The Gillette Fusion Power Blade.

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I have been buying from E-Bay for over 5 years to date and never had to complain once,that has now changed.Recently I bought 2x8 packs of the above blades thinking I had secured myself a good deal,how wrong I was.I am now into my 3rd blade and there is no improvement.I  thought the first one was my fault,I dont work weekends and hardly ever shave Sat/Sun,unless going out.So, come Mon a.m. I had a shave and it dragged.Tried it again Tues a.m and thought I had dulled the blade on Mon.Inserted new blade on Wed,thought, "That's sore", could be my fault again,tried new blade,same result.I now have 13 blades I am unwilling to use unless desperate.That will teach me about trying to save money.Anyone any ideas?I have to date bought 52 items on E-Bay,so I must be doing something right.Thank you Ebay,I would like to be able to go into feedback retrospectivley and air my views,otherwise "try before you write".
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