The Ford Probe

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Review of the Ford Probe, courtesy of Gastrucker1960

When I bought my first Ford Probe (24v) in November 07, I quickly realised that what I had been reading about them in various motoring magazines features was absolute rubbish. Quite clearly to me, the unwarranted criticism it had endured from its introduction in the UK had been written by uninformed commentators who seem to know very little about this fine 2 door coupe.

My 1994 electric blue 24v was auctioned by eBay in Nov 07 and I purchased the car. Not many people realise that all Ford Probes were built at Flat Rock, Michigan, USA and are American built cars. However this particular Ford is a hybrid which uses the Mazda MX6 running gear. As such, it has no stable mates in the Ford range; in fact the closest relative would be the Mazda MX6, 626 and 626GT.

The Probe comes with two sizes of engine, the 16v 2.0 four cylinder twin cam, and the growling 24v 2.5 V6 quad cam engine. Both use 5 speed g/boxes and are front wheel drive. The majority of all Probes come well equipped with cruise control, air con, power sunroof, front windows, driver’s seat, wing mirrors and a few other electrical novelties, such as foot well lights and illuminated entry door locks, although early and late models differ a bit. Early models come with cloth seats, although later models have leather seats.

Probe friendly garages are a little thin on the ground today, although Mazda still carry most mechanical parts. Becoming a member of one of the Probe owners clubs in the UK is definitely an advantage to anyone owning and running these cars. I am a member of the UKPOC and source all my repair info and spares via this very dynamic and helpful club. This particular club has everything you need to run your Probe and it has helped me on endless occasions.

The best part of owning a Probe is the sheer driving pleasure the car gives you, especially on the motorways where covering the miles is made so easy. Being an American made car, it was designed for the wide open spaces of the USA, so travelling long distances in this comfortable coupe is a dawdle. The 16v is the more affordable daily driver; however, it’s the 24v that affords the ultimate driving experience, but at more of a price than the 16v.

The Ford Probe numbers are now dwindling all around the world and they are heading for classic status at a gathering rate and prices for these stylish coupes are on the rise. I have my 24v and have no plans to sell this stylish future classic at any price.

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