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For those of us out there who play GW games, particularly 40k or Epic 40k, a word of warning....  There are unscrupulous sellers out there deliberately hiding the true definitions of their items.  An example: a seller (unfortuneately, due to eBay policy, i can't name names) is selling an item listed as Forgeworld imperial Valkyrie.  In the description, they make no mention of which game system it is for.  To be fair, they do use the correct listing category, but there is no picture (handy, that) or mention in the description that it is only a couple of centimetres long.  The seller states that if bidding reached £30+, they will offer postal insurance. £30 for a epic 40k model?!? Obviously a ruse to increase bidding by suggesting that it is a full scale 40k model.  The same seller states that they have no paypal account because some buyers wouldn't pay up. Well, neither would I if I discovered that I'd paid £35 for an epic 40k scale Thunderbolt fighter (this actually happened, the poor soul who was bidding was warned at the last moment and fortuneately retracted their bid).  So PLEASE, PLEASE, check every aspect of a sellers page - double check that category, and don't let yourself be the next victim!

For a superb guide on buying and selling GW products, see the guide by muppet-baby Buying/Selling GW

I'm more than happy to answer any questions from either buyers or sellers who are unsure of any aspect of an item they are bidding on/selling.
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