The GP MX3 Mini Moto-Review

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Overall Rating-6.5 out of 10 Build Quality-5 out of 10 Reliability-5 out of 10 Thrill-7 out of 10 Appearance-7 out of ten These bikes are altogether a half decent structure, made in china, Specifications: Engine: 47cc, 10,000+ RPM, 2 Stroke, Air Cooled Fuel / Oil Ratio: 50:1 (unleaded gasoline & 2 stroke oil) Starter: Pull Start Maximum Speed: up to 40 Mph Ignition: Magneto, High Discharge Coil Transmission: Centrifugal Automatic (chain drive) Maximum Power: 5.0 hp Brakes: Front and Rear Cross-Drilled, Slotted Discs Exhaust: Mandrel Bent Pipe and Silencer These are great little things to ride at your local track, Great if for a starter bike, but not so great Build quality. If your on a budget these are the bikes to get, they are common and there are alot on ebay. They are also known as "Cags". After every ride you need to check all your bolts screws if they come loose, If your a serious rider;this isnt the bike for you. Speed: These bikes will do a great 40mph, if you wanted to tune your bike, it will go 50+. It is a great thrill When turning corners and speeding on the Straights, they are not the fastest bikes but definitly not the Slowest. Build Quality: With these bikes sometimes you never know what's wrong. Anything can be happening after long hours of riding, and you dont know what could happen. I would recommend stripping down the bike every few rides and giving it a good clean. This bike is a chinese replica of the the GP bikes. Good Points: Very Fast and Will provide you a thrill. Not Normally Many Problems to Start it. Bad Points: Frame is easily dented and Scratched. Poor Structure Chain will sometimes Fall off or come loose Screws loosen themselves after every ride. Thankyou for reading. Overall Rating: 6.5
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