the market for a motorbike with a wide range of choices.

Before beginning the search for a KTM motorbike, consumers should take the time to familiarise themselves with the different models of KTMs on the market, as well as the riding styles associated with each type of motorbike so that they can find the best match for their needs. They may also wish to understand the benefits of various retailers, including the online retailer eBay. While traditional motorcycle dealers offer a selection of KTM bikes, eBay is well known for its large catalogue of new and used motorbikes.

A History of KTM

KTM was founded in 1934 by German engineer Hans Trukenpolz as a metalworking shop. Its initial business model centred on the repair and refurbishment of motorcycles. After two decades of repairing and reselling other brands of motorbikes, KTM made the decision to begin manufacturing its own motorcycles. Over the next several decades, KTM built a reputation as a leading manufacturer of motorcycles, mopeds, and bicycles.

By the beginning of the 2000s, KTM had solidified its position as one of the most significant names in the world of dirt bikes. Since then, the company has begun to supplement its off-road line with street bikes, as well. Working with the company's long-time engine collaborator, Rotax, KTM developed the 942 cc LC8 V-twin motor to drive its large capacity motorcycle line.

Understanding KTM Models and Their Applications

When selecting a KTM model motorbike, consumers should understand what the motorbike has been designed to do. KTM's main selections divide into off-road and road motorcycle categories.

Off-Road KTM Motorcycles

Off-road motorbikes by KTM relate to three different racing disciplines: motocross, cross-country, and enduro. Each type of discipline involves a different riding style and demands different features from a motorcycle.

Motocross KTM Motorbikes

Motocross is motorcycle racing that takes place on an enclosed off-road course. The road conditions are demanding and involve steep inclines and declines and a dirt surface. This style of racing began in the U.K. as early as the first decade of the 20th century and is now practised around the world.

Motocross Series



SX Series

65 SX

85 SX

105 SX

150 SX

250 SX

Two stroke models

Late model 150 SX adheres to American Motorcyclist regulations

SX-F Series

250 SX-F

350 SX-F

450 SX-F

Four stroke models

Dual-overhead cam, 4-valve line in 2007 and later models

This is not a comprehensive list of motocross bikes from KTM. Looking into these motorbikes, however, can provide KTM consumers with a clear view of this category of motorbikes from the manufacturer.

Cross-Country KTM Motorbikes

Whereas motocross demands agility from a motorbike, cross-country-style racing demands endurance. Cross-country racing involves larger, stronger motorbikes as a rally can span hundreds of kilometres.

Cross-Country Series



XC Series

150 XC

250 XC

300 XC

Two stroke models

XC-F Series

250 XC-F

450 XC-F

500 XC-F

Four stroke models

XC-W Series

200 XC-W

250 XC-W

300 XC-W

450 XC-W

530 XC-W

200 and 300 are two stroke models

250 is two and four stroke models

450 and 530 are four stroke models

Two strokes are marketed as EXCs in Europe

The XC line was created as an upgrade to KTM's older generation of MXC bikes. The XC motorcycles feature close-ratio gearboxes, stiffer suspensions, and four stroke designs that leverage a shorter stroke, as on KTM's SX line.

Enduro KTM Motorbikes

Enduro racing involves a series of laps in rough terrain that challenge the endurance of a competitor and a motorbike. Challengers in an enduro race often run the same loop again and again, needing to hit particular times on each run. Enduro can also involve skills tests. An Enduro KTM motorbike needs to be powerful while also being able to negotiate rough, difficult, and muddy terrain.

Enduro Series



EXC Series - Two Stroke Models

125 EXC

200 EXC

250 EXC

300 EXC

Wider-ratio transmission and deeper suspension than XC series

EXC Series - Four Stroke Models

250 EXC

450 EXC

530 EXC

Wider-ratio transmission and deeper suspension than XC series

A subset of the Enduro line is the Superenduro motorcycle. This motorcycle comes in 690 cc and 950 cc designs. It was created to provide consumers with a bridge-gapping solution between Enduro bikes and trail bikes.

