The Frustrations of Bidding

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Many times I have followed an item that I am desperate to buy, each time my max bid is overtaken, and quite often the value of the item is far above its worth and I lose the auction bid.

So now instead, I scour the lists for the item I am interested in and watch what the prices for similar ones, that have been sold previously. Once I find the item that best fits my needs I list it in my watch now on My eBay.

Importantly you must look for the end of auction time, so that you can choose an alternative item you can bid on should you not succeed with the first item you have started to bid for. Mark this as a watched item as well, you can then watch what movements or bids have taken place and by how much and carry out the same procedure as  I set out below?

Once the bidding begins, watching the bidding movements. I recommend you should select the auto-bids section, you can now see which bidder is your main competitor, and is auto bidding.

Now its time to look at the maximum bid you are prepared to make and stick to it, I usually start my bidding 4 to 5 min before auction is ending, the reason is that you can immediately see if the item is being watched and how competitive the bidding taking place actually is.

If the item for instance sits at £6.00 and the normal sell price as been £25.00 on past auctions, I would at place my first bid 5 min before end of auction Making my initial bid £15.00 This will automatically show which bidders have placed higher bids and are working on auto bid.

Then I increase my bid in £2.00 increments, if I am not the highest bidder by the time I reach the ceiling I have decided upon. I stop bidding and usually the item will sell between £5 to £7 more than my ceiling. But that's important deciding factor of being a successful eBayer, let the auction flow for you, not against you by deciding on your maximum ceiling.
If I have lost the auction item I am bidding on, then I look at the next bid item I have chosen which I find in My eBay, and off we go again.

Good luck happy bidding.
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