Dual Sport KTM Motorcycles

Sometimes referred to as 'dualies', dual sport motorbikes are designed for street-legal operation while also leveraging the flexibility and stamina needed to deal with off-road conditions. KTM's dual sport models come with either the LC4 or LC8 engines. The 640R model has gained an international reputation as the base used in the Rally 660 motorbike that has won the Dakar Rally several times.

KTM Road Motorcycles

In recent years, KTM has begun to focus on road production, as well. These bikes are solid road performers with many of the aesthetic features of KTM off-roaders only with a smoother ride and greater endurance. They allow riders to sit upright instead of pushing forward into an off-road or racing position.

KTM Dukes

Including 200s, 300s, 690s, and 990s, KTM Dukes are increasingly popular road bikes that provide a standard approach to road riding in terms of engineering. Until recently, this line featured unique cowling that made them visual standouts on the road.

KTM Adventures

These travel motorcycles are designed to deliver consistent performance on long trips in various conditions. These motorcycles were based on the bones of the Dakar Rally bikes and have an Enduro feel. They are extremely lightweight, registering in at 230 kg, while still delivering solid power performance.

KTM's Commitment to the Two Stroke Engine

An interesting characteristic of the KTM brand is that the company has remained committed to two stroke design, despite the fact that changes in motocross rules have caused many companies to transition away from this style of engineering. As such, KTM has become a go-to for fans of this type of engine. While some feel that two stroke engines create more environmental hazards than four strokes engines, KTM is leading the way in terms of developing greener two stroke motorbikes.

Considering New or Used KTM Motorcycles

Given the deep historical catalogue of KTM motorcycles, there are a good number of used motorcycles from this manufacturer in the marketplace. These options provide consumers with a lower price point. Other advantages of used motorcycles can include being able to consult with a seller who may have ridden a model extensively and understands the ins and outs of its performance and handling. The aftermarket parts that exist in the marketplace for used bikes also often give consumers unique, quality ways to supplement the performance of a motorcycle.

New KTM bikes come at a higher price point, but they have their obvious advantages. They are in mint condition and come with a complete set of manuals and literature. They can have a longer performance life, as well, and leverage the latest engineering techniques in the industry.

Buying KTM Motorbikes on eBay

One of the larger and more diverse catalogues of new and used KTMs is on the online retail site eBay. For consumers who may be overwhelmed at the idea of a site with hundreds of listings, eBay provides a search interface that can quickly narrow down the possibilities. Use the search bar to search for KTMs by model or series. You can also search for new or used motorcycles, as well, by either adding new or used to the search term or selecting the condition from the filter menu once your search results load.

Evaluating the Sellers on eBay

Take time as you look through the various KTM listings on eBay to evaluate the sellers you come across. You can do this by clicking on their names, which takes you to their individual seller pages. On these pages, you can review the other listings a seller has posted and also look at customer reviews and feedback. Use these details to determine whether a seller can get you the kind of quality KTM you want.


Whether riding off-road, in an endurance race, or for pleasure, the KTM line of motorcycles provides one of the best-engineered and industry leading solutions currently available. Having built a reputation in off-road technology, KTM now offers solutions for street riders and casual enthusiasts, as well. When shopping for a KTM for your motorbike, it can help to understand the various options available to you from this manufacturer. Off-road motorbikes come in a wide array of choices and styles, while KTM street riders are becoming more and more diverse, as well.

Once a motorcycle has been selected, consumers can leverage eBay as one of the easiest ways to access the most varied selection of KTM motorcycles available. For riders who prefer to take a motorcycle for a spin before buying, local motorcycle dealers should also offer a selection of KTM models. No matter how buyers choose to purchase their motorbikes, they are likely to be happy with their decision to buy a KTM.

